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Christmas Short Subjects
Small tributes in a large way to the Holiday Season

A gift of kindness, understanding and Love, the true treasures of Christmas giving. In this Christmas tale of hope and a lesson that we should count our blessings, Jerry does a monologue about a lonely farmer, a small boy and some puppies, a Christmas tale that will tug at your heart strings.
MP3 Running time: 8 minutes, 4 seconds

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Songs in this show: Jingle Bells - Traditional - Singing Dogs (reissue), 
Rosemary Clooney -  Count Your Blessings - ASCAP  Columbia Records

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A Christmas Eve tradition on the Jerry Pippin Show, Elvis Presley musical Christmas Card.  This year's program features the following selections:  Silent Night (Traditional-RCA), Merry Christmas Baby - (BMI- RCA), Winter Wonderland (ASCAP- RCA) 
Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees- (BMI -RCA)

 MP3 - Running time:  15 minutes, 59 seconds   -  Windows media version 

In 1980, Jerry  joined comedian Bobby Sessions in creating a syndicated Christmas special, one of the highlights of the program was their version of the "Christmas Carol." There are reports Charles Dickens rolled over in his grave over this one.

 MP3 - Running time: 4 minutes, 35 seconds  Windows media version 
Donny Osmond is still active in Entertainment playing selected engagements around the country and doing a daily radio show. Listen to his version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  
 MP3 - Running time: 2 minutes, 49 seconds  Windows media version
 Radio Programmers and Donny Osmond fans, here is where you can find out about his daily radio show: