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April 13 -15, 2012, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Program Three - Wendelle Stevens discusses his encounter with a top secret operative of the US government who worked at S-2 in Nevada. The man was exposed to a strange ailment that killed him within months of meeting Stevens. The man believed they were killing him on purpose because of his knowledge of secret projects which included a space base on another planet, and 18 assassinations carried out by this man as ordered by a secret agency of the United States. In the second part of the show, Jerry visits with a member of the SUI team put together by Ted Phillips. Adam Johnson in a follow up from the previous show in this series of programs from Eureka Springs talks about the Marley Woods incidents. Related Link:
  MP3 - Running time: 53 minutes - Windows media Part 1,Windows media Part 2

Program Two - Ted Phillips has been investigating UFOs since the early days of Project Bluebook with Professor Allen Hynek. In this interview recorded in Eureka Springs at the Inn of the Ozarks, Ted tells Jerry about how he became involved with Hynek and discusses his new five member SUI team which is poised to investigate sights and UFO events much like a Ghost Busters crew from the movies using technology and experience. In this program Phillips discusses more about Project Moonbeam, which involves a World War II story of a man hiding deep inside a cave in Slovakia after escaping a Nazi concentration camp and finding a huge monolith deep underground that emits some sort of signal and is made up of an unknown substance.  Phillips also discusses several New Mexico UFO/ET events. Related Link:    MP3 - Running time: 56 minutes, 24 seconds - Windows media Part 1, Windows media Part 2

Program One - In this program Jerry talks with Illinois MUFON field director Sam Maranto about his investigation of a strange creature reported in the trees in rural Wisconsin and other events concerning a family who may have had ET contact including some trace evidence of substances indicating possible abductions that have shown up under black light conditions. Then Paul Von Ward discusses ancient mysteries in connection with possible ET/UFO contact from the beginning of time here on Earth.
 MP3 - Running time: 49 minutes, 13 seconds - Windows media Part 1, Windows media Part 2

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