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Save the date! The 7th annual UFO Crash Retrival Conference is just around the corner. Check your calendars and reserve the weekend of November 6-8th, at the Tuscany Suites Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. 

Roswell was not the only UFO Crash-
 Ryan S. Wood and his father talk about UFO Crashes and the investigations and retrieval of crash material. 


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Report on the 2008 Crash Retrieval Conference by special correspondent Jeff Adams. "Jeff Adams is opinionated but an honest man and We think you will find his report from the 2008 Crash Retrieval Conference refreshing and candid."- Jerry 

My Captain's Log from the Crash Retrieval Conference:
by Jeff Adams

Linguistic analysis of the Einstein letter / Burned Doc
After linguistic analysis of the "Einstein" letter, it was determined that this doc was about 85% legit.  Dr Wood said 98%, but I say about 70% based on my intuitive analysis. The "Burned" doc was sent to Dr Wood with a CIA address and zip.  Therefore, I am almost certain that it is legit.  This is also based on my intuitive analysis.  
Nick Pope talked about the
MOD X Files Releases-  
Why did the UK release the files? Pope pointed out that -eliminate the workload -French govt released theirs
-MOD thought it would be an opportunity to show and "open" govt -releasing documents might "diffuse" things

Jim Marrs
I didn't take many notes from Jim Marrs.   I didn't really get a chance to speak to him in private either as I had with the others. Jim speaks the truth 100% of the time and there is nobody better when it comes to this.  He laid out a good case that National Socialism is rising around the world and there is not much difference in modern Democrats and modern Republicans-  Editors
Note- Click here to listen to an hour show with Jim Marrs about this subject) *


John Alexander (NWO apologist) - I actually learned something about the distinguished Mr. Alexander that I had not known.  He is in the Hall of Fame for Officer Candidate School graduates at Ft. Benning in GA of all places. He is the grandfather of non-lethal weapon systems (mostly lethal, but they don't tell you that). He asked the question when he did is presentation..."what do I do?"  He said you need to read my book Future Wars to understand (he was a consultant..even though he didn't say this, he was)  Note from Jerry Pippin:  "Alexander is a known disinformation character and most of his talk was not believable according to Jeff and others there. It is interesting that Alexander seems to cherish these appearances. Last year he was at the Bassett conference on disclosure." 

Jeff's opinion -"John Alexander says he believes in UFOs and also believes that there is enough physical and rhetorical data to support it (agreed.) My personal opinion of John Alexander is that he is an apologist for the NWO and you need to take what he says with a grain of salt.  John is like Phil Klass, but with a sense of humor (and he kept his hands out of his pockets the whole time - -  some people know what I mean when I say this...he he)"

Bill Ryan / Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot)- Very good reporters with lots of details on some events that  will be released soon.


Steve Bassett - Steve made a legitimate case for why Disclosure will happen by the spring of next year.  I agree with his assessment....intuitively and logically. One thing Steve said before he made his presentation....He said, "My old friend, John Alexander.  You and I need to tour college campuses and debate this issue.  You are so wrong about what you said it makes my eyes bleed!" (I laughed out loud because I wanted to say the same thing) Steve is going to come out with what he calls "Paradigm News Daily" which is like the Drudge Report but focuses on UFO ET/ Disclosure News.  He already has the advertising lined up for it, so money is not an issue.

The "principals" involved in the upcoming disclosure:
John Podesta (already knew this) Bill Richardson (already knew this)

Al Gore (didn't know, but if he invented the internet, he can certainly invent Disclosure)

Why Obama? He has no  real knowledge.  He has plausible deniablilty.  Everybody else around him does not, but Obama does.  McCain didn't have deniability (I personally disagree with this statement) Steve received a standing ovation for his speech by the way, which was richly deserved!!!!  He is a true hero and patriot in my eyes.

Website:  http// (check this out)

Richard Dolan-

Richard will have his second volume ready before the X Conf in Apr.  Richard says that secrecy is harmful to a democracy (which I wholeheartedly agree).  My comment:  If you don't have transparency, then you don't have a democracy.


 Linda Moulton Howe- In my personal experience, and other than Jim Marrs, there is no better investigative journalist than LMH.  She discussed some additional witness testimony from the Bentwaters case.  It was very remarkable and was something I had not read about or seen before.  There was actually an abduction at the scene which was witnessed by several people directly and indirectly at the base back in the day.  Very fascinating.  She even presented a regression testimony at the conference which I found both intriguing and fascinating.  Undoubtedly, she is the best.
George Knapp -George was the Keynote speaker at the dinner on Saturday.  He shared some additional info with regard to the "ufo" Needles, CA crash.  Great video and great investigative journalism (as always) by GK.  In my personal opinion, based on the response by the military (very quick) as well as the "Janet" jet activity, it leads me to the conclusion that it was a military event...not "theirs, but ours".
I have a lot of notes for this particular event as well as a history for it, but I don't think it is worth discussing much because there is no question that it was a military event. Sorry to pull the wind out of your sails on this one.

George Noory

Got his autograph, nuff said!  Good man and a good light worker as well. 


Also met Kevin Randle (a good investigator), Don Schimtt, etc...old cases, didn't really care that much, but they are all very good researchers and investigators and I have  great deal of respect for the work they do.



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2005 Crash Retrieval Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada - November 4 - 6

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