Karyn Dolan

At the 2010 ASPE Symposium in Angel Fire, New Mexico, Karyn Dolan, radio personality and investigator talks about her latest activities.

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The Dolans are featured in this hour direct from Roswell. Karyn and Richard Dolan appear at UFO conferences together and separately. Rich has just finished his second volume of UFOs and the National Security State and the discussion with them on this program covered some of the subject matter in the new book but also centered on Karyn's interest in the Paranormal and even a good section of the show covered the 9-11 conspiracy and they agree with Jerry that it is not exactly the way the official story goes. (This program recorded July, 2009)

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(Photo by ufogeek.com)

At the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival, talks about her current career as a talk show host on the Paranormal Radio Network and about her husband Richard Dolan, who is one of the top UFO researchers. This little chit chat about ghosts and UFOs between radio show hosts is fun listening.

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