Insider Disclosures

CIA Agent Declares He Has Seen the Roswell Truth - Jerry talks with Lee Spiegel, reporter for the Huffington Post and Grant Cameron, well known UFO researcher, about the case of Chase Brandon and his going public during his book tour with the story of personally seeing inside the archives at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, a box in their archives that contained photos, information and documentation that the Roswell UFO Crash of 1947 really happened and it was not a weather balloon at all but a craft with creatures from another world.
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The B-Files

The Ongoing Saga of Dan Burisch: Area-51 black projects, the EBEN J-Rod, MJ-12, secret ET treaties, the secret of life discovery, the coming 2012 catastrophe. This story has it all.

A real disclosure by an anonymous government insider or planted disinformation full of fantasy rather than fact?
Listen, read and decide for yourself.

A loose organization of government agency employees, military personnel, scientists and politicians with the objective of planned and slowly metered disclosure. Is this the real deal?   

We had to disguise his voice as his information was too sensitive for his safety....Mr. X saw the documents confirming Roswell, ET contact, back-engineering and much, much more