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Kevin invited Jerry onto his show to break the format of Paranormal Mysteries to discuss the Occupy Wall Street movement. Both men are dedicated to getting the real stories out about what is happening in the US- This discussion covers Police Brutality, Courts protecting money interest over Justice for the People, Political and Corporate Elite, wide income disparity, 9-11 falsehoods, Conservative Politics and many other wide ranging subjects. Alternative information and facts presented for 90 minutes in this show (originally broadcast November 1, 2011 on
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Jerry talks with Kevin Cook who went to a protestant seminary and then later in life converted to Catholicism- Kevin has a life-long pursuit of apparitions and other so-called miracle sightings of the Virgin Mary and even Jesus Christ. They talk about his book, "Marian Apparitions Are Real!" and several incidents of sightings over the years from 40 AD until last year in various parts of the world, even in upstate New York. Cook presents a compelling story about his research in this in-depth interview with Jerry. MP3 Running time: 55 min, 41 sec
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