Interview with Jerry Pippin
Paula Thorneycroft is one of the few, if any other, contactees who has been able to capture her extraterrestrial abductors on video tape. In this interview, Jerry explores Paula's lifetime experiences with frequent ongoing abductions since she was a teenager. Strangely, she does not fear them, nor believes that they want to harm her.
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Eye To The Sky: A Paranormal Odyssey chronicles the journey of Canadian Paula Thorneycroft from First Contact, at the age of 17, afraid and alone; to 2006, when Paula, now 30 and cognizant of a deeper meaning behind her experiences, becomes more fully aware of the implications of these phenomena.
Initially afraid, Paula rejected the idea of contact with others who might have been able to offer help or guidance, and later, when she made an attempt to seek out support, she was repeatedly disillusioned by a prevalent rejection or suppression of UFO-related information.

A fascinating account of persistent UFO sightings and ET contact. Video stills of a recent sighting reveal some of the most amazing images ever caught on camera... but you'll have to wait to see them!

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Paula is committed to recording (in print and on film, if possible) all extraterrestrial interactions and phenomena she has witnessed, or might still witness, in the hopes of providing other experiencers with at least some comfort and reassurance. It is the authorís sincerest hope to inspire others to share their stories, by telling hers.

This account of extraterrestrial activity and sightings spans more than 13 years and delivers an intimate insight into the complex and profound relationships between humans, extraterrestrials, and other advanced beings.

Some of the still images from one of Paula's recent videos

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