John Kachuba
College Professor by Day, Ghost Hunter by Night


GHOST HUNTING- State By State - This is our second interview with John Kachuba. He has four books out on Ghost Hunting this year, 2008, with four slated for 2009 to be released as well. He is editing and writing some of the books on Ghost Hunting in each of the states. In addition to his books "Ghost Hunting in Illinois" and "Ghost Hunting in Ohio" he has edited two other books this year, "Ghost Hunting in New Jersey" and "Ghost Hunting in Virginia." John tells Jerry n this interview about this series of books, a travel book of ghostly sites in each of these states. The project will cover all 50 states with about four books coming out each year. 
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This program features ghost stories from the heartland of the United States. Jerry has a wide ranging discussion about the supernatural with John Kachuba, college professor by day and ghost hunter by night. Kachuba is writing a series of ghost stories and investigations with two books about the supernatural, one featuring hauntings in Illinois and the other in Ohio. Windows Media

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