MUFON Under Siege?
40-Year Organization Object of Dirty Tricks from USG?

Interim Board Members named - No vote allowed by members (8:00 p.m. Irvine, California, July 30, 2011) - Sources tell the Jerry Pippin Show that MUFON symposium in Irvine, California- The board rejects the request for members to be able to vote on the Board of Directors- Clifford Clift has made three placements on the board by new people, serving an interim term of one year, they are Dave MacDonald, SD of Kentucky, (,  John Ventre, SD of PA,WV, & DE (, and Debbie Ziegelmeyer, SD of Missouri

MUFON Under Siege, the series continues. Jerry talks with Chase Kloetzke, who was given the job as Star Team Manager after the contract with Bigelow Aero Space expired. Chase was a a happy camper then things started to crumble before her eyes. In an effort to find out why she was so up beat in a previous interview with Jerry and then abruptly left MUFON, Jerry does this probing interview where she reveals a strange series of events with upper level managers of the UFO organization that resulted in her complete disillusionment. Is there an effort by some inside the world's leading UFO investigative organization to disrupt and stop the admirable work of MUFON investigations? Listen and make up your own mind:
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Elaine Douglass was a 25-year member of MUFON and state director for Utah when she was removed by International Director Clifford Clift. She organized a group who thought that all of these events were suspect and they launched an organization to reform.

James Clarkson was with MUFON for 25 years, in this interview he tells Jerry why he left in January - CLICK HERE

MUFON including asking that the MUFON membership be able to vote on who is on the board of directors. In this program Elaine lays out some of the things she has discovered about the UFO organization and she reveals some incidents, names of people who have tried to prevent release of some UFO material to the public and other items on why she believes MUFON has been compromised and has become a tool of the US Government. (Interview recorded July 16, 2011) Related LInks   &   Reform MUFON Forum  
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In PART TWO Elaine Douglass reveals information she has that one of the Board of Directors has taken money to make sure a case disappeared, notes that Robert Bigelow bought Brian Vike's UFO reporting business after the deal with MUFON fell through.
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In PART THREE Elaine discusses some of the personalities in MUFON's upper levels of management and reveals information that she believes is true that shows some of the fast track investigations go straight to one of the alphabet agencies of the US Government and she believes certain people in MUFON are aware of it. 
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Clifford Clift took phone calls and chat room questions last night (July 11, 2011) on Jerry's show on Inception radio with Jamie Havican. CLICK HERE for the archive of this show. 
Monday night, July 11, 2011 - Clifford Clift was a live guest on Jerry's show with UPN's Joe Montaldo as co-host. Chase's abridged interview is featured before the live appearance by International Director Clifford Clift is presented- For the archived version of last night's show CLICK HERE

Note from Jerry - Friday night, July 8, 2011-   I really had hoped not to do any more shows about the inner workings of MUFON, a 40 year old,  gigantic organization that was formed for the scientific investigations of UFOs; however, this will not be the case. MUFON is having its symposium this year at the end of the month in Irvine, California. A look at the line up shows a strong line up of speakers and investigators including Story Musgrove, a former astronaut with some unusual opinions about space travel, our trip to the moon and the UFO phenomenon. Others speaking include Linda Moulton Howe and George Filer, both of whom I respect immensely.
With the unrest in the organization caused by sudden departures of key people, charges that investigations seem to find their way into a black hole, that some of the investigations are compromised by outside forces who seem to know about every report filed and the Committee for the Reform of MUFON calling for the board of directors to be elected or affirmed by the membership and suddenly a claim that the Star Team concept is not new but has been around for years; we thought it was time to do a series of shows on the inner workings of the organization AGAIN. 

Over the next few days we will be doing a series of live and on demand programs with major players in the UFO field including the International Director himself, Clifford Clift. On Monday night July 11, we will do two live interviews with Clift, the first one will be on the Inception Radio Network at 7:00 Eastern and the second interview will start at 8:45 Eastern on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network. We will take phone calls on both shows. In addition, on Wednesday night we will have a wrap up of what has developed since our investigative series started with an audio stream from featuring new material as well as an overview of what we have learned. This program will begin at 6:00 p.m. Eastern and go to 8:00 that night, July 13th. 
On our own web site we will have these programs available on demand plus some other shows especially designed for our audience on the subject.  We wish MUFON good luck in riding out the storm and unfortunately we have come to the conclusion that much of this disruption could have been avoided with more care and thought from the Board of Directors of the organization. Listen to these shows and decide for yourself, we have no agenda here only shining the light of truth of the operation. After all was not MUFON created for the public to know the truth?    

The following interview was recorded February 10, 2011. A New Development in UFO Reporting has been Started by MUFON, involving its own members and no outside sources for the investigations. Chase Kloetzke, Deputy Director of Investigation and Star Team Manager talks to Jerry in detail about how it is structured, what agreements are required to be a Star Team Member, and examples of such cases which have involved close encounters with small alien beings in Tennessee, some outside obstruction of the investigation by what is assumed the US government  in Florida. The discussion concerns membership, training, and other information as MUFON is expanding this area of its investigative team and is actively soliciting members.  (This interview was recorded February 10, 2011.)
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Clifford Clift Interview Part 2 - Cifford tells the details between MUFON and the Robert Bigelow organization in Las Vegas and explains when the agreement ended. He discusses what MUFON has done to replace this rapid response team offered by BAASS and talks about what has happened in cases being investigated in the past year including an encounter with a 3-and-a-half foot tall ET. Then the discussion focuses in on whether or not there is an effort by USG agencies to destroy MUFON.

(This interview recorded February 4, 2011)
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Part 1 - Clifford Clift,International Director for MUFON talks with Jerry about why there has been a shake up in several State Director's positions. He candidly goes down the list and gives his side to the story.

James Carrion was the International Director of MUFON before Clifford Clift.  During his tenure an agreement was signed BAASS an aerospace company involved in developing commercial space travel. In this program Carrion discusses openly with Jerry some details in the agreement and some of the events when this contract was in effect. He tells why it was discontinued. He also goes into detail about why he thinks there is influence on the MUFON board and their operation of the UFO reporting organization. The influence he says is from the US Government. He also tells why he has gone public and tells Jerry what he wants to happen with MUFON.

(This program recorded February 7, 2011)
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CLICK HERE to read James's latest blog entry, Sex, Lies, & Audiotape

Several State Directors for MUFON have been replaced by International Director Clifford Clift- Jerry talks to two of them about their situations and gets their response to what Clift told Jerry about his side of the story in an earlier interview available on this page. Leslie Varnicle was active in MUFON for four decades. In this interview discussion about the rapid response policy of MUFON is discussed in detail including a caller who is a member of that group from Florida. Evidently the State Directors were not allowed to know what the teams were doing and what they were investigating. Then Jerry talks with Marilyn Carlson former director of the Oklahoma unit. She has joined another organization that has been formed by Ken Cherry, former Texas Director of MUFON.
(Interview from Jerry's Program on February 7, 2011 at )
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Previous interviews over the years with International Directors of MUFON:

February 19, 2010 - Clifford Clift tells Jerry about his career, incidents that got him interested in UFOs, some of the events at MUFON and finishes with an interesting and intriguing story of how the US Government is still monitoring UFO reports and actually sending people to investigate certain incidents ahead of MUFON investigators and how MUFON is making efforts to get more disclosure of UFO reports from the US government as well as expanding its inquiries into paranormal experiences as well as just sightings reports.
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July 2009 - James Carrion, International Director of the organization joins Jerry in a frank discussion about Roswell and the entire UFO phenomena.
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August 6, 2007 - Jerry's pre-conference interview with new MUFON International Director, James CarrionCarrion talks to Jerry about each of the presentations, as well as some general information about MUFON. This is the 38th annual symposium, and it is the first one under the helm of Carrion. He also covers some of his personal investigations over the past year.
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July 7, 2005 - Jerry's pre-conference interview with John F. Schuessler, MUFON International Director and Founding Member.
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