911 - Ten Years After

9-11 Part 2, back by Popular Demand, Jerry once again talks with Paul Richard Price about the over all conspiracy that is 911- Some details are discussed about the official story and how others believe something else happened. Jerry gives several examples of inconsistent events and they take questions from listeners in the chat room. 
CLICK HERE for this archived show from ParaRocktv, originally broadcast on September 14, 2011.

Cell Phones - Is it technically possible for Passengers on hijacked Flight 93 to have made cell phone calls-?  (September 7, 2011) Jerry is a guest on the Paul Richard Price Radio Show and discusses the technical limitations of cell phones, how they work technically and addresses how cell phones are used from passenger airplanes ten years later. So are the relatives of people who called telling lies or what? Jerry puts forth some ideas about what could be the answer to this question and addresses the key to the 9-11 legend and why he thinks it was the cell phone myth and why it is so important to the cover up that people accept those phone calls were made.

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