Special 40th Anniversary Reports

Interviews with Jerry Pippin

Researcher, Stan Gordon and Journalist, Leslie Kean

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Stan Gordon, Part One: Stan has been covering this story since it happened back in 1965. He tells Jerry about the 40th anniversary observation in this small Pennsylvania town, and talks about his experiences when it happened. He was a teenager living near Kecksburg, and he says that he remembers it like it was yesterday.


photo: Dennis Smeltzer
Courtesy Stan Gordon

Stan Gordon, Part Two: Stan has been the lead investigator on the Kecksburg crash since it happened. He goes into great detail with Jerry about how his investigations have developed over the decades. They talk about a hand coming out of the craft, an unearthly scream in the woods that night and other little known details surrounding this incident.

CLICK HERE to read Leslie Kean's latest article, written in October 2005 on the Kecksburg Crash. This document contains the following statement, which represents the only source found by the Jerry Pippin Show staff concerning  the status of the lawsuit as of November 2006:

"As of this writing, the court is still considering the case. Helfrich summarizes the status of the case as follows:

"The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia denied NASA's request for a ruling that its search for records was adequate, but gave the agency another opportunity to make its case. NASA took the court up on its offer and filed new affidavits of agency officials, under penalty of perjury, to support its claim that the FOIA search was exhaustive. Kean immediately filed papers with the court highlighting that NASA's new affidavits contained factual representations that were flatly contrary to the facts relied upon by NASA in support of its original motion. The court is now considering this new round of information."

If any status updates on this lawsuit or actions by NASA to provide the requested information, we will update this page with notice. An unconfirmed rumor states that since NBC Universal bought the SCI-FI Channel in early 2006, they have dropped out of the lawsuit, thus drying up any future financial or legal support. The suit, as such, may either have been withdrawn or be dormant at this time.

11/28/06: Story Update - A source in Washington DC informed us that a friend who practices law in DC looked up case # 03-2502 on a computer system named "Pacer", which keeps track of all Federal cases in progress. According to this system, the case was last heard in July 2006, at which time summery judgment was asked for on behalf of Ms. Kean and the SCI-FI Channel. A summary judgment request means that the plaintiffs asked the judge to rule in their favor and award legal fees to them as well. The judgment is still pending judgment, and the judge has not set another court date as of yet. The legal source said, that in his opinion, a court session on this case would occur very soon, perhaps within a few months from now.

 All documents referenced on this page are 2005 by Leslie Kean.

Leslie Kean
tells Jerry about how she has uncovered evidence that the crash could not have been a Russian Space Probe, and how the investigations over the years have revealed that something did happen in the woods that night in rural Pennsylvania.

CLICK HERE to read the lawsuit filed against NASA, which refused to respond to FOIA requests submitted by the Coalition for Freedom of Information regarding reports on the Kecksburg crash.

Stan Gordon and Leslie Kean Interviews, MP3 version, 90 minutes: Kecksburg is well known to most UFO researchers, and in this 40th anniversary broadcast, Jerry visits with Stan Gordon and Leslie Kean about the crash and the investigations surrounding it over the years. Gordon was there from the first, as a teenager listening on the radio and watching TV coverage of the event, which happened near his home town in Pennsylvania. He has some very intriguing events to tell about, and Leslie talks about how she has eliminated the Russian Space Probe story as a possible explanation for the incident.

64kb Broadband Version

Another interesting story about the Kecksburg Crash has recently surfaced. UFO Investigator and Reporter Brian Vike wrote us on 10/22/05: "I received an email from a gentleman who told me he had been witness to the crashed object at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. What I didn't realize was that this fellow, who was 15 years old at the time, and out hunting with his brothers may have been the first eyewitness to actually see the crashed object. In the interview I have done with him, he goes on to tell of an amazing story and notes that later in life while serving in the military he came across pilots who were scrambled to intercept the Kecksburg UFO. I know everyone will find this audio report as fascinating as I have."

Audio Report by Brian Vike 2005 HBCC UFO Research
This audio file may not be copied to any other website without the expressed consent of Brian Vike.

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