(December 14, 2012) - NASA hacker Gary McKinnon will not face prosecution in the UK The self-confessed hacker will not now face legal action in the UK following a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service, but the US extradition warrant remains open. for more details from the BBC.

October 16th was a day of dread but it turned out to be a day of Joy for Gary McKinnon and his family as Teresa May, the home secretary, made a dramatic statement to Parliament today - Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to the US for terrorist or any other charges in connection with his stumbling across information in NASA and Pentagon Computers that UFOs are real and the government has spent quite a lot of time on the subject contrary to their public statements. It was a long ordeal, a decade of
intimidation by the US government that has taken a toll on Gary physically and mentally- His mother Janis Sharp was quoted as saying she was "overwhelmed" after an "emotional rollercoaster" and she said Mrs May had been "incredibly brave" to "stand up" to the US.

Over a decade is long enough don't you think, to keep Gary McKinnon twisting in the wind with the threat of extradition to the US for prosecution as a cyber-terrorist?- Jerry sounds off, sharing his frustration about McKinnon's fate with Gary's family and friends.
(originally broadcast on Inception Radio- 9-10-12)

MP3 Running time: 08 minutes, 12 seconds

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McKinnon Case Spotlights Impotency of Elected Officials

by Jerry Pippin
(April 12, 2012) - Theresa May, Home Secretary, seems to be igniting the sentiment of key elected officials in the UK and going ahead with extradition of UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon despite a 2009 finding that he was not guilty of an extraditable offense and a Court of Human Rights finding that McKinnon has a condition that is certain he will be harmed by extradition. This case is years old now, why does the USG want McKinnon to be tried on cyber terrorism? Have we reached a point where elected officials no longer can control their own bureaucracy?    

The current Prime Minister David Cameron and many politicians have said they favor rejecting the extradition. There is a petition to sign asking for the UK to stop the extradition. CLICK HERE to sign. Or you can send an email directly to the UK at this address.


180 Degree Shift in Prosecution of Gary McKinnon (March 28, 2012) - Britain now says he is not in danger of suicide if extradited to US for trial- Family is furious- CLICK HERE for the story from the London Daily Mail.  


Mother Knows International Politics -
(June 3, 2011) Gary McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp was calm while many in the UFO field fumed. Recently President Obama and the British Prime Minister were asked about Gary McKinnon. His reply is available on this page (below). I asked McKinnon's mother about it and she said, "I think Gary will stay in the UK that I have no doubt." Then she went on to explain why;

"I donít see the Obama thing in a negative light as he said it will be a U.K decision which America will respect and accept (and will not challenge). This leaves the U.K  Government free to refuse to extradite without worrying about upsetting the U.S and without having to worry about a challenge that would drag on for even more more years."

"I believe the U.K government will soon refuse to Extradite as theyíd look very silly to have had a joint worldwide press conference with our Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama with only four questions being posed from the press and one of those questions being all about Gary, if they intended to extradite. "

"The expectation in the U.K now is that our Government will refuse to Extradite."

OBAMA PULLS A BUSH- wants McKinnon in US Jail - President Obama refuses to halt Gary McKinnon's extradition - ET whistleblower does not get trial in UK, US wants him in a more fixed justice atmosphere, a place where Uncle Sam wins 95 per cent of all its cases, US Federal Court.

CLICK HERE for Story


McKinnon Case Responsible for UK to Take New Look at Extradition Treaty with the US- (September 07, 2010) Janis Sharp, McKinnon's mother told the Jerry Pippin Show today that she is hopeful that after all of the heartache over attempts in extraditing her son that finally some fairness will be introduced into the treaty and that ultimately Gary will escape having to come to America for trial.  Here are links to two of many stories that have appeared in the UK over the weekend.  
New powers to block Britons from extradition (Telegraph)
Extradition laws facing shake-up in victory for the Mail (Mail)

Gary McKinnon is the subject of a new song by British singer Ryan Eley.  You can buy this song for 99 cents from I-tunes-


Tom Bradby asking President Obama and David Cameron about Gary:   

"Jerry, Itís all so very surreal to switch on the TV and to catch live, President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron discussing my son Gary McKinnon during a very important press conference  which included such highly important issues such as the BP disaster.- Janis"

Coverage the next day after the news conference from the UK



Gary McKinnon is discussed in private and in public by David Cameron, British Prime Minister and President Barack Obama. McKinnon's journey thru extradition hell may be over soon. CLICK HERE for the report from the BBC.

"Iím back campaigning to get our new coalition government to halt the proposed extradition permanently as they promised to do if they were in power.  Letís hope that this government honour their promises & arenít liars.

With the new government elected in the UK, Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon has announced a new effort to "Free Gary." Follow along with this story as Gary is under investigation. Use your online criminal justice degree to better understand the trials and tribulations of Gary McKinnon. Here are news stories that appeared on ITV on Saturday 5-14-10.


Related Link:


McKinnon's Mother Decides to Challenge Jack Straw for His Seat in the Coming Election!

British politics just got hotter with an unlikely candidate for Jack Straw's Blackburn constituency. Janis Sharp said she blamed the justice secretary for pushing through the extradition treaty with the US.

Under the treaty, her son, from Wood Green in London, could be sent to the US for trial. She has been battling in the courts the extradition to America of Gary McKinnon who confessed to hacking US government computers because he was told he would only get a six month sentence and now he is being extradited to be tried for cyber terrorism which has a 70 year sentence. McKinnon contests the charges that huge amounts of damage were done by him on his search for UFO information many years ago.  

Sharp, from Hertfordshire, who intends to stand as an independent candidate, said she believed Labour was responsible for eroding civil liberties.
CLICK HERE for story and video from the BBC.

McKinnon Extradition Delayed until Spring
(Noon Eastern January 17, 2010) - Janis Sharp has just told Jerry that a Judge has granted Gary a Judicial Review of Britain's Home Secretary Alan Johnson's decision to extradite Gary to the US for trial.

Janis writes:

"We can't believe it and are over the moon. I couldn't stop crying when I heard and Gary couldn't believe it and said he's still in shock. I've always said that all we need is one good person to look at this case for what it is and to say, "Enough is enough." Time to end this and to give Gary his life back again. Maybe Justice Mitting is that man. So pleased, can't explain how much of a relief this 4 is but I know you know.  The Judicial Review should be heard around April/May when our election is in full swing, so that's good.
I'm glad 2009 is out of the way, 2010 feels better."

McKinnon Loses, but Faint Hope Still Exists - (Friday- Noon-November 27, 2009) Janis Sharp, Gary McKinnon's mother put on Twitter this morning that Gary's lawyer says there is still hope that McKinnon will not be extradited but if it is up to the British Government he will be gone within 7 days - before Christmas is the best guest by some legal experts. Others wonder if the US will actually follow through on the high profile prosecution as it will once again reveal to the public more questions than answers. Radio host Jerry Pippin this morning wondered in an interview why they would prosecute McKinnon over a story about a secret space fleet using higher technology than is available for public consumption. "It seems to be that they are validating the case of a black operation reaching out to the planets if they prosecute McKinnon, "Pippin said.
CLICK HERE for the story from Sky News:

Gary's Mum wrote Jerry this email at 11:02 am CT,11-27-09:
Hi Jerry, 
Gary's solicitor is applying to Judicially Review our Home Secretary's decision to extradite. Usually 3 months are allowed to do this but the Home Secretary says Karen has to apply to Judicially Review their decision within 7 days.
I'm hoping we can keep this going until a new government or hung parliament is in place next year.

Gary McKinnon was the subject of a piece done for "All Things Considered" by National Public Radio in the US on Friday, August 14, 2009. Correspondent Vicki Barker reports from London on the plight of UFO Hacker McKinnon. He has successfully battled extradition to the US since he was first accused ,shortly after he invaded military computers for the US Army, Air Force and NASA computers in February of 2001. Besides looking for UFO information, McKinnon also was interested in the real story of 9-11 and continued his hacking into 2002.

His Mother, Janis Sharp, has been quoted as saying in effect her son should get a job from the US on prevention of cyber terrorism instead of the US trying to send him to jail. The 43 year old unemployed man is expected to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.  It is not clear how the Obama Administration views his crime and prosecution.
CLICK HERE to listen the story.

Is it all over for Gary? McKinnon loses appeal for revocation of extradition to the US to face charges of cyber terrorism by the US. Janis Sharp, his mother, swears on twitter today that Gary will not leave the UK.
Read story here.

NPR's Larry Miller reports from London on the Gary McKinnon decision made July 31, 2009 which says the US can extradite him for hacking into computers to find UFO information.
MP3 Running time: 49 seconds,   Windows Media Version
CLICK HERE to read about Gary as presented on NPR today from an Associated Press story.

David Gilmour and Chrissie Hynde have joined Bob Geldof and Gary McKinnon to sing the Graham Nash song Chicago Change the World to help bring Gary's plight to the ears of Barack Obama.
CLICK HERE for London Tonight. David Gilmour, Chrissie Hynde and Gary Re-Chicago

News coverage of Chrissie Hynde singing in support of Gary McKinnon to help get his message to Barack Obama's ears. Chrissie along with David Gilmour, Bob Geldof and Gary himself is singing Chicago.
CLICK HERE for ITN: Chrissie Hynde and Gary and Janis.

Gary McKinnon controversy spills over to UK politics with liberal MP quitting in disgust over Parliament's refusal to change the extradition treaty signed with the US which came to light in the McKinnon controversy-
CLICK HERE  for London Daily Mail article

(7-21-09) Janis Sharp is a  tireless worker for the "free Gary" movement of her son Gary McKinnon. They expect a decision on his extradition later this month, but she contacted me this morning with this message;

"I'm taking Gary down to RAK studious in London this week to film a video being made for the song Chicago that was recorded by David Gilmour, Sir Bob Geldof, Chrissie Hynde and Gary as an appeal to Obama to cancel the extradition request and asking Obama to stand up in London for our rights and to stand by our side to help us change the World for the better. "
MP3 of song, "Chicago" - Windows Media Version

8:00 p.m. Eastern, July 14, 2009- Janis Sharp on her Twitter page indicated that Gary McKinnon will know a decision by the end of the month on whether he will have to be extradited to the US. Most viewed today's hearing as the end of the road, the final curtain for Gary and his case of UFO inquiries into unauthorized computers at the Pentagon and at NASA headquarters. He found evidence of a space force that is top secret and seems to be far ahead of the regular NASA space program-
CLICK HERE for details from the London Daily Mail- CLICK HERE for her twitter page. Mrs. Sharp is Gary's mother.

I'm now on Twitter, please join me and follow news on Gary/illegal extradition and what we can do to help.

Sting's Wife Trudie Styler was the first follower that joined me on Twitter and Immense respect for her for using her & Sting's fame & name to help us fight this injustice.

May 12, 2009 - Huge groundswell of support of Gary McKinnon is sweeping the UK as well as the world -
CLICK HERE for link to many celebrity messages in support of Gary.

I've changed the Lyrics of "Chicago by Graham Nash" as below and will alter them some more. I'm going to try and organise a Huge "Sing In" when Obama is in London at the end of this month and try and get it televised.  
We'll all sing "Chicago" and as Obama will be in London and comes from Chicago  it has to get noticed and broadcast by the media...and what a Protest song Chicago is!!!
So your brother's bound and gagged
And they've chained him to a chair
Won't you please come from Chicago just to sing
In a land that's known as freedom how can such a thing be fair
Won't you please come from Chicago for the help that you can bring

We can change the world rearrange the world
It's dying - to get better

Politicians sit yourselves down, there's nothing for you here
Won't you please stand up in London for our lives
Don't ask jackass to help you cause they'll turn the other ear
Won't you please stand up in London or else join the other side

We can change the world rearrange the world
It's dying - if you believe in justice
Dying - and if you believe in freedom
Dying - let's stand up and fight
Dying - Corrupt Law Interpretations, open up the door

Somehow people must be free I hope the day comes soon
Won't you please stand up in London show your face
From the bottom of the ocean to the mountains of the moon
Won't you please stand up in London no one else can take your place

We can change the world rearrange the world
It's dying - if you believe in justice
Dying - and if you believe in freedom
Dying - let's stand up and fight
Dying - Corrupt Law Interpretations, open up the door


Gary McKinnon will have a hearing before the High Court of the Strand in London on June 9 and 10.


Dear President Obama,

I have taken this opportunity to ask you to consider granting a pardon to my son Gary McKinnon who has Aspergers Syndrome which is a form of Autism..

There are 60 million people with autism around the world. Many are struggling to cope with life.

Autism Sunday falls on 8th February 2009 and Campaigners from the United States of America and others parts of the world have called on you, President Obama to speak up for autism on Autism Sunday.

My gentle immature son Gary was accused of hacking into Pentagon computers more than seven years ago and the last seven years have been a nightmare for our entire family and this has been a sentence in itself.

Every day I am gripped by fear at the prospect of my gentle Aspergic son being extradited from his home in the United Kingdom and being sent to a hardline United States prison full of violent criminals, as I know he would not survive there.

Gary never travels and does not leave the U.K as he has always had a phobia about venturing far from his home.

Gary has just been granted a Judicial Review, to take place in Mid March 2009

Should you be compassionate enough to grant my son a pardon, this official act would be remembered as one of compassion towards Autistic people; an act that would save a gentle Autistic person from further suffering.

My sonís case is regularly in the media spotlight and he has a great deal of support throughout Britain, America and the world.

The National Autistic Society has come on board to intervene legally as a third party on Garyís behalf.

The Liberal Political Party have come out in support of Gary, led by MEP Baroness Sarah Ludford.

Many Labour, Liberal and Conservatives Politicians in Parliament have called for Gary to be shown compassion and leniency .

The actor Dan Ackroyd supports Gary and has the same UFO obsession. Gary's obsession was UFO's and this obsession is what led to him being in the trouble he's in now.

The World famous British artist Peter Howson, favoured by several US and UK artists such as Madonna (who has bought several of his paintings) and David Bowie who has done likewise, also supports Gary. Peter Howson also has Aspergers Syndrome and has painted several portraits of Gary which he intends to auction on Autism day in support of Aspergers/Autism charities. .

Gary has no criminal record and is a gentle Human Being, caught up in an obsessional search for information on UFOís /Aliens and Free Energy. Itís true that he left cheeky notes on Pentagon computers saying that their security was awful and accusing them of all sorts of things because Gary believed in some of the conspiracy theories that he had read about.

Gary is not a genius, he is a vulnerable young man that got out of his depth.

On his arrest in the U.K in 2002, without having engaged a lawyer Gary admitted computer misuse via his dial up connection. He was told by the High Tech crime unit that they had his internet activity under surveillance and that at no time had they observed Gary sending commands or codes that would cause damage to any computers and that Gary would most likely receive a sentence of six months community service order rather than a custodial sentence

However although Gary never left the U.K he was indicted in America in 2002 and a warrant was issued for his arrest. In 2002 but we heard nothing more until mid 2005 when he was re-arrested.

This wrecked our lives as we had assumed, because of the lengthy delay , that charges against Gary would be dropped.

I am appealing to you to Pardon my gentle, misguided son, as an act of compassion that will show Justice  and will let people across the world see that you care about people with disabilities and Autism.

Cathedrals, churches and religious organisations are due to observe Autism Sunday - the International Day of Prayer for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Organisers say this is the first major date for Autism in 2009 and have stated that it is an ideal opportunity to lobby for all people with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

The global economic crisis has placed enormous burdens on parents, careers, children and adults with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Many more families with Autism are below the poverty line and even in the United States and the United Kingdom, banks have re-possessed the homes of families with Autism, leaving them stranded.

Autism campaigners are calling for more help for the vulnerable during the deepening global recession. Some families are suffering as a result of winter fuel poverty and often have to choose between heating and eating.

You, President Obama, have promised change and I understand you have been urged to support the vulnerable by speaking out on Autism to mark Autism Sunday 2009. There are 60 million people with Autism around the world. Many are struggling to cope with life.

The very people within these churches and also the Autistic community and parents of disabled children throughout the world, would be moved by this single compassionate act towards one vulnerable Autistic young man with Asperger's Syndrome.

Your very early days in office have ben positive and this would be on more positive act which would  highlight your compassion for the vulnerable in society.

Please consider this act of kindness which will help to highlight the daily struggles that people with Aspergers Syndrome /Autism  face.

Yours Sincerely

Janis Sharp (Gary McKinnon's Mum)

PS - I Love this article from the wonderfully eccentric Mayor of London, Boris Johnson:

Gary McKinnon believes in little green men Ė but it doesn't make him a terrorist - Americans who want a harmless hacker extradited from Britain must be from a different planet, says Boris Johnson. CLICK HERE for article from


McKinnon  wins Judicial Review

by Jerry Pippin
January 20th was a cold day in Washington D.C. as record crowds saw President Barack Obama pledge at his inauguration to put the US back on the moral compass. Meanwhile in London at a hearing, Gary McKinnon, accused UFO hacker, started the day with not much hope in a last ditch judicial action to avoid extradition to the US for a potential trial as a cyber terrorist. However things were quite different by late afternoon in England for McKinnon and his family, and in this world of time and space just as Obama was on the Washington Mall ready for the swearing in, a ray of hope embraced the McKinnon Family.
Janis Sharp told me, "At the beginning of the court case on 20th January, after initial early arguments, the Judges said they'd allow Gary a stay of four weeks until the new Director of Public Prosecutions decided whether or not to allow Gary to be tried in the U.K. instead of the US. The judges then proceeded to hear oral arguments in order to decide whether or not to allow Gary to have a Judicial Review."
Janis added, "We were in court all day on the 20th January 2009 and the court was packed with journalists and many sat on the floor in front of the Judges as there was no room anywhere else. Two judges listened to the arguments, in order to decide whether or not to allow Gary to have a Judicial Review....
In court, the Judge began by saying many negative things and I was convinced we'd lost and then the Judge started saying some positive things and I wasn't sure if we'd got the Judicial Review and was scared to believe we might actually have won it. " Janis said she was a roller coaster listening to the Judges comments, many were negative and she feared the worst but at the end of the day the news was good.
"Three days later the Queens Council unexpectedly issued an order for a Judicial Review which is scheduled for March I looked over at Karen (Gary's Solicitor) and she had her head in her hands and was crying and I cried too because I realised we had got the Judicial Review. This will be happening at a date in Mid March.. ."

An update on Gary from his Mum- 1-06-09

"Here are links to two relevant stories on Gary; one in the Times and one in the Scotsman.


It was interesting that the Guardian newspaper chose Gary as one of the class of twenty five that influenced 2008 (See below)
Let's hope they'll have a good outcome to report.

Below is the full Guardian Class of 25 article re-Gary, plus a link to the complete article on all 25 people that made their mark in 2008. (Including Gary)"

Gary McKinnon

For the past year, the US, with the acquiesence of our own Home Office, has been attempting to extradite Gary McKinnon, a 42-year-old computer hacker from north London. More than seven years ago, McKinnon, a self-confessed "bumbling computer nerd", who was curious about UFOs, had hacked into the computer systems of Nasa and the Pentagon. While taking a virtual stroll there, had left rude messages behind him such as, "Your security is crap." When he was initially arrested, the (British) police told McKinnon, who has Asperger's syndrome, the likeliest penalty for his hacking activities would be a community sentence and he has indicated his willingness to plead guilty if charged in the UK, where the offence was committed.

The US authorities, however, furious that an amateur had cracked their system and embarrassed them so royally, are not having it and would like to see him in the slammer in the States. One of the prosecuting team even remarked that he would like to "see him fry". In reality, he would face a few years in jail but, tarred with a "cyber-terrorist" brush, thanks to the nature of the charges, it would be a hellish time for a vulnerable man. McKinnon and his ragtag army of supporters, lawyers and family members are fighting the extradition every inch of the way and refusing to go gently. He has one final judicial review to go in January and growing cross-party support in his bid to be allowed to face trial here.
Duncan Campbell


Gary McKinnon's extradition Judicial Review hearing is due on Tuesday 20th January 2009 - the same day that George Bush officially hands over to Barack Obama as US President. CLICK HERE for more information.

It appears that Gary McKinnon will stay in the UK thru Christmas and any extradition will not take place until January. Stop the madness of this persecution..sign this petition to show your support. CLICK HERE to sign.
Gary McKinnon's video is back so we asked his mother about it and here (below Marillion story) is what Janis Sharp, his "mum" wrote to us on 11-11-08 - CLICK HERE for Gary's video, "Wanton Child" and CLICK HERE for his video of "Only a Fool."

Gary comes from a musical family- His mother Janis Sharp is a performer as well, and has a music video on YouTube entitled "Telepathic Lover." CLICK HERE for Janis's video.

By the way, Gary and his mother are going to ask President George W. Bush for a pardon.  I hope they get it.
- Jerry Pippin (11-13-08)

Marillion to play gig for McKinnon

Hi Jerry,
Gary's solicitor has applied for an oral Judicial Review. Lots of Politicians including the entire Liberal Democrat Party have come out publicly to ask/demand that Gary should not be Extradited.
My Space took Gary's first song down after it had 370,000 hits within approx. 48 hours but Gary got more press over here for that than for his legal case.
We've been worried about Gary as he's been sinking into a depression, so we made a video of Gary singing & performing another of his songs and we've just put it up on My Space.
If it does as well as the last one this will lift Gary's spirits but it's nice to see Gary singing again in any case.
He recorded the song on his computer in his bedroom and we just made the video in our living room but we did the video in a day so it's a bit of a rush job but fine for now.
Don't forget to have a look when you've got time.
Hope you're well & enjoying life
We Love yours and the staffs dogs on your website, we spent ages looking at them and reading about them.
 We've got two gorgeous naughty Pharaoh Hounds which  we love.
Re-Gary We've not given up and never will.
Please sign this petition (CLICK HERE) which is a last gasp attempt to stop the unjust extradition of Gary McKinnon to the USA.

This is a BRIT
and as fellow Brits where is the patriotism? Why are our journalists not making this front page news? This is unfair, unjust and should be stopped. As Brits we stand together, and we even get front page of the tabloids if the Germans pinch our deckchairs on holiday, yet journalists are NOT getting the Brits together on this issue - WHY?
Even Deirdie Rashid who is a FICTIONAL character got more support when she was unjustly jailed in Coronation Street! The tabloids started a campaign to free her - yet the very same tabloids have given up on Gary McKinnon - shame on all of you.
Ross Hemsworth
Glastonbury Radio
Presenter of the worldwide syndicated hit radio show
Now THAT'S Weird -
Now THAT'S Weird
the TV show Saturdays at 8 p.m. on Edge Media TV (Sky Channel 200)

Sunday, September 21, 2008 there was a protest outside the American Embassy n London on behalf of Gary McKinnon.
CLICK HERE for a video interview of Gary.

McKINNON STILL IN THE UK-Massive Protest Scheduled for 4:00 p.m. Sunday, September 28 In Front of American Embassy in London

CLICK HERE for update from Gary's Solicitor Karen Todner
A note from Gary McKinnon's mother:
Any day now, my son, Gary McKinnon, could face extradition from Britain to the United States where he would stand trial for hacking into US government computers and could face a sentence of sixty years (Charged with 7 counts, proposed sentence Ten Years Per Count) 
Gary has recently been diagnosed as suffering from Lifetime Asperger's Syndrome, which is why I and his family and his many friends and supporters around the world are arguing that Gary should be allowed to stay in the U.K and face the courts in the country where the offence, if offence there was, was committed.

The United States authorities waited two  years to call for Gary's arrest because of a then unratified,  unsigned extradition treaty between
the two countries which would make it easier for them to have a British citizen sent for trial in the US.  Yet, when he was first arrested in London,  Gary was told he would probably get a sentence of community service for his hacking activities.

He naively admitted computer misuse before he had engaged a lawyer and without a lawyer even being  present. We
were still unaware that he had Asperger's Syndrome.

Gary gained no leniency  for his honesty and on the contrary, his extradition has been relentlessly  pursued by the British and American authorities, despite the  crown prosecution service (CPS) declining to prosecute Gary in Britain.  This attitude will hardly encourage British citizens to come clean regarding any crimes they may  have committed. If no leniency or  consideration is given when a person accused of a crime immediately and openly  tells the truth, there is little point in them
admitting to anything.

The CPS refusal to  prosecute Gary here was clearly done to allow the Americans to arrest him  two and a half years later, once the one-sided extradition treaty  was introduced and then made retrospective. In addition, in order to indict Gary, the  US authorities had to claim a specific amount of financial damage. Gary has  always denied causing damage and without proof of such, the U.S could not  prosecute him. Then, just a month ago the U.S prosecutors stated in an  interview, that once Gary was extradited, the most difficult thing to prove  would be the damage!

Several weeks ago the goal posts were changed yet again when the U.S brought in a new law whereby no proof  of damage was required where military computers were concerned. For the American law to  then have been conveniently changed at such a crucial time, so  that proof of damage is no longer required speaks volumes and  does little to give us any faith in such a "legal" system. (Gary has always denied the alleged damage.)

Surely as a vulnerable adult  with Asperger's Syndrome, Gary should be allowed to stay in the U.K and face the justice system of the country where his alleged offence took place.

So why is Gary's Extradition still  being sought? He admitted computer mis-use six an a half years ago and the U.S have changed the law so that they now have no need to prove the alleged damage.
So why is there now any need for a trial? Gary could be sentenced to serve an appropriate time in an open prison in the U.K
 If we can somehow keep up the pressure, the Home Office just might rule in Gary's favour, as they are now apparently re-considering his case.  

If this happened Gary & Lucy (and us "Janis & Wilson") could all have our lives back again.

Every morning for six and a half years we have woken up gripped by fear at the prospect of Gary being extradited and spending most of his life in a hard line U.S prison, or even dying there.
On most days it's difficult to wake up and put one foot in front of the other and this intense long term stress and fear has taken its toll of us all for the past six and a half years. This in itself has been a sentence of continual Torment.
Please try and come to the protest and get everyone you can to attend, as it just might change things for the better and at the moment the only hope we have  is to draw attention to the injustice, extremely flawed treaty and proposed disproportionate sentence 
This is not just about Gary; it's about the fact that any U.K citizen can now be extradited to America on the strength of an allegation alone. These allegations are presented to our courts as Facts and accepted as such by our courts and Law Lords without the accused having any opportunity to challenge or rebut the allegations. Our courts and Law Lords have publicly pronounced Gary guilty of Damage to military computer systems without him having the benefit of a trial in which to challenge the allegations. This has severely prejudiced any  trial Gary might have in the future.
This treaty was signed in secret under the "Queens Prerogative" by David Blunket a day prior to Parliamentary recess, so that no debate by Parliament was able to take place.
This so called treaty was not signed by the U.S and despite the fact that it did not come into effect until April 2007, it was made retrospective in 2004 to allow them to request the Extradition of my son Gary and others without any proof having to be shown. A Prima Facie case was effectively dispensed with.
How can a treaty by its very nature be one sided and how can it be made retrospective?  
The Nat West Three, British business men and white collar workers have been extradited under this one sided treaty  without any proof having to be provided, although Politicians were told that the treaty was to be used for Terrorists.
We used to have a statute of limitations in this country and I don't know when that changed.
Many Thanks for the support given to us by friends and compassionate strangers who have become friends. Your help is appreciated more than you could ever know.
Yours Sincerely
Janis (Gary's mum)
Note: Pinochet and others accused of extremely serious crimes lost their legal battles - Pinochet in fact lost twice in the Lords before the Secretary of State intervened at the last minute (Jack Straw Ė who also prevented the extradition of Roisin McAliskey to Germany for an allegation of IRA terrorism) to prevent removal from the UK and end the extradition process. McAliskey was on the grounds of mental health and Pinochet I believe primarily physical health. However they were viewed at the time as political decisions in sensitive areas.

Gary's crime of computer misuse is so miniscule in comparison to either of the two cases just mentioned.


Gary McKinnon Has Lost His Appeal Against Extradition to the US.

(August 28, 2008)
A Briton accused of hacking into secret military computers has lost his appeal against extradition to the US. Glasgow-born Gary McKinnon was said to be "distraught" after losing the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. He faces extradition within two weeks.

The unemployed man could face life in jail if convicted of accessing 97 US military and Nasa computers. The 42-year-old admitted breaking into the computers from his London home but said he sought information on UFOs.

Mr McKinnon asked the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to delay his extradition pending a full appeal to the court against his extradition but his application was refused. He claimed the extradition would breach his human rights.

'Absolutely devastated' His solicitor Karen Todner said this had been her client's "last chance" and appealed to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to intervene. "He is absolutely devastated by the decision," she said. "He and his family are distraught. "They are completely beside themselves. He is terrified by the prospect of going to America."

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History of McKinnon case:

Breaking News: Gary McKinnon Wins Extradition Delay Aug 12 2008 - A British UFO enthusiast accused of the "biggest military hack of all time" has won a two-week delay on his extradition to the US.
Gary McKinnon, an unemployed 42-year-old, lost his House of Lords appeal against the extradition last month and faces up to 70 years in prison if convicted in the US of sabotaging vital defence systems.
(August 13, 2008) Gary McKinnon on a BBC radio interview said the appeal has been made to the European Court of Human Rights and a decision by that entity is expected no later than August 15, 2008 on whether or not they will hear the case.
Pentagon Wins House of Lords Appeal- Gary McKinnon will be extradited to the US unless he can appeal to European Union

Hacker McKinnon loses appeal, takes it to Strasbourg.  CLICK HERE for story.

You may remember that Gary McKinnon claimed to have hacked into NASA computers, where he came upon evidence of a NASA coverup of the alien presence, alien technology, a secret space program, free energy, and anti-gravity, among other things. If heís a crack pot, why is our government going to such great lengths to have him extradited?


 As well as

Dispatch from Steve Murillo, LA MUFON director.

Jerry Pippin Talks with Janis Sharp - Mother of Gary McKinnon- (text message -6-17-08)

JANIS: Hi Jerry.
Jerry:  Thanks for going on the record with me about your son. I know you wanted to clear something up from some of the news reports from yesterday.
Janis: Just to point out that Gary is facing ten years per count (not ten years over all) and as he's charged with seven counts this could mean seventy years in a US prison but apparently sixty years is the Maximum sentence for this, which is little consolation.
Jerry: It has been a long battle, this has been going on for years now...
Janis: Everyone felt it possible that Gary could well win this case. Gary's legal team stated to the court that they have evidence that they say are threats to Gary from Ed Gibson Ex FBI and now working for Microsoft security /UK Chief Spokesman for security of Microsoft. 
Scott Stein Ex Department of Justice Ex assistant US Attorney for the Middle district of Florida and the Eastern District of Virginia also now apparently a main security person for Microsoft.
Jack Hanley assistant US attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia and was apparently from the cybercrimes unit.
No one here remembers or had even heard of Jack Hanley until the Affidavit.
Gary was apparently threatened with his crime being changed from a normal computing hacking crime attracting an approx. eighteen month to three year sentence in the US, to being charged as a cyber Terrorist if he did not accept the plea bargain offered and the sentence being upped to Ten years per count (totaling sixty years)
Gary's legal team also said that ED Gibson stated that one state wanted to see Gary Fry.
Jerry: This seems like an inconsequential crime, certainly I don't see any terrorist aspect to it other than he was able to get into the Pentagon computers and evidently they were not very secure. Why didn't he plea bargain?
Janis: Plea Bargains aren't used in the UK.
This evidence has been in the public domain for one to two years and remained unchallenged by the prosecution, even although it was mentioned in Gary's last appeal and was alluded to in the Judgment of the same appeal in the Divisional Court as an Anathema to our Legal system.
Jerry:  What do these affidavits say?
Janis:The Affidavits put in essentially deny the said threats made against Gary. 
Jerry: Has there been any attempt to get the US to lighten up on this charge?
Janis: Gary's top QC Edmund Lawson and Top Solicitor Karen Todner and another respected Barrister were in various meetings in the US Embassy in London regarding this. 
The Affidavits by Ed Gibson, etc.. were submitted at a very late stage and we see it as an underhanded ploy to attempt to scupper Gary's appeal to the House of Lords but fortunately the Law Lords still heard Gary's appeal on the assumption that Gary's legal team were telling the truth.
However even if the Lords ruled in favour of Gary, the case would have to go back to the Magistrates for the disputed evidence re-the Affidavits to be "resolved".
Jerry:  Janis one thing to be thankful for..or at least it appears from here..that Gary does have some good legal advice and a good legal team.
Janis: Gary's QC Edmund Lawson and Lawyer Karen Todner are honest to the core; they're highly respected and their reputations are awesome and it's ludicrous to suggest that they would lie on behalf of Gary who is essentially a computer nerd.
I don't like that Gary's case was brought forward by three days to take place on the very day that George Bush was in London and was virtually right next to the House of Lords at one point. We also met some high powered lawyers from Europe that had the same worries, as they see Gary's as a test case that will affect European law.
Jerry:  I had not thought of that angle and I understand your alarm since it is obvious that the Bush people would like to make an example of Gary and charge him with terrorism. Hope the deck was not stacked against him in this House of Lords setting?
Janis: We honestly don't know how the appeal went but the Law Lords are amongst the few that will often stand up to the government, so we can only hope.
Unfortunately Gary can't even challenge the alleged crimes leveled at him, as this right was removed when the one sided extradition "treaty"  was introduced here. (supposedly to be used for terrorists and not for things like unauthorized computer access.)  Gary can only contest the extradition.
We're praying that Gary will be kept in the UK and will have the chance to prove in a British court that he didn't cause the damage that the prosecutors are claiming he did.
Apparently in order to indict Gary, the prosecution have to show 5000 dollars of damage was caused to every system they say was compromised by Gary, so magically they claim that Gary did "exactly" this amount of damage. 
Jerry: I am not really clear even after all these months and years what Gary actually did, was it only at the Pentagon? 
Janis:  Gary accessed about seven Universities and the prosecutors claimed the same 5000 dollars damage on each of the systems but when the Universities publicly stated that no damage was caused by Gary, the US prosecutors quietly removed those indictments.
Gary obviously shouldn't have accessed any computers and definitely not the Pentagon and he was a fool to do so and we have all paid a price.
Jerry: I keep saying a couple of years back but the crime happened what five or six years ago? 
Janis: This all occurred more than six years ago and Gary just wants to be tried in his own country where he believes the level of punishment will fit the crime.
Jerry: Janis thanks for taking the time to explain all this in a time when I know stress is ruling your life. I hope  you keep us in the loop on future developments on Gary.
Janis: Thank You Jerry, I'll keep you informed.
This is an extract of details from the House of Lords appeal from ZDnet reports  ....At a meeting with Mr Gibson and Mr Stein [in April 2003], Mr McKinnon was told that if he did not agree, then all bets were off," Pannick said. "Eight to 10 years [per count] or possibly longer was indicated."

Moreover, in a letter to McKinnon dated 9 April, 2003, Gibson said the US authorities would reserve the right to prosecute McKinnon under US military law, which carries much more stringent penalties, Pannick told the court.

"Mr Gibson is threatening that if you do not co-operate, [the US] will reserve the right to rely on that," said Pannick.

However, court documents submitted by the prosecution on behalf of the US authorities reject the assertion that the legal team led by Gibson was threatening McKinnon, and maintain that Gibson was informing McKinnon of statements of fact.

"Your respondent maintains that it has never 'threatened' the appellant as alleged," stated the documents.

Gibson was unavailable for comment at the time of writing. He became Microsoft's chief security advisor in the UK in 2005.


McKinnon Extradition Decision Expected Within Two Weeks
After Day-long Hearing Before House of Lords Today (6-16-08) 

Gary McKinnon at Infosec

Pentagon hacker vows to take extradition fight to Europe

Published Monday 16th June 2008 17:54 GMT

Gary McKinnon's legal team said they will take their fight against his extradition all the way to the European Court of Human Rights on Monday, as the highest court in England began deliberations on whether to turn him over to US authorities.
The London hacker now faces an anxious wait for the judgment on his latest appeal, which is expected to take about two weeks.
During a day-long session of legal nit-picking, five Law Lords heard McKinnon's barrister, David Pannick QC, argued that the US had abused process by trying to strong-arm his client into accepting extradition and pleading guilty.

'Play by our rules'

Pannick told the hearing: "If the United States wish to use the processes of English courts to secure the extradition of an alleged offender then they must play by our rules."
It emerged that in exchange for compliance, US prosecutors offered to withdraw a threat to block any application for McKinnon to be repatriated to serve most of his time in a UK jail. This threat is central to his lawyers' claims of abuse of process.
The bargain offered by the US Embassy's Ed Gibson (who is now Microsoft UK's chief security adviser) for a guilty plea would reduce his sentence from eight-to-ten years, to between three and four years. Combined with the UK's more generous parole system, that would mean that McKinnon might have served only two years in prison.
In her evidence, McKinnon's solicitor Karen Todner said that in their correspondence the US had told her that failure to play ball would mean "all bets were off" and that repatriation to the UK "would not occur". This threat, charged McKinnon's team, "sought to impose pressure to accept extradition and plead guilty", and represented an unlawful abuse of the court process that was "disproportionate [and] reprehensible".
Prosecutors exaggerated their influence over the repatriation process, said Pannick, in a bid to secure McKinnon's co-operation, and that had "made it all the worse". Edward Fitzgerald QC, who provided supporting intervention at the hearing on behalf of the civil liberties charity Liberty, said: "What the prosecution [was] saying is 'I have immense powers and I will use them against you'."
McKinnon has admitted taking advantage of lax security in US systems to install covert software that gave him control of settings and access to files. He was looking for evidence of UFOs. He has not admitted causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, a claim at the heart of the US government's allegations.
Clare Montgomery QC, acting for the US government, disputed this, saying if McKinnon had refused to cooperate he would have still been considered for a return to the UK. "This was very close to the type of plea bargaining that might occur here... this was not a case of 'we [US prosecutors] can give or withold the right to transfer [to the UK]'" she told the Lords.
Montgomery also echoed comments from one of the Lords sitting, Baroness Hale, who had suggested that the deal offered to McKinnon might simply have been "the facts of life", rather than a threat, and that it offered him significant benefits. She scorned calls for Gary McKinnon to face trial in the UK, saying: "He must have appreciated as he hacked into American computers that he was committing an act that would have had repercussions in America."

On a knife-edge

In the Palace of Westiminster corridors after the hearing, the consensus among the gathered legal minds was that the case is poised on a knife-edge. Nevertheless, McKinnon's team were cautiously upbeat.
McKinnon himself attended only the morning session of the hearing, flanked by family and supporters. Win or lose, the saga is set to continue for some time.
Victory will override the extradition treaty between the US and UK, and mean the case goes all the way back to Magistrate's court. In that scenario, unlike during the process seen so far, judges will consider US evidence against McKinnon. The treaty has not been ratified by Congress so does not allow the UK to reciprocally extradite suspects from the US without evidence hearings.
Defeat would be a major blow, but McKinnon's team said outside the hearing that it would be by no means the last stand. The precedent set by the European Court of Human Rights in the Babar Ahmad case ( makes a challenge there likely, said solicitor Karen Todner.
And that can take years. ģ

Interviews with Jerry Pippin
Special Correspondent, Kerry Cassidy


The McKinnon Extradition - a dramatization from  BBC radio 4- John Fletcher presents the true story of Gary McKinnon, a British citizen who is fighting extradition to the US on suspicion of hacking into government computers. This presentation (radio drama) directed by Pete Atkin tells of how UFO information is guarded by the US Government.  Click Here to listen. 

To read the 7/6/06 AP News Story on Gary's Extradition. US Government Claims of Damages are outrageous. Let us hope that Gary is tried in New Jersey Federal Court. His maximum sentence, if convicted there, would be 5 years. Of course we all hope that that extradition will be blocked and, barring that, he will not be found guilty of the crimes with which he is to be charged.

Jerry Pippin and Jerry Pippin Show Special Correspondent, Kerry Cassidy, conducted a two part audio and video interview with Gary McKinnon, UK resident, who is accused of hacking into reportedly unsecured US Government computer systems looking for information about UFOs and government cover-ups several years ago, at a pub at an undisclosed location in London on Friday, 6/8/06. Jerry interviewed Gary for this special Internet Radio report from there by telephone, and he brings out a side of McKinnon not presented by the other radio talk shows.

This special On-Demand program also features Ms. Cassidy's video interview with Gary, special pictures of Gary not available anywhere else, and even a spot light on his entertainment background, including two recorded songs that he both wrote and performs. These interviews present the human side of Gary, who is much more than a midnight hacker in a bathrobe, who has been targeted as an example by the US Government.

Gary McKinnon being interviewed
via phone by Jerry Pippin.

Reminder - this Wednesday, 21st June, is the deadline for sending Representations to the Home Secretary on behalf of Gary McKinnon.
for information about what you can do.

Listen to the interview with Gary.

64kb Broadband Version

To read the original letter sent to the UK Home Office Secretary regarding a plea and the petition for justice on behalf of Gary,

to read the reply from the Home Office to the inquiry recently sent to the Secretary. What the Home Office said was not at all satisfactory, so another letter was sent on Monday, June 12th.
to read a copy.

Kerry Cassidy and Gary McKinnon
after her video interview.  

Two Photos above by Kerry Cassidy, 6/8/06.

for an overview comments
on the interview by Kerry Cassidy.

Exclusive interview with Gary.

A Video Interview by Kerry Cassidy,
Co-Director, Project Camelot

Recently, the Bush Administration has turned up the heat on Gary, who was originally indicted by a US Federal Grand Jury in 2002 (copy of indictment) for his purported crime perpetrated against the US Government by a foreign citizen. The US Justice Department has basically declared McKinnon a terrorist, as specified by the US Patriot Act and has stated its intention to extradite him, try him and imprison him for the rest of his life. He is currently awaiting the decision of the UK Government on whether he will be extradited or tried and sentenced in the UK, where the penalties for hacking are much less severe. Given that this was his only violation of UK law, he may receive only minimal fines and/or incarceration.

This is more than a UFO or Disclosure story. This is a story of a man caught in the midst of a political and legal controversy that involves confrontation with a US Government that has become obsessed with monitoring and control in the name of National Security of not only its own citizens, but those of other countries. How can one seek such draconian punishment for accessing totally unsecured information about a subject, UFOs, which has been publicly stated to be of no security threat to the US, and government projects related to UFO technology, including production of free energy, which officially do not exist? What did Gary do to deserve a 70 year prison sentence? Gary is seeking to know the answer to this question, and so are we.

News Story Links

2/16/07: From Gary's Mother, Janis: a decision is expected soon regarding Gary's appeal.
CLICK HERE McKinnon will turn to Home Secretary should his appeal fail.
CLICK HERE Pentagon hacker plays joker on US authorities. Discloses plea offer, pleads human rights.

CLICK HERE 2006 BBC Story on the latest developments regarding the case.

CLICK HERE 2005 Guardian story updates on Gary's status and good background material on the case.

CLICK HERE 2002 BBC story following the indictment by the US Federal Grand Jury.

CLICK HERE Linda Moulton Howe's recent interview with Gary.

Personal Background Information
Gary and his Family

Gary comes from a talented family. Within the family enterprise, he has demonstrated talent as both an actor and a musician, along with having been trained and employed as a computer systems administrator. Below you can listen to two songs he wrote and performed for the movie, Lunar Girl, which was a family production, directed by, Janis Sharp, his mother, and produced and filmed by Wilson Sharp, his father. Gary also played a character in this movie. It has had a wide screening, with great reviews in the UK. It is also available on DVD.

Listen to Gary sing "Wanton Child."

128kb Broadband Version

to see the movie trailer.

Family photos courtesy Janis Sharp.

Listen to Gary sing "Only a Fool."

128kb Broadband Version


A Mother's Statements

Update 7/30/07:

Hi Jerry,

Just to let you know that we have just received an email from Gary's solicitor that "we got leave for house of lords!"

Fingers crossed!


McKinnon earns Lords appeal Pentagon hacker in legal victory

By John Leyden
Published Tuesday 31st July 2007 10:30 GMT, The Register

Gary McKinnon, the British hacker facing extradition over allegations he broke into US Military and NASA sites, has earned the right to take his case to the House of Lords.

The law Lords agreed to hear arguments that US authorities acted in an "oppressive" and "arbitrary" manner during plea bargaining negotiations, for example by allegedly threatening McKinnon over the loss of rights to serve part of his sentence in the UK unless he submitted to voluntary extradition.

The House of Lords was not bound to consider McKinnon's final appeal - for example it declined to hear the appeal of the NatWest Three bankers, so the Lords' decision is a significant fillip for McKinnon and his legal team.

Gary's lawyers were allowed to petition the House of Lords (not all the hundreds of Peers of the Realm who sit in the upper legislative chamber of Parliament, but the half a dozen or so Law Lords, the most senior Judges in the United Kingdom) on two points of law.

The legal Question which appears to have been rejected, is the same point which Babar Ahmad's legal team were trying to make about the dubious unsigned Diplomatic Notes issued by the US Embassy, promising a Federal civilian trial, rather than a Military Tribunal, even though it is plain that only the US President can make such a decision, and he can change his mind at any time, regardless of what the US State Department promises.

"Gary McKinnon is delighted to learn of this important development," his barrister, Ben Cooper of Charter chambers, told The Guardian. McKinnon is fighting against extradition to the US on hacking offences after losing an appeal in April. Only the Law Lords now stand between the Scot and a US trial for allegedly breaking into and damaging 97 US government computers between 2001 and 2002 and causing an estimated $700,000 worth of damage, in what US authorities have described as the "biggest military" computer hack ever.

The former sys admin, who lives in London, admits he infiltrated computer systems without permission but disputes the seriousness US authorities attach to his attacks.

The 41-year-old has said he gained access to military networks - using a Perl script to search for default passwords - but describes himself as a bumbling amateur motivated by curiosity about evidence of UFOs rather than a cyberterrorist.

McKinnon and his team have consistently argued that he ought to be tried in the UK. No date has been set for the House of Lords hearing. In the meantime, McKinnon remains on bail.

Update 4/3/06:

Hi Jerry,

just to let you know that Gary sadly lost his appeal in court yesterday (3rd April) Next step is an appeal to the House of Lords.

We are now very worried as they now appear to be treating Gary as a cyber terrorist and he could end up imprisoned for the rest of his life. (I think they want to try Gary in Virginia)

Unfortunately under this new "treaty" Gary's legal team cannot rebut any so called "evidence" provided in secret to the judges by the US government.

Prima facie evidence is no longer required for a British citizen to be extradited; only allegations are called for. Now what sort of Justice is that?

Gary's hard drives were taken to America approx. five years ago and I just don't trust anything that is happening at the moment.

Thank you for your continual support. There are so many good Americans out there who spend their lives fighting for justice but unfortunately the current US administration has clouded the vision of many people in the world and they have forgotten this.

Primarily because of Tony Blair & George Bush' stance on Iraq etc there is a strong possibility that Scotland is going to vote for the Scottish Nationalists in May and Scotland would then become a separate and independent country; now wouldn't that be interesting.

We personally doubt whether the UK government would stand for this, despite "encouraging" other countries throughout the world to declare their independence....but they can't bomb Scotland into submission....can they? With the way our world is going nothing would surprise me.

Scotland voted against the unratified Extradition treaty with America but unless the Scottish Nationalists are voted in this remains only a token vote....May will be an interesting month.

I have attached the press release issued by Gary's lawyers. CLICK HERE to read. CLICK HERE to read the BBC article on the judgment announcement.

Take care Jerry, Kerry & Larry & Thank You!

Kindest Regards,

Janis (Gary's mum)

Update 12/9/06: Gary's appeal hearing is due to take place on 13th February, 2007, which will be the fifth year since he was first arrested. Gary has been more down than usual (as are we). He had some prior knowledge of the info you sent us [Jerry sent information on the latest anti-terrorism acts passed by Congress and signed by Bush], but the reality of what can now be done to people is terrifying.

I have no problems with long sentences for vicious crimes but it puzzles me how seriously violent criminals are allowed to continue to walk the streets, while gentle people like Gary have a sixty year sentence hanging over them. The political changes taking place in the US are good, but unfortunately I don't think it will help Gary.

Update 7/21/06: Just to let you all know that Gary (McKinnon) is on Richard & Judy this evening (Friday 21st July).

Some of the Tabloids including the Sun have done double page spreads with very fair account of Gary and the ludicrous extradition treaty.

Labour MP's and cross party Italian Parliamentarians from the new Italian Government have signed and presented a letter to John Reid opposing Gary's extradition.

David Cameron has invited Gary to his house next week.

Thank you for all of your support; maybe at last people are realizing the injustice that is happening re-the unreciprocated extradition treaty.

Kindest Regards,

Janis (Gary's mum)

Update 7/13/06: Yesterday, 12th July in the House of Commons, there was a heated debate against this new extradition "treaty". 248 MP's voted against the fast track extradition treaty that requires no Prima Facie evidence to be produced and only four MP's voted for it. This was a huge defeat for the Government; especially coming on the heels of the vote from the House of Lords against this treaty on 11th July. The law hasn't changed however, as this will have to go back to the House of Commons in October before the law can be changed.

I've been writing to every MP that I can and got this incredible letter back from Alan Simpson Member of Parliament.

You will see that the new Italian Government have come out against our government on behalf of Gary.

Fifteen members of our government also handed in a letter of support for Gary; in addition to the 248 MP's that voted against the treaty.

The banker being found dead we thought was very sad; which followed on the heels of an American Banker connected to Enron also being found dead recently. Their families must be devastated.

The Nat West 3 have just been extradited for charges connected with the Enron affair but already someone who I think was from the US prosecution, said that additional charges of Conspiracy and Money Laundering will probably be added.

That's what worries us about Gary; that additional charges might be dreamed up if he were extradited.

I wonder if the Italian Government are UFO researchers? Good that they're supporting Gary.

See Letter below:

Dear Janis,

I am very sorry for your current situation and understand it must be a source of tremendous worry. Yesterday Alan Simpson MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP delivered a letter of protest from a group of Italian parliamentarians to the Home Office about your son Gary, as they do not believe he is guilty of terrorism and think that he should not be deported but charged here in the UK under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Please see a copy of Alan's covering letter (attached) which was signed by 15 Labour MPs.

I would like to send your email on to a newspaper, which is covering the story probably on Saturday. Please do let me know if you have any objections to this.

I understand that the Secretary of State signed Gary's extradition order on the 4th of July, this gives Gary 14 days from this date to launch an appeal (Tuesday 18th). I do not know if you are already in the process of launching an appeal, but a possible defence could come under the Human Rights Act and the right to a family life. This is a possible line of defence that I came across from Liberty, the civil rights organisation. Their number is: 020 7403 3888.

There was also a debate in the House of Commons yesterday about the Extradition Treaty we have with the US. Many MPs feel this arrangement is not reciprocal or balanced due to the fact that no evidence is required, as you stated in your email. Gary was mentioned in the debate, you can read it at this address: ext/60712-0887.htm#06071247000001

I hope this has been of some use to.

Best wishes,

Paul May
Parliamentary Researcher to Alan Simpson MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
Tel: 0207 219 4534
Fax: 0207 219 4657

Update 7/11/06:

I thought you should know that Peers in the House of Lords have just voted to remove the United States from the current Extradition act and want the government to refuse to send anyone to the US until they ratify the treaty. America will quite rightly never do this as it is against their constitution.

The UK government were heavily defeated by 218 votes to 116 votes. The Treaty will now go back to the House of Commons but any change won't take place until October.

There is an emergency debate to take place in the House of Commons tomorrow. I think some powerful people are trying to stop the Nat West 3 from being extradited at the 11th hour and all of this will help Gary.

This is hopeful and I believe the tide is turning. Gary's appeal will probably be delayed and hopefully the law will be changed in time for him to remain in the UK.

Gary has no qualms about being tried in the UK and would welcome it. Sentences in the UK for this type of thing are considerably shorter and time is served in an open prison or by doing community service; which involves helping old people and in Gary's case; possibly teaching underprivileged children computer skills.

A policeman at the demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice Today, whispered that he was on Gary's side and wishes him well. He then shook hands with us.

We at last have some hope in our hearts. Thank you so much for all of your help and incredible support and please thank all of your listeners/viewers.

Every bit of help from everyone has helped to bring this about.

Very Best Wishes !!!

And, Thank you

Janis, Gary & Wilson

Update 7/6/06: Please also thank your listeners/viewers who have sent letters of support for Gary, as the Home Secretary has received letters from all over the world, the bulk of which are from the UK and the US. Apparently Gary's case is being raised by the Conservative party in the House of Commons today. Very Best Wishes and thank you again.

Janis, Gary & Wilson

Thought I should let you know that John Reid the Home Secretary has decided to extradite Gary to the US. This is despite having told Gary's solicitors that they were inundated with letters of support for Gary. For a second time the Home Office wrote to Gary's solicitors saying they had far too many letters of support for Gary for them to be able to even begin to answer them all.

They've apparently had much more letters of support for Gary than for anyone else facing a similar fate, yet Tony Blair is trying to help only the Enron/Nat West bankers. One rule for the rich it seems, or maybe our politicians are all aliens.

BBC News 24 spoke up for Gary and took one of our politicians to task for only supporting the Enron/Nat West 3 Bankers. The BBC have been brilliant but we're incredibly worried.

An emergency appeal is the next stage.

Janis (Gary's mum)

Update 6/21/06: Things don't look very promising for Gary, as our government appears to be using this one sided excuse for a treaty to extradite mainly white collar workers, when it was supposedly introduced to extradite terrorists.

Three bankers, who worked for a British Bank were involved in the US ENRON affair, and the British Bank has no interest in prosecuting them. They were offered a deal by the US government if they gave evidence against an American employee of Enron. But, they refused to do this, and the "deal" was withdrawn. They are now to be extradited for prosecution  on charges of wire fraud.

I'm even more worried about Gary now that this announcement has come out from the Law Lords today.


The next step for Gary is waiting for John Reid, the Home Secretary, to decide if he will extradite Gary. If he says yes, then the next stage will be an appeal. That is why the Pledge on behalf of Gary, now successfully completed, and letters to John Reid are important. As Tony Blair only surrounds himself with yes men and women, I think John Reid's decision might not be favorable, but we have to try. Our government may choose to extradite my son Gary to face a possible seventy years in prison for unauthorized computer access/trespassing into US military computers.

Gary is my only child. We have a very small but very close family. There is no victim of this "crime", only an extreme lack of security. So, why do they want Gary so badly? Gary was looking for information on UFO's and free energy, which Gary believes is being covered up. There were no passwords and no firewalls on the computers he accessed. In other words, there was no security, and this was ten years after Mathew Bevan from the UK was accused by the US government, of committing exactly the same crime as Gary. So the US military have still not tightened their security. Mathew Bevan was not convicted in the UK, and he now runs his own internet security firm. Gary gained unauthorized access on his girlfriends very primitive computer which was on very slow dial up mode.

The UK police questioned Gary four years ago and the UK police said Gary would probably get six months community service but the UK Criminal Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute Gary at all. Gary had no prior convictions; he was not even fingerprinted and was free to go. He never discussed his computer intrusion, never gave interviews, never wrote about it; all he wanted was to be tried in his own country, which is the UK.. All we want is to have our lives back again. We have had this hanging over our heads for four years now.

Shortly afterwards the US indicted Gary, however it was not until almost four years later when the UK government stupidly signed a "treaty" with the US that the US could extradite UK citizens without the US having to provide any prima facie evidence, that Gary was arrested on behalf of the US. However, the UK cannot extradite any US citizens without providing Prima Facie evidence because the US has not signed the so called "treaty" and the US never will sign this excuse for a treaty because it is against the US constitution. So the UK extradites it's citizens on a one sided "treaty"; how then can it be called a treaty?

Apparently Americans like Tony Blair, well that's because they don't know that he does little to protect his own people and it seems as though George Bush is now running our country as well as running America. They choose to extradite my son for unauthorised computer access!!! It's ridiculous; this should absolutely not be an extraditable offence.

I greatly admire Cindy Sheehan, who has made a stand after losing her son in Iraq. How many mothers does it take for governments to see sense and to have a sense of justice. All I want is for my son to be tried in the UK in his own country, as is his human right.

Cindy Sheehan could possibly use to her advantage the knowledge that the US military had no passwords and no firewalls, therefore no security. I'm sure this would be very embarrassing for those in power and I think they should be glad that it was Gary who inadvertently alerted them to the incredible weaknesses in their security

I'm surprised that the Bush administration wants my son (and me) in America, as I'm sure most of the US population have no idea of jut how poor their military security is, even ten years after Mathew Bevan was accused of exactly the same crime as Gary.

What government would really want this to come out, all for the sake of prosecuting someone who got unauthorized access to their computers while using his girlfriends ancient computer on dial up mode. Now that is bound to be extremely embarrassing for the world's superpower. Gary even left his girlfriends email address behind which is how they caught him but only some time after he first "virtually" trespassed there. Gary denies causing any damage but the Us have to claim a certain amount of financial damage in order to extradite my son Gary.

We are heartbroken; we are extremely worried. All we want is for Gary to be tried in his own country.

We have been fortunate to have a lot of very good support from some extremely caring people in America, including Doctor Stephen Greer from the Disclosure Project and from Steve Bassett.

Yours Sincerely,

Janis (Gary's mum)

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