George Erikson 
Uncovering the Mysteries of the Pre-Columbian Age in the Americas

Interview with Jerry


Jerry interviews anthropologist and author, George Erikson. George's new book and his theories on the demise of the Atlantean Civilization, some 11,000 years ago, and the mythology and cultural legacies that were left in the aftermath of a series of catastrophes, which included massive rises in sea levels of over 300 feet and giant tsunamis that marked the end of the last Ice Age. George's research, along with that of Professor Ivar Zapp of the University of Costa Rica, seem to finally have uncovered conclusive evidence that Atlantis actually existed and is the basis for much of mankind's post flood and current civilizations. Will the cycle of destruction return again in 2012 and result in the end of our civilization? Listen to this provocative but intelligent discussion.

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Erickson is the coauthor of Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World (with Professor Ivar Zapp of the University of Costa Rica). As an anthropologist he has published several important works in oral traditions of pre-Columbian Mesoamericans including the highly acclaimed Maria Sabina: Her Life & Chants (Ross-Erikson, 1981). "For authenticity this oral autobiography of 80-year-old Mazatec Shaman Maria Sabina puts Castaneda's Don Juan to shame." - Los Angeles Times.

Professors Zapp and Erickson believe that in Atlantis In America (AUP, 1998) they present evidence of stone structures that reenact myths of destruction and foundation. Colin Wilson, author of the world-wide bestseller The Outsider commented, "Groundbreaking. Remarkable. Manna from heaven!" Colin and his coauthor Rand Flem-Ath devoted most of Chapter Six of their recent The Atlantis Blueprint (Delacorte, 2001) to Prof. Zapp, myself, and the spheres of Costa Rica.

Andrew Collins, author of Gateway to Atlantis (Atlantis In Cuba) and From the Ashes of Angels wrote, "...(Atlantis In America) is a cornucopia of new ideas regarding the origins of Mesoamerican civilization and the Atlantean tradition. Its clues on ancient navigation could provide vital keys in understanding trans-oceanic contact prior to the Age of Columbus."

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