Mystery Ranch

A hair-raising tale of the paranormal with a healthy mix of UFO and spirituality, the new book, "Hunt For the Skinwalkers," has been released. George Knapp, a nationally known investigative reporter for KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, joins Dr. Colm Kelleher, former Director of the National Institute of Discovery Sciences (NIDS), in a vivid discussion interview with Jerry about the investigation of a complete potpourri of paranormal and UFO events, including appearances of Skinwalkers, who are described in Navaho shamanist folklore, as shape-shifting witches from the dark side.

The events take place on the Old Sherman Ranch in the isolated Uinta Mountains region of northeastern Utah, long known for its UFO activity. After enduring several months of many terrible and stressful encounters with the phenomena manifesting on the property, the then owner, a Mr. Gorman, and his family decided to sell and move out.

In 1996, the entire ranch property, flagpole and all, was bought by Las Vegas entrepreneur and founder of both NIDS and Bigelow Aerospace, Robert T. Bigelow in behalf of NIDS.

A scientific investigation of the various phenomena that continued to plague the property commenced and continued for another eight years. NIDS still exists today as an organization, but is currently not actively conducting any research, and it's Las Vegas headquarters office is closed.

Knapp covered the events on this remote Utah ranch beginning in the middle 1990's. Kelleher and other scientists were involved since 1996. The types of paranormal activities occurring on the ranch property include cattle mutilations, a giant wolf that would not die, UFOs and many supernatural occurrences, including poltergeist, strange noise and visual effects.

Interestingly enough, according to Kelleher, things have strangely quieted down on the ranch since 1998. It is as though the
presence there sensed that it had come under scientific investigation and not wanting to provide evidence about itself, disappeared. But, paranormal activity could still be occurring, and the warning signs on the gate should not be taken lightly by any who might wish to enter the property to observe, for your own safety. 

In conclusion, this is a story that demonstrates that scientific expertise and equipment, as well as a brave journalist offering himself not only as a recorder of events, but also as an on-site target, can be brought to bear in investigating paranormal and possibly UFO/ET related phenomena. To date, this nexus of paranormal phenomena still defies explanation. You can wonder: will it always remain an unsolved mystery?

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This interview was conducted following a book signing held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on December 9, 2005. George Knapp is shown here in front of the entrance to the ranch property. Skinwalker Ridge can be seen in the background.

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