The Man and his Music

Elvis-The Man, His Life, His Music - Hour 8
Jerry features music by Elvis from his movies, a discussion about his up-coming marriage and how he morphs from sex symbol at the beginning of the decade when he leaves the Army and returns to show business and by the end of the decade when he is a married man with a family.

Elvis did only two concerts in 9 years after he got out of the Army. Both concerts were benefits, one in Memphis and the other in Hawaii. Elvis had morphed from a rock 'n' roller to an Easy Listening Radio StarElvis dominated almost three decades from country music artist to rock 'n roll icon to motion picture leading man to major cross over artist from middle of the road pop to country music king again. 
In wrapping up show number 8 Jerry features the story behind the Elvis Wedding to Priscilla Beaulieu whom he met at a party at his house in Germany while in the Army- He was 24 and she was 14.  On May 1, 1967 Elvis married her in the suite of a Las Vegas Casino owner who had known Col. Tom Parker for over 20 years. The marriage was only one of several changes Elvis was making by the late 60s. His music was now leaning toward country-flavored crossovers in content and he was becoming a family man. The Memphis Mafia would disband and Elvis had decided to stop making movies and do something more creative including an up-coming TV special and a Las Vegas stage show.
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Songs in Hour 8: All songs RCA releases unless otherwise specified - All songs BMI except for How Great Thou Art  which is traditional.
Elvis Presley -
Elvis -
He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad
Elvis -
My Way
Elvis - His Hand in Mine
Elvis -
Elvis -
Love Me
Elvis -
Money Honey
Elvis -
Blue Suede Shoes
Elvis - Tutti Frutti
Elvis - Heartbreak Hotel
Elvis -
One Night With You
Elvis -
Flaming Star
Elvis -
Elvis -
Guitar Man
Elvis -
I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell
Elvis -
You Don't Know Me
Elvis - How Great Thou Art

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots (Capitol Records)

Elvis-The Man, His Life, His Music - Hour 7: Elvis gives up the road for 9 years and commutes back and forth between Graceland and LA. He is entrenched in Hollywood making movies which was one of his boyhood dreams. Major spectaculars from MGM, Paramount and 20th Century Fox gave way to cheaper lower cost productions but the money kept rolling in as Elvis became less thrilled with the content, script and music, so far by the mid 60s his box office appeal was still major league. Stories from record producers, movie directors and members of the Memphis Mafia tell of mostly good times in Hollywood for Elvis.

Elvis continued to make movies
and his recording career was sliding downward in a spiral from which no one thought he could recover; however by 1968 it was apparent to Elvis his career needed a change in direction. The movie years had been life-changing for Elvis. Hollywood parties, and a life of solitude, being protected with security that rivaled the President's, pushed Elvis into despair but the future was going to turn drastically positive for him as he wound down his Hollywood career and yearned for the feedback of live audiences.
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Songs in Hour 7:
Elvis Presley - The Lady Loves Me
Elvis - Blue Hawaii
Elvis - Can't Help Falling in Love with You
Elvis - Fame & Fortune
Elvis - Memphis, Tennessee
Elvis - What'd I Say
Ray Charles - What'd I Say (
Elvis - Devil in Disguise (RCA- BMI)
Elvis - Santa Lucia
Elvis - Little Egypt
Elvis - Puppet on a String
Elvis - Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Elvis - In the Ghetto
Elvis - Moody Blue

Elvis-The Man, His Life, His Music - Hour 6 - On the weekend of the 75th birthday of Elvis if he had lived, Jerry went into his studio and started a new series of 20 shows about Elvis as told by his music, his friends and associates. One of the most in-depth documentary series of the King of Rock 'n' Roll ever done continues. This is the set-up of the series with Part One of the program set to tell the story of Elvis riding high upon his return from the Army, picking up his career and moving into a new direction of Elvis, the movie star
Elvis returns home from the Army to entertainment Icon status, just as he had left off when he was drafted two years earlier in 1958. Elvis quickly signs the most expensive guest stint for TV up to that time with none other than Frank Sinatra. Presley does a recording session in Nashville but quickly returns to Hollywood to pick up his movie career. By all accounts Elvis was excited about his movies but gradually tired of the same formula that Hollywood and his manager Col. Tom Parker seemed to be content in using, picture after picture. He returned home to Memphis and his beloved Graceland between films but could see his career was fading, so he took a giant step that revived his career with a Number One song by the end of the 60s decade and for the first time went against the Colonel's advice on song content.
No series would be complete about Elvis Presley if it did not feature some things about Elvis's personal manager, Colonel Tom Parker.
This program features some rare comments about Elvis by Colonel Tom Parker as well some personal comments about Elvis and the Colonel by some of the Elvis Mafia, the men who hung around Elvis. Parker's association stretched from early Elvis in the early 50s thru his death in 1977 but much of the continued success of Elvis popularity, which is still going strong almost 30 years after his death, can be attributed to Parker and his efforts until his own death.

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Songs in Hour 6 Tony Martin- There's No Tomorrow  (ascap columbia), Elvis Presley -  It's Now or Never  BMI RCA,
Elvis Presley
-  Blue Hawaii  (ascap- RCA) , Percy Faith - Theme from a Summer Place ( ASCAP- reissue) , Elvis Presley- Viva Las Vegas (BMI- RCA)  - Suspicious Minds

Elvis-The Man, His Life, His Music - Hour 5 - Elvis gets drafted. His Army Career did not stop him making money and being in the public eye.  The story of how this was done is presented with the inside story of how the draft board in Memphis decided to go ahead and draft The King. Elvis Presley's Army duty takes him to Germany, a rare press conference by Elvis is featured. It was recorded just before he boarded the troop carrier to take him to Europe. Elvis talks about women, marriage and his mother. Gladys Presley passed away on August 14, 1958 and Elvis took it hard. Details of the Funeral are told by those who attended it in Memphis.
Elvis arrives in Germany and settles into the military routine. Interesting details of his military duty is presented in an interview with a reporter for the Stars and Stripes Military newspaper including a rare recording of Elvis answering the phone while on duty and it was a DJ in Honolulu who was on the air live. Elvis was given an early separation from active duty. In this segment, Jerry examines the romance with a 14-year-old girl he met in Germany who later became his wife. A look at the final months in Germany and his first few weeks back in the US as a civilian prove to be very busy with TV, movies and getting used to being out of the Army. MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 2 minutes, 26 seconds
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Songs in Hour 5: Elvis Presley - King Creole (RCA- BMI),
Elvis Presley- Ring Around Your Neck (RCA-BMI).
Elvis Presley- America The Beautiful (RCA-public domain)
Elvis Presley - Hard-Headed Woman (RCA-BMI),
Elvis Presley - Bridge Over Troubled Water ( RCA- BMI)
Elvis Presley - Trouble (RCA-BMI),
Elvis Presley - GI Blues - (RCA-BMI),
Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas (RCA-BMI)

Elvis-The Man, His Life, His Music - Hour 4 - 
Elvis had a good year in 1957 other than a brief skirmish over money with some of his band. His movies were doing well, he had a new contract for movies and he even had a ballad in the top 10 before the end of the year.
In several interviews he indicated he wanted to do better stage shows than anyone else and be known for quality music even though in 1957 he was defending rock 'n roll as have having a pretty side as well. This hour deals with how the Presley Parents handled their son's success and some of the business side of the making of legend.

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Songs in Hour 4:
Elvis - It's Now Or Never  (RCA -BMI)
Elvis- Peace in the Valley - (RCA-Traditional)
Elvis- Money Honey (Sun records -BMI)   
Elvis Presley - Tutti Frutti (BMI-RCA),
Elvis Presley - I Can't Stop Loving You (BMI-RCA) ,
Presley - For The Good Times (BMI- RCA)
Pat Boone - Love Letters In The Sand-
(Ascap-Dot records) ,
Elvis Presley - Love Letters (RCA- BMI) ,
Elvis Presley -Proud Mary (RCA-BMI)
Elvis Presley - Way Down  (BMI  RCA) , 
Elvis Presley - Jail House Rock (BMI- RCA) , 
Elvis Presley - Don't  (BMI- RCA)

Hour Three - Elvis, the man, his life and his music- This hour starts as Elvis ends his country music career with the Louisiana Hayride and moves into the Super Star arena as,  "The King of Rock n Roll." How  "Elvis is Leaving the Building" became his trademark as thousands of teenage girls showed up at every concert yelling and screaming through the entire performance. The inside bidding war to get Elvis on TV is revealed and how by 1957 Elvis was the first multi-media superstar with records, radio and TV show appearances and movies.
MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 03 minutes, 26 seconds

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Songs in this show: Elvis - Sun Records Medley (Sun Records - BMI) , Elvis - That's When Heartaches Begin (Sun Records-BMI), Elvis - Heartbreak Hotel - RCA BMI, Sun Records Medley ( Sun Records- BMI), Elvis - Don't Be Cruel (RCA- BMI), lvis- You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog (RCA BMI) , Big Mama Thornton  " You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog." reissue- BMI,  Elvis Presley -" Loving You"(RCA- BMI), Elvis Presley - "All Shook Up" (RCA- BMI) , Good Luck Charm, It's Now or Never, Return to Sender, All Shook Up, Jailhouse Rock, Don't Be Cruel, Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear, Hound Dog, and Blue Suede Shoes. (All songs RCA and BMI) 

Hour Two -This program deals with Elvis from his first performance at the Grand Ole Opry, his early rockabilly reputation in 1954 and shows how Southern Music influenced his unique style. Elvis confidants and the voice of Elvis himself are featured telling the story of his early years. Elvis by 1955 was becoming a major star with several nation TV show appearances and a million-selling record Heartbreak Hotel.  In this segment Jerry goes back to his days of living in Shreveport and how Col. Tom Parker became his manager. This program features some of the inside stories of Elvis by those who lived the story with him.
MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 07 minutes, 45 seconds
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Songs in this program: You're a Heartbreaker (Sun Records-BMI), I Love You Because (Sun Records-BMI), Are You LonesomeTonight? (RCA BMI), Ready Teddy - Ed Sullivan Show (BMI), Gale Storm - I Hear You Knockin' (Dot- ASCAP), Johnny Cash - Five Feet High and Rising - (Sun -BMI), Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes ( Sun-BMI), Elvis Presley- Let's Play House (Sun- BMI),  Elvis Crying in the Chapel - (RCA- ASCAP), Orioles- Crying in the Chapel ( Re-issue-  BMI) , Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (in Las Vegas) (RCA -BMI), Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel - (RCA- BMI),  Elvis Presley - Shake, Rattle and Roll (Sun Records - BMI), Elvis Presley- I was The One  (RCA-BMI), Stan Freeberg - Heartbreak Hotel (Capitol-BMI)

Hour One - This first hour deals with Elvis from his birth in East Tupelo, Mississippi thru his teenage years in Memphis..following his first Sun Recording session in detail and his signing a year's contract with country music show, "The Louisiana Hayride." The programs feature the music and the words of Elvis as well as stories told by those who knew Elvis in those early years.
MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 4 minutes, 24 seconds.    

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Songs in this program: Old Shep- (Traditional-RCA) - Caledonia ( Decca- BMI) - Good RockinTonight (reissue- BMI) - Elvis Version (Sun Records - BMI), Don't (RCA BMI), That's All Right Mama (Sun Records BMI), Big Mama Thornton Hounddog  (re issue-Decca BMI Elvis Version RCA BMI, Harbor Lights (Sun Records - ASCAP), Love Letters (RCA-ASCAP), Mystery  Train (Sun Records- BMI)   Music Credits: Blue Moon of Kentucky  (Sun Records BMI), She's Not You (RCA-BMI)