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Elvis was a symbol of the shift in pop culture,
but still showed love for family and friends.
Rare photo above furnished by Bill Urban.

Elvis had social significance in the 1950s as his music became popular with youngsters around the world. Professor Michael T. Bernard discusses the social aspects of Elvis music with Jerry plus they talk about Elvis and his early years at Sun Records in Memphis.
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Elvis Presley is God to many of his fans. But, Jerry examines actual groups of people who worship Elvis as God. Love Me Tender, It's Now or Never and a Religious down home spiritual medley (RCA Victor - ASCAP) by Elvis are featured in this segment.

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January 8, 2004: Jerry talks to Gary Hardy, who bought Sun Records Studio, about the history of the label and its connection with Elvis Presley. Mike Moretta, station manager for the Memphis American Airlines office also is on the program talking about the impact of Elvis on Memphis tourism, plus Jerry takes phone calls from listeners around the country with questions and comments about Sun Records, Elvis Presley and Rock 'n Roll. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS !

or a great audio/visual presentation about the
historic Sun Studio and Elvis's early work for Sun.

Music included: Proud Mary (MCA Records- BMI), Hound Dog (RCA and BMI), Mystery Train (Sun Records - BMI).

It's been nearly half a century since the swivel-hipped rocker took the country by storm and the magic in his music can still entrance us. I believe the first time I heard Elvis was on KBIX. He was singing  "Heartbreak Hotel" (RCA Victor - ASCAP), one of Elvis' earliest hits. CLICK HERE for a superb live recording of Elvis singing a medley of his most famous hits. And, in this segment from an August 2000 radio show hosted by Jerry, he plays his favorite Elvis single. It's called  "She's Not You"  (RCA Victor - ASCAP). CLICK HERE to play. And, CLICK HERE to hear Elvis sounding like Johnny Cash in "US Male" (RCA Victor - ASCAP).

Many in Las Vegas remember Elvis and his first engagement at the Frontier Hotel and Casino. The young man from Memphis, billed as "The Atomic Powered Singer," bombed big time when he made his Las Vegas debut in April 1956 as an opening act for Freddie Martin and Shecky Greene.

No one dreamed that rock 'n' roll newcomer Elvis Presley would return 13 years later to establish himself as a legend in this entertainment capital. Presley last performed at the Hilton for a two-week engagement ending Dec. 12, 1976.

Elvis had a reputation of being kind to those in the business, such as disc jockeys. There are many stories about him welcoming people he hardly knew to his home in Graceland. CLICK HERE to listen to two great Elvis songs, Hound Dog ( RCA Victor - BMI) and Viva Las Vegas (RCA Victor - ASCAP), and hear country DJ Jim Kizzia describe his close encounters with the King.


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