Stan Fulham 
UFO Encounters WWII - 2010


Stanley Arthur Fulham passed away on December 19, 2010 after battling cancer even while promoting his mission in life, to tell the world of the messages he was getting from ETs about Global Warming and how we are reaching a point of no return for life on Earth. CLICK HERE to read his Obituary which details his service in the Canadian Air Force and later with NORAD.

Stan Fulham has had a full career. In World War Two, he was a pilot with the Canadian Air Force and spent some time in a Prison of War Camp in Poland after being shot down. Later he returned to military service and was a flight officer working radar relays to pilots from his ground station guiding them into targets or bogey's for NORAD. Here he became involved in UFO radar contact and followed this experience with a life-long search for answers to the UFO question.
In this interview Stan tells Jerry about these experiences plus how he became involved with secret information confirming not only the existence of UFOs but contact by military governments around the world with ETs, mainly the Greys as they are known in pop culture. This discussion about his book involves also some serious thinking about the environment and he says the ETs are going to show up and intervene because we are on a path of natural destruction of our environment, something he says that has been repeated throughout the Universe with hundreds of dead planets in existence and complete extinction of life on them.

MP3 Running time: 56 minutes, 25 seconds

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