What's Happening at Fort Benning?

What is Happening at Fort Benning? Part 4 - In this wrap-up of this program about UFOs, ETs and Fort Benning, a surprise reaction to the show from the two wives of the Fort Benning soldiers, Roxy and John talk about what future plans they have in continuing the investigation and Jerry finds another witness to what happened to John in 1977.
Part 4 -
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What is Happening at Fort Benning?
Part 3 - Monday, October 11- In tonight's show, "What is going on at Fort Benning?" Jerry talks with two wives of on-duty soldiers who are stationed at Fort Benning about strange lights in the sky and uneasy feelings in the night. John Vasquez and Roxy Lopez also are on this show with questions for the wives and comments for Jerry.

The two women say they are being called to go to a deserted part of the the base called Sand Hill. Jerry decides to hold the show over for another segment tomorrow night to find out what happens if anything when the two women go there in response to an overwhelming desire to go there in the middle of the night.
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This is a cell phone photo by a woman who lives in base housing at Fort Benning. She says many of the houses are haunted.

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In 2002 while at KBIX Jerry had Ted Steenwerth as a guest. The tape of this program has long since been lost but in our work station we did find part of the program. In this part of the program Ted describes his encounter of beings in the late night while on guard duty at Fort Benning. The program ends with a comment by Ted about his condition when found, he was bloody, with puncture marks all over his body and woke up in the morgue. This experience has affected Ted's life dramatically and he is still haunted by the experience. As in the show with John Vasquez it is difficult to know if this was a real ET experience or some sort of mind control exercise which was rumored to have been done on soldiers at Fort Benning.
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Part 2 - John Vasquez tells Jerry about his abduction experience including seeing creatures with bog eyes and sad expressions. Strangely no one would talk about it after the incident and how suddenly he started remembering years later first with a bad dream. Was it real or some sort of mind-control experience? MP3 Running time: 26 minutes, 41 seconds
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Part 1 - Jerry follows up on countless rumors of strange happenings involving possible UFO and ET contact at Fort Benning, GA.  John Vasquez and UFO Researcher Roxy Lopez join Jerry in this program. Vasquez brought the original story to Jerry along with Ted Steenwerth who is now missing and this is a follow-up program.  In this segment, Roxy first tells Jerry about her trip to Area 51 which motivated her to become a UFO researcher and videographer. Then Vasquez tells the story about what he perceives was a UFO/ET invasion to his battle group on a parade ground at the famous Fort. 
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