Richard Dolan

One of the leading and most popular UFO researchers , Richard Dolan, joins Jerry for a fast-paced, wide-ranging interview on the subjects of UFOs and ET abductions and highly-strange events involving US military and UFOs.  Dolan shows his class, his IQ, and his grasp of details as the conversation bounces from subject to subject.

(This interview originally recorded January 9, 2012)
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Richard Dolan speaking in Los Angeles in 2009 at a conference sponsored by Project Camelot.

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The Dolans are featured in this hour direct from Roswell. Karyn and Richard Dolan appear at UFO conferences together and separately. Rich has just finished his second volume of UFOs and the National Security State and the discussion with them on this program covered some of the subject matter in the new book but also centered on Karyn's interest in the Paranormal and even a good section of the show covered the 9-11 conspiracy and they agree with Jerry  that it is not exactly the way the official story goes. (This program recorded July, 2009)
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(Photo by

In this program from the Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Jerry has an in-depth discussion of disclosure and the political ramifications of UFOs with well known and respected researcher Richard Dolan. Dolan discusses several incidents involving disclosure. (This interview conducted April 18, 2007)

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Roswell 2004 - Richard Dolan, who is one of the most respected UFO researchers, has successfully combined his education in history with detailed objectivity about UFOs. He reaches out and grabs the reader with his ability to find historic tidbits in relation to UFOs. Richard talks to Jerry about some of his most interesting cases from the Truman administration to current events. (This interview was conducted at the Roswell Festival in July 2004.)
MP3 Running time: 45 minutes, 14 seconds
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Richard Dolan is always a favorite at UFO Conferences, in this video from the 2010 UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, Richard Dolan holds forth with his presentation about UFOs and the National Security State:

Richard Dolan Holds Class on UFO 101

Richard Dolan shares photos including some of his own of UFOs plus information on the secret Space Force which he believes exists.- Video shot on   April 3rd 2011 in Amsterdam.


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