Fifteen years have passed since the Phoenix Lights event and in this interview Jerry discusses in detail the event itself as well as details of similar occurrences observed by Dr. Lynne D. Kitei, a well-known medical doctor and media personality in her own right. Kitei tells of observations by herself and others of paranormal activity including a personal story of how she was compelled to follow this story with a very detailed research journey that includes a movie-documentary that is award-winning, a book, a very detailed multi media web site on the subject as well as scientific research. This is a very emotional story of how she not only had a life-changing event but how it has pushed her to the forefront of these questions of "other worlds" and even a healthy dose of spiritual understanding. (This interview recorded February 2012)

MP3 Running time: one hour, 23 minutes, 53 seconds
Windows Media Version Part One
Windows Media Version Part Two
Windows Media Version Part Three




Jerry could see an outline of what might have been doors into the solid granite of the Mountain.
Jerry and the crew enters the high strangeness of the almost inaccessible climb to the top of the mountain to investigate the mysterious lights and sounds.

Rich Giordano joins Rob Kritkausky, on-location producer, Roberta Scott and Jerry as they journey up the mountain to investigate the strange glowing mist, lights and sounds that have literally scared area residents into moving from this area in Northern Phoenix. This outdoor remote broadcast has yielded some interesting surprises for Jerry and his crew as they try to unlock the puzzle of the Phoenix Lights and related paranormal happenings.

MP3 Running time: 23 minutes, 23 seconds - Windows Media Version

(Related Link:

Direct from Phoenix - Jerry broadcast an investigation of strange happenings North of Phoenix. Glowing mist coming down the mountainside across ancient burial grounds of Native Americans near an upscale housing addition and public high school. Jerry is on location with Rob Kritkausky who lives in the neighborhood. He has been investigating the strange events which have puzzled citizens in the area and actually scared security guards off their job in the middle of the night. In this segment, what appears to be a Flying Triangle craft flies over as they are taping the show. 
MP3 Running time: 11 minutes, 56 seconds - Windows Media Version

Note: If you have not heard the set-up for this show, which was recorded at the same place we suggest you listen to this one first:  MP3 Running time: 10 minutes, 21 seconds - Windows Media Version

(Related Link:  Rob Kritkausky  has posted photos of  the mountain with the strange visual distortions ..CLICK HERE to see)

Program Four - Mike Fortson makes his living in real estate but his life changed at 8:25 PM, March 13, 1997 when he looked out his bedroom window and saw a mile-long flying craft ..low in altitude and silent in its journey from his home south of Phoenix. He has been on a journey, his mission: search for people who have seen this same object, or even better, find people with photographic evidence of this object.
In this interview he tells Jerry about his passion of finding answers to the Phoenix Lights event.
MP3 Running time: 42 minutes, 31 seconds
Windows Media Version Part 1, Windows Media Version Part 2

Related Link -
If you would like to contact Mike, email him at
If you have new information on UFOs contact

Phoenix Lights Anniversary Show 2009 -  The second half hour of this Phoenix Lights Special features some information about where in the Phoenix area the lights were seen. Guest William Warwick tells some inside stories about the behind-the-scenes political moves related to the UFO sighting and some interesting observations about the ramifications of this event and similar events around the world.

MP3 Part 2 Running time: 31 minutes, 15 seconds -
Windows Media Version Part 2

Related Links:

William Warwick is a movie producer and UFO investigator who has been fascinated with the various events around the world that seem to coincide with the Phoenix Lights event that occurred on March 13, 1997. In this anniversary program, Jerry discusses with Warwick his findings and theories about the various events surrounding the Phoenix Lights including some inside information on some of the people involved in the story including the governor of Arizona.
MP3 Part One Running time: 33 minutes, 20 seconds,
Windows Media Version Part 1

Jerry's 2008 INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM WARWICK - William W. Warwick IV has spent the last several years examining the over-all story of the Phoenix Lights and a strange correlation that it has with his home of Norfolk, Va. In this interview, Warwick discusses some ideas about the lights and visitors from other worlds to this world. He digs into the conspiratorial angle of the Phoenix Lights, the mysterious deaths of A-10 pilots who were there dropping the flares that night in 1997. Warwick ties into the story an interesting theory of intrigue involving Governor Symington and President Bill Clinton, the Hale-Bopp comet and even lays out the theory that we are part of disputed territory in an inter-galaxy war.   
MP3 Running Time: 1 hour, 1 min, 45 sec    - 
Windows Media Version Part 1   Windows Media Version Part 2


MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 43 seconds - Windows Media Version Part 1 - Windows Media Version Part 2

You thought you knew everything there was to know about the Phoenix Lights. Our program series on the event continues ten years later with a look at incidents and activities surrounding the Arizona event. Guest William Warwick who is promoting the Phoenix Lights Conference in Glendale, Arizona on March 31st through April 1st, talks to Jerry in depth about the mystery of this event.
Former Governor Fife Symington has recanted the position taken in his March 1997 news conference, where he made fun of the reports of a "mile wide boomerang " flying low over Phoenix on March 13th. Symington now says he was afraid that if he admitted he had seen the craft with his own eyes, he would have caused panic. Pippin and Warwick discuss some inside reports behind the announcement which actually is not new. The former Governor told a documentary producer several years ago that he had seen it, only recently did this report go public.

Warwick points out a series of events on or about the same time in 1997, which may be connected to the Phoenix Lights events. The discussion ranges from the Hale-Bopp comet appearance on that night to a huge gamma ray burst from the area of Orion's Belt. The discussion includes a mixture of mystical events, such as huge space craft sightings all over the world and even some things from the world of Edgar Cayce, famed psychic.

Then, there is the hard evidence of government cover-up, including the deaths of Air Force Pilots stationed in the Phoenix area, who would know if there was more to it than the "flare" story. Even a strange incident that night involved President Clinton is discussed.

Warwick notes his own sighting just off Norfolk, Virginia that night of a huge craft and the strange case of a US Navy helicopter crashing at sea in an incident he says is related. HAARP gets into the act as Warwick notes the testing phase ended March 14, 1997.

Listen to how all these incidents and others, including the appointment of a new Secretary of Energy on the day that the Phoenix Lights appeared, appear to be connected. You will never think of the Phoenix Lights in the same way after hearing this show.

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Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., Phoenix Lights witness and researcher - Dr. Lynne, key witness & author of the bestselling book, The Phoenix Lights...A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone" and executive producer of the internationally award-winning Phoenix Lights Documentary,, has done an interview with our special correspondent Angelia Joiner," about a major UFO sighting. CLICK HERE for the text interview.

Jerry Interviews Dr. Lynne Kitei - March 2007 - Dr. Kitei tells Jerry about her conclusions, which now appear to connect the sightings in Phoenix with similar events around the world, and she tells him about her belief that these incidents have been happening for centuries.
This is the first in a series of new shows about the Phoenix Lights, which are companion pieces to other shows on the subject we have done over the past several years posted below on this page. Check back regularly during the month of March for other shows, which are now in production. We invite you to listen to Dr. Lynne and Jerry explore the mystery of the Phoenix Lights.

MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 4 minutes, 3 seconds - Windows Media Version Part 1 - Windows Media Version Part 2

Press Release -3/18/07 - from Leslie Kean, Coalition for Freedom of Information:
Former Arizona Governor Admits seeing Phoenix Lights UFO.

Read Leslie's Report
on this exciting
new development
in the story.

See the clip of interview
to be included in the
New Release of the DVD,
Out of the Blue.

More Interviews with Jerry Pippin

Over the course of the next several weeks, we will continue to post new programs in our series covering the Phoenix Lights Phenomena. 

bulletPOSTED BELOW - Program 1: Guests from Laughlin, Nevada and in route to Phoenix, Arizona are Bill Hamilton and Dr. Lynne Kitei. This program deals with first hand accounts of the original, highly publicized mass sightings back in 1997. Hamilton wrote a best selling book, and Dr. Kitei has recently produced and released an award winning documentary, The Phoenix Lights: We Are Not Alone, about them.
bulletPOSTED BELOW - Program 2: In this program, Jerry continues his interview with Dr. Kitei and arrives in Phoenix and visits with Jeff Woolwine and Jeff Willes, local people who have been tracking and videotaping the lights in the South Mountain area of Phoenix and investigating the history of sightings in the Phoenix area, which seem to go back to pre-historic times.
bulletProgram 3: Mysterious Lights, lighting from a mountain peak, and even a huge roar of a craft but not visible have been seen in North Phoenix. Jerry, his producer, Roberta Scott, and phenomena investigators and videographers, Rob Kritkausky and Rich Giordano. What is going on in this area near a major educational facility? This hour deals with the possible explanations for sightings around both South Mountain and in the hills just north of Phoenix.
bulletProgram 4: An in-depth wrap up of the Phoenix Lights story, including the latest events. Sightings and events are still taking place on a regular basis in Phoenix. This show will include many heretofore unheard reports, which we have and are continuing to compile from eye witnesses and experiencers, as we produced this series of programs on the Phoenix Lights.

If you have a story of sightings, encounters or other relevant information please email us at or call 918-682-2630. We are looking for the story behind the story of the Phoenix Lights, and you could be a key to this mystery.

February 2007: The Phoenix Lights Return?

Phoenix UFO Videographer, Rich Giordano has posted videos of the event and his analysis of the sighting, once again explained away as flares released during a training exercise over the Goldwater Testing Range located southwest of Phoenix, AZ. Four large, very bright white (not orange or yellow) light sources, reported by the local media to be located, not near South Mountain, but from 60 to 130 miles south of Phoenix and not moving. Two other bright lights appearing to appear and disappear among the four original lights, another light appearing closer and higher in the sky is not mentioned in media reports and is unexplained as well. Rich points out what appear to be real flares very far away and near the horizon in TV station report footage. There was a promise by the media that the lights would be seen again on Wednesday night as a part of a continuing military exercise. They never appeared.


Program One

In this first installment of our series, Jerry interviews Bill Hamilton in Las Vegas and Dr. Lynne Kitei in Phoenix. This program deals with first hand accounts of the original, highly publicized mass sightings back in 1997. Hamilton wrote a best selling book, and Dr. Kitei has recently produced and released an award winning documentary, about them.

Phoenix Lights - Program 1, Part 1

Phoenix Lights - Program 1, Part 2


Click here to order the book and DVD


2004 Jeff Woolwine

Program Two

In the second installment of this series of programs, Jerry continues his investigation of the Phoenix Lights story, on his way to Phoenix by car from Nevada, he continues his telephone conversation with Dr. Lynne Kitei, who has a book and a documentary about the Phoenix Lights sightings. Dr. Kitei talks about her career and some interesting facts about the sightings of UFO activity in the Phoenix Area.

Phoenix Lights - Program 2, Part 1 

Phoenix Lights - Program 2, Part 2
Coming Soon



2005 Jeff Willes

CLICK HERE for a video from Josh, another UFO spotter in Cave Creek, AZ (northern Phoenix suburb).


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