She lived in the shadows- a link between us and them

Susan Lindauer is our guest for this program that will open eyes about the 9-11 event. She knows it was an inside job because she was a back channel for negotiations between the Bush administration and IRAQ prior to 9-11.  This is first appearance of several she will be making on this series of conspiracy programs Susan speaks forthrightly about her experiences and associations with people in the Bush Administration including her cousin Andrew Card. Her background as a journalist allowed her to enter the world of state secrets because of her uncovering sensitive information about the first bombing of the World Trade Center in the 90s. She reveals that her CIA handler was paid off with millions of dollars to keep quiet about the unholy alliance between the Bush Administration and the neo con government of Israel.

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Recently the Patriot Act was extended until 2015. Susan Lindauer, who has been on the receiving end of this legislation, in a mean-spirited blatant attempt to keep her from telling what she knows about the back room deals made with key players that has resulted in a War in Iraq under false pretenses, scapegoating other Arab countries, and what some of those in power in our government did on September 11, 2001. CLICK HERE to read her take on the Patriot  Act, those who passed it, and what we can do about it. 

Osama bin Laden - His history on video

UPDATE on 911 - May 2, 2011 -
The National Institute of Standards and Technology  has supplied a massive quantity - over 120,000 files and numerous videos and documents in response to two FOIA requests it received in 2008 regarding the World Trade Center disaster.

NIST is still in the process of supplying rolling releases. These materials have, in general, not been made available online or elsewhere.

You can ask NIST for a copy of the files, images, videos and documents released to date to the Gennet, Kallmann law firm in FOIA request 09-15. Since these records have already been retrieved and reviewed, charges should be limited to duplication costs only.  You might wish to specify receiving the files on a hard drive given the large number of images and files available.
You can ask NIST for an electronic copy of the records provided to Cleary Gottlieb in request 09-13 if you wish.
The primary request was number 09-15 and the following notes apply primarily to that NIST FOIA request number.
(Information supplied by
Michael Ravnitzky)

Henrik Stigell