Don Rickles, Gwen Waddle (Wally's long-time companion), and Mike Wally Walter

Don Rickles has always been, in the glory days of Las Vegas, one of the mainstays. His act at the Casbar Theatre Lounge in the old Sahara was a riot and a must see when one came to Las Vegas. If I were the talent booker at the Sahara I would grab Mike Wally Walter and give him the room every night. Pictured on the left is the real Don with the Mike Wally Don. I worked with Mike Wally Walter on the road in the 80s and he has been doing comedy ever since, he has the seasoning and the ability to pull off a Vegas show based on Rickles that would be the buzz of the town. 

Take time to go to the Mike Wally Walter web site and see what I mean and oh, yes, talent bookers, you can reach Mike on the contact page. Be smart get him in your lounge right away. 
Jerry Pippin-(11-08-09) 

From the late 80s into the 90s, Jerry broadcast direct from Las Vegas many of these shows had a live audience and were from various locations around town. Here is an interview created by Jerry with guest Don Rickles.
MP3-running time: 5 minutes, 22 seconds      Windows Media version

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