June 16 - 17, 2012
Sacramento, California

Jerry talks with Anthony Sanchez about last minute news on the upcoming UFO and Paranormal Summit being held in Sacramento this weekend (June 16 and 17).
Running time: 12 minutes, 46 seconds

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Anthony F. Sanchez is producing the UFO and Paranormal Summit in Sacramento June 16 & 17, 2012. Monday night (April 16, 2012), Sanchez did a special program for the Jerry Pippin Show where he presented a panel discussion with some of the speakers who will be at the conference. Scotty Roberts, Micah Hanks, Jay Weidner, David Weatherly, Lyle Blackburn and Ed Grimsley join Sanchez in a spirited and detailed discussion of such subjects as Big Foot, Planet X, Biblical references to ETs, HAARP, and whether or not there is an ongoing battle between UFOs happening. Details about the conference also are discussed.

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Jerry talks with Anthony Sanchez about the upcoming UFO - Paranormal Summit scheduled  for June 16 & 17, 2012. In this interview, first broadcast on the Inception Radio Network on March 19, 2012, Anthony gives a run down of the featured speakers and events to be held that weekend in Sacramento, California. Sanchez tells Jerry why he decided to host the conference and then the discussion turns to his investigations into Dulce and Area 51, for his best selling book, UFO Highway plus a preview of his two next upcoming book projects. Was Anthony a victim of a biological attack while in Dulce? Anthony gives more details of the mysterious illness he contracted while in New Mexico.

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