What Was Going On
in the 70s at Fort Benning?

Note from Jerry Pippin- In 2000 Ted Steenworth contacted me about a UFO battle at Fort Benning with regular Army Troops. We did the show posted below but I could not find validation from any other source that it happened. Then John Vasquez contacted me about his "Incident at Fort Benning" and it was in the same time frame. So now I am wondering, what was going on at Fort Benning in the 70s? Was it ET warfare or was it US Army Psy-ops training? If any other soldiers stationed there have information please contact me at jerry@jerrypippin.com

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by John Vasquez


John Vasquez has something on his mind. He does not know exactly what it means and he thinks it might be true. He has been spending the last decade or so trying to verify it and has had some results that makes him think it might be true. Vasquez was one of 1300 soldiers that had an excursion into terror in 1977 while on duty at Fort Benning, Ga. Soldiers being taken aboard a space craft, haunted by strange memories in later years. Listen as Vasquez tells Jerry in detail what happened and what his investigation has shown. US Army psych-ops or an ET attack, you make up your mind.   MP3 Running time:  58 min, 31 sec.
Windows Media Version, Part 1  Windows Media Version, Part 2

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An emotional interview with Ted Steenwerth, a Georgia resident, who was abducted during a military exercise that involved a close encounter between US Army personnel and a UFO at Fort Benning, Georgia in the mid-1970's.

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