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 Culture of Contact Art Show

"Mythology Is Reality" is a multimedia exhibition at Hoboken's Monroe Arts Center from October 10 through November 11. The exhibit features art in a variety of media that is inspired by contact with extraterrestrial life, much of it by people who have experienced this phenomenon first hand. Far from being a fringe exhibit, "Mythology Is Reality" features works by professional artists (with credits including MoMA and NASA). You'll also find Hollywood set pieces, amateur (and child) alien abductee memories and related stories by the artists that you can read and share.  

Farah Yurdozu will be doing direct reports from this conference. Come back often.

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David Huggins
New Jersey Abductee  and artist

Ken Vallerio

Marc Brinkerhoff

Melissa Reed




Post Event Coverage
2007 Event Slide Show

for Farah Yurdozu's post event report.

The Grey  Alien face used in the movie Communion

Bill and Nancy Birnes -
UFO Magazine Publishers

Steve Bassett -
Disclosure and Exopolitics Activist

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