Adventures In Internet Broadcasting On Demand
The New Media Phenomenon


People around the world are flocking to web sites that offer them radio and video programming when and where they want to listen, not when or how the broadcaster wants to broadcast it. As a result, our number of listeners is growing spectacularly, with huge increases in total listeners every day, seven days a week.

Our motto is: Adventures in Internet Broadcasting for you anytime, anywhere. Digital audio and video devices account for millions of users every day. Users who want their content when they want it, on demand. 

As shown in The Projected Use of Digital Media 2004 - 2010 Report from Bridge Ratings & Research LLC, Internet Radio, and in particular wireless Internet radio and TV, are the wave of the future. 

Why Choose the Jerry Pippin Web Sites for Your Advertising Buys? Our web sites receive millions of hits per month and well over a million listeners who sample our programs on a regular basis.  We offer a unique blend of programming  that provides Internet broadcast  programming designed to appeal to upper income demographics using music, news talk elements and topics that have proven to be popular on the web,  UFO-Files, the ParaZone,  conspiracy shows and a nostalgia section that includes special Elvis pages, all of our web sites are updated on a regular basis. Content is changed daily and many hours of radio listening, backed by visuals and documentation, presented in a professional manner is our hallmark of excellence.

Hundreds of thousands of repeat visitors come to our web sites plus we continually promote to insure a steady stream of new listeners and visitors.  

These numbers continue to grow. For many people around the country, and around the world, our web sites are a destination for  entertainment and information including onsite links to the latest news, weather and sports information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. - -

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