2009 Angel Fire Paranormal Symposium
Photo Gallery 

Note from Jerry: The first annual Paranormal Symposium at Angel Fire was a fantastic event. The folks at the lodge and Janet Sailor and her crew were the best. Everyone who went with us enjoyed themselves, we tried to capture some of the ambiance in these photos and we hope you enjoy them.

Jerry Pippin 





Jerry at his booth with his daughter Lori Kapuchuck

Angel Fire Community Center

Angel Fire Symposium Lecture by Prof. Don Burleson

Official Symposium Journalist 
Larry Rimbert

Local newspaper Publisher Joe Warren

Angel Fire Mayor Larry Leahy

Angel Fire Symposium Promoter Janet Sailor

Nancy DeYoung
tells Jerry about Native American Legends

UFO Researcher Dennis Balthaser

Big Foot experts Darrel Smith & Ron Johnson

Crop Circle Expert Robert Gordon

Prof. Don Burleson, Lecturing

Noted Author, Nick Redfern

Michelle Many talks about 2012

Guy Malone, Alternative UFO Theorist

Nick Redfern & Greg Bishop Share a Table

Dee Gragg,
UFO Investigator

Naomi Horii giving reading

Rick Aragon serenades Jerry's audience

Norio Hayakawa tells about Area 51

Chuck Wade Discusses New Mexico UFO Crashes

Chuck Wade's shows pieces of UFO recovered  (Click photo to enlarge)

Niara Isley, Military UFO Witness

Cynthia Crawford says She is a Tall White ET

Carolyn Fahlenkamp, UFO conference attendee

Donna Holman, Angel Fire Businesswoman

Don Burleson alks about UFO research

Angel Fire's Guardian

Early September Snow

Joe Warren

Steve Ponio
tells about his night in a haunted hotel

Alien & Attendee from Indiana