Russell Targ
Remote Viewing Specialist

Farah Yurdozu interviewed pioneer Remote Viewing scientist and physicist Russell Targ following his Remote Viewing Workshop held in New York City on 9/13/06. In this interview Targ stated, We really were the X- Files like the TV show.

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Russell Targ has a colorful career in science working for major corporations and doing research funded by secret operations of the US Government including the CIA.  He is best known for his remote viewing experiments with Hal Putoff at Stanford University in the 70s and 80s but in this interview, the listener get a rare glimpse of the complete man, not just a scientist for a man with understanding of human behavior and he talks to Jerry and guest co-host, Paola Harris about his life and adventures that have taken him around the world in quest of remote viewing. Targ tells some great stories about playing the futures market and even gambling in Las Vegas and how remote viewing can give one an advantage over systems, events and machines. (This interview recorded at the March 2008 International UFO Congress, Laughlin, Nevada)

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Remote Viewing studies began in the early 1970s at Stanford Research Institute ( SRI ). The program was supported by United States Government and major intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the DIA. The goal of the program was to explore international, real world targets using the psychic abilities and out-of-body experiences of remote viewers. During the Cold War, Remote Viewing was accepted as a psychic weapon: a bridge between the human soul, mind, science and intelligence defense systems.

Although the Remote Viewing program is no longer classified, individual remote viewers have reportedly used their abilities to contact Extra Terrestrial species. Ingo Swann and Israeli psychic Uri Geller were very well known Remote Viewers. Ingo Swann also had remarkable remote viewings of Moon and Jupiter.

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