Deryl Mitzen

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with PRS Director Deryl Mitzen and our own Producer, Farah Yurdozu.
This paranormal reality show is shown on The Learning Channel on Thursday nights at 10 PM ET.

Interview with Farah Yurdozu


Deryl Mitzen is the founder and director of The Preternatural Research Society. The goal of PRS is to help people who might have paranormal-ghost activity in their homes. He lives in a historic Victorian house in NJ, where we conducted our interview.

Since 1999 Deryl has investigated numerous homes throughout NJ and NY as well as historic buildings, haunted restaurants, and more. He has appeared on CN8, the WB11, Comcast, and many local TV stations to educate the public on paranormal investigating, and regularly gives lectures on various topics. He is sensitive to the presence of spirits, and handles most of the house cleansings when they are deemed necessary. When not handling PRS affairs, Deryl works as a teacher of autistic children as well as teaching martial arts and running a freelance web design company, Webspell Designs.

His approach to paranormal research is very contemporary and updated. He uses high technology to detect the effects of ghost activity on the material world. Deryl also works with accomplished psychics and investigators. His team also includes a historian and a policeman. You can contact Deryl at his website

News from Deryl

The New Jersey based Preternatural Research Society (PRS) was formed on May 1, 2003 in order to study all aspects of paranormal events and research. The society was founded on the idea that paranormal phenomena must be studied and experimented upon carefully using a mixture of both scientific and metaphysical techniques in order to better understand its nature. In order to apply this idea, the PRS believes that a new way of approaching the study of paranormal phenomena must be developed, since there are misconceptions and inadequacies within the currently accepted methods and techniques of paranormal research. Therefore, it is imperative that all aspects of the paranormal investigative process itself must be studied in a controlled, scientific manner in order to devise proper ways of studying phenomena. In addition to this study of investigative processes, the PRS also aims to perform on-site investigations of areas expressing paranormal behaviors, research all types of paranormal and preternatural events, and develop new theories and methods in the field of preternatural research.

for more information about the society and its team members.

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