Jerry Pippin Interviews
The US Psychic Detectives Team:
Gale St. John, Vikki Warren and Jim Sutterfield.

In this program Jerry visits with three of the main characters on the former Court TV program Psychic Detectives: Gale St. John, Vicki Warren and Jim Sutterfield. Discussions range from visiting with the dead on the other side to true stories of how they have helped law enforcement agencies crack murder and missing persons cases. MP3 Running time: 1 hr, 31 min, 33 sec.
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Gale St. John is one of the better known psychic detectives in the world today. In this interview various paranormal subjects are covered, plus some true life stories from Gale about how she has helped solve crimes around the world.

This interview with Vicki Warren covers a discussion of who has psychic ability and who does not, plus she expresses her feelings about life after death.

Jim Sutterfield tells Jerry about some of the cases he has worked with police agencies around the world, and  and a candid discussion develops about life on the other side, what happens to us when we die.

About the US Psychic Detectives Team

Gale, Vikki and Jim
have made appearances
on the following TV Shows:
Larry King Live
Psychic Detectives
(Court TV)
Psychic Witness

Gale St. John: Gale is a renowned psychic detective who has worked murder cases for the past thirty years with tremendous success. Born with her abilities, she was encouraged by her parents and grandparents to develop and progress through their spiritual faith. She has taught many seminars and classes on developing one's own ability as well as conducting personal sittings.

Gale has described the U.S.P.D. as a dream she has nurtured for over ten years, carefully searching for the right team members, and the right time to form the team. Her obsessive nature with her cases, her tenacity with the information she provides, and her fearlessness in pursuing the case to its close has made her a valuable resource to the many families and police agencies she has provided help for.

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Vicki Warren: Vicki is an internationally known Intuitive. She has conducted thousands of private sessions with clients all over the world. Born with the intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, she has the ability to provide others with life-altering information. She has assisted major metropolitan police departments on several cases. Vicki has also assisted attorneys with jury selection. She lends her insights to health practitioners and psychologists in providing them with valuable dimensions in the treatment of their patients.

In 1989, Vicki was a wife, mother, and successful businesswoman when she received a life-threatening diagnosis. Doctors claimed she had only a few months to live. At first she accepted the prognosis and manifested a textbook case of the disease - until she changed her mind. Her decision to live, coupled with her intuitive gifts, revealed the root causes of the illness and the keys to recovery. By listening to her own "inner wisdom" and honoring her "soul purpose," Vicki rejuvenated her immune system. By honoring her child within, she embarked on a path of self-discovery. The result was complete physical healing. Her journey is an inspiration.

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Jim Sutterfield: Jim is a renowned psychic medium who has appeared on various radio and television programs. First realizing his abilities at a very young age, Jim actually tried to hide from his gifts until a life altering event in 1997. Since that time, he has dedicated his life to helping others by using his abilities to bring closure to thousands of individuals and families. Working with various families, Jim has also aided them on criminal cases, helping to shed light on new evidence with minute detail. Jim currently lives in Arkansas with his wife of eighteen years and three teenage children.

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