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Rob's Interview with Ellen Kimball


Ellen Kimball, of Golden Hours Radio in Portland, Oregon, talks with Rod C. Davis about his spiritual, supernatural, paranormal and ET experiences, and the nine extraterrestrial messages received via radio telescope in 1995.

Ellen Kimball is a creative, dynamic woman with many years of broadcasting, marketing, public relations, advertising, copywriting, sales and account management experience. She has been affiliated with such outstanding companies as Oregon Public Broadcasting, Bristol-Myers Squibb, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), McCann-Erickson Advertising, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), LoJack Corporation, and Norman, Craig & Kummel Advertising, as well as several major market radio and TV stations.

Chosen as a television co-host of a daily, live Miami children’s show in her freshman year of college, Ellen worked on-air and then in TV and radio production for more than two decades. At NBC, Ellen was a commercial production assistant on the “Tonight Show” in New York, and on-air promotion supervisor at WPIX-TV. Later, she replaced Larry King as an overnight radio talk show host on Miami’s WIOD-AM. Ellen was then selected as the first woman with a full-time daily radio talk show on Boston’s WEEI-AM, a CBS-owned-and-operated station and later on WMEX-AM. Ellen also spent several years contributing her radio reviews on books, films and theater in both Miami and Boston.

News from Rod

Rod is a contributor to our UFO-Files Show, but he is also into the Paranormal and will be featured on the Paranormal Zone as well. Here is a communication we received on 8/26/03 from Rod:

I maintain a journal wherein I record each paranormal event as it happens. August has been a very active month, much more so than normal. The following is the journal events that have happened so far during the month.


AUGUST 2, 2003

The day started out like most of my Saturday mornings, and by 10:30 I had finished all of the chores on my agenda with the exception of one. I have several humming bird feeders hanging from the oleanders in our backyard, and two of them needed to be washed and refilled.

I use a measuring cup that my wife keeps in the center island kitchen cabinet to refill the feeders with sugar water. When I opened the door to pull out the tray, I noticed that the back right side of the tray was hanging down. When I removed it from the cabinet I saw that the back wall had warped outward and that caused the slide to fall out of the mount. It was a simple fix … I just had to move the slide in a little further.

The cabinet's front center support column was oak, and I did not want to take a chance on splitting it, so I drilled a pilot hole for the screw. Then I slipped the black Phillips head screw into the magnetic bit in my screwdriver, and set it on the white kitchen floor just to the right of me. Next I reached into the cabinet and slipped the end of the slide into the mount on the back wall. As soon as I had the slide's mounting hole lined up with the hole that I had just drilled I reached for my screwdriver, and the unexplainable had happened … the screw was not in the magnetic bit.

I checked everywhere around me, fully expecting to spot it any moment since I was looking for a black object on white tile. I searched for the better part of a minute before I asked my wife to come and help me. I explained what happened and the fact that the screw was black. She got on her hands and knees and looked over every inch of the floor before she said, "It must have bounced into the cabinet."

I told her that was not possible because I had it in the magnetic bit of my screwdriver. I said, "Maybe it could have dropped approximately one inch onto the floor, but that was highly unlikely, and if it did, a one inch drop would not create enough force for it to bounce into the cabinet." Determined to prove me wrong she took every single item out of the cabinet, and examined each one before she placed it on the counter. Once the cabinet was empty she felt around the inside and checked every nook and cranny, but there was no screw.

I removed the screw from the slide on the opposite side to match it with screws that I had in the garage. As soon as I had taken the screw out I told my wife to watch. I stuck it in the bit exactly the same way as I had with the missing screw, then I shook the screwdriver up and down several times … the screw did not drop out. My wife shook her head in disbelief and went back to the family room to finish reading the newspaper. After I finished fixing the slide I went upstairs to my office to do some paperwork.

An hour and a half later I came back downstairs to get a glass of water, and as I stepped into the kitchen I stopped dead in my tracks. The missing screw was lying on the floor exactly where it should have been. I remained in the same position and yelled for my wife to come into the kitchen. She was still in the family room, and she had heard me as I walked down the stairs and stop as soon as I entered the kitchen. As she approached the center island I told her to look on the floor where we had searched for the screw. She could not believe her eyes, and since that day we keep the screw in a candleholder on the kitchen table as phenomena memorabilia, and it's also a good conversation piece when friends drop over to play cards.

August 3, 2003

It was 04:55 and I was standing at the kitchen counter pouring water into our coffee maker. The dining room was on the opposite side of the wall that I was facing, and the doorway to it was on my right. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw a dark shadow. I turned to see what it was, and it instantly got 100% of my attention. It was much more than a shadow. I'm 6'2" tall, and when I looked up I saw shoulders and the shape of a head about two feet above me. Everything happened so fast that I don't know if the shape extended all the way to the floor or not. I watched the dark 2 dimensional shape travel about 3 feet toward the dining room before it disappeared. And I identify it as a 2 dimensional shape because it passed between the counter top and me. It was not a shadow on the wall.

The house that we live in is 12 years old, and no one had died in it. It can't be over a burial ground because our property used to be barren desert. And this was not the first time that I have seen things moving near me in this house, although it was the first time that I got a good look at it.

My office is in my home, and my computer workstation is at the far end, about 12 feet from the doorway. On the upper right side of my workstation I have storage for CD jewel cases. More times than I can count, I have seen a moving reflection in the ends of the jewel cases, and it is always moving from my right to the left toward the door. I have turned around every single time, only to find nothing there.

August 3, 2003

I had written a marketing piece and emailed it to my publisher for some feedback at 08:30. Before I sent it I ran a grammar and spell check, and spell check did not recognize the name “Roddenbury”. I checked my reference source to make sure that the spelling was correct, and then added the name to my spell check database. As a final step I printed out the document to proof read it, and since I've always had a habit of speed reading and missing one or more typos, I asked my wife to proof read it also.

About a half an hour after I sent the email, I received a response from my publisher stating that the marketing piece looked fine. However, they noted that I should check the spelling of Roddenberry; they thought that it probably should be Roddenbury.

I was dumbfounded. We had checked and rechecked that document before it was sent. I was certain that I had sent a fully edited email. My wife said that I must have accidentally sent the wrong document. I told her no way. We marched into my office together, each ready to prove the other wrong.

I logged onto my email and opened "Mail Sent", and then opened the document that I had sent to my publisher. The document that I sent had Roddenbury in it, NOT Roddenberry. I suppose it's possible that someone intercepted my email and changed "bury" to "berry", but why? It's also possible that the Internet Provider had a glitch in its system, and that caused it, but why only that word? And it is also possible that my publisher was playing with me, but to what end? They've never done it before, or since.

August 7, 2003

An urgent call to nature woke me up out of a very sound sleep at 01:00, and when I got back into bed I was wide-awake. I hate nights like that because I know that I'll be awake for at least an hour, and usually much longer. I believe it was somewhere around 01:30 (I think that was the right time because I had recently looked at the clock and it had been 01:25) that I saw a white object (my eyes were closed) floating into my vision from the right side. When it reached the center it made a left hand turn and continued to move in a straight line toward me. Just as I thought that it was going to hit me in the eyes it kind of melted. Then a white object that was shaped differently also drifted out from the right toward the center, and it simply disappeared when it got there. The moment that it disappeared another object appeared just to the right of center, and after a few seconds it exploded. And immediately after it had exploded a dark shadow filled the entire left third of my field of vision for 2 or 3 seconds before the whole process started over again. Each time that the process repeated itself, the objects continued to appear and disappear in the same order as when they first appeared.

Each time the visions appeared they became a little clearer, and eventually I was able to make out a face in the first white object. Before the visions ended I was able to clearly see its eyes, nose and mouth, but no features, and the eyes were kind of like black holes.

When the second object took shape, it looked exactly like a flying saucer. It was darker at the top than it was at the bottom. The top was gray, while the bottom half was like a grayish white, and as it traveled from the top to bottom, the gray color faded more and more.

The third object finally got to a point where I could see long spikes of different lengths radiating out from it just before it exploded in a blinding flash of light.

The dark shadow at the left third of my vision got to the point that it looked like a perpendicular ocean with giant spiked (in varying heights) rolling waves, from top to bottom. There was one exception. Somewhere in the middle of the repeating visions, a hideous face burst out from the left to the right and stopped almost where the object had exploded. The face was huge. It took up the entire left third of my line of sight, from top to bottom, while the other objects took up maybe a 10th of the area of my vision. As the face extended out to the right it developed something that looked similar to a snout, and when its mouth opened I saw canine like fangs. The second that it slammed its mouth shut it too disappeared and the visions began another repeat performance.

August 14, and on, 2003

I went to bed at 21:00, and my wife had stayed up to watch TV. I had been in bed for just a couple of minutes when it felt like something had jumped onto the foot of the bed on my wife's side. I was lying on my right side facing my side of the bed. I looked back over my left shoulder to see what was going on, but nothing was there. And that was not a surprise since we don't have any pets. I laid my head back on the pillow and as soon as I did I felt footsteps come toward me from the spot where I had felt the "thump". I did not look back again, but I was not afraid. I was very interested in knowing what would happen next.

The movement stopped, and a few seconds later I felt this warm pressure on the lower part of my legs and ankles. At first the pressure was light, and as time passed by it got heavier and heavier, but not uncomfortably so. I could feel whatever it was move occasionally, and sometimes it seemed that I could feel it breathing. I developed the distinct impression that it was a large dog curled up on my legs. Then I began to hope that my wife would come to bed soon. I wanted to describe to her everything that I was experiencing before it stopped.

At 22:00 I heard her coming up the stairs, and I had not moved very much during the hour that had passed by, simply because I was afraid that whatever was on me would go away. As soon as my wife walked in the bedroom I told her what had been going on. She walked to the foot of the bed and ran her hand over my legs, from my feet to my knees, and she held her hand approximately two inches above the covers. As soon as she did that, whatever it was disappeared.

I quickly fell asleep, and at 23:00 hours something jabbed into my abdomen just below my rib cage on the right side. It felt like fingers on hand, rigidly extended, and it instantly brought me out of a very deep sleep to wide awake. It was a very hard and fast push, and it felt like it was trying to penetrate all the way to my back. The air was involuntarily forced out of my lungs, and I heard myself make a loud hmfffffff. The sound woke my wife. She bolted to a sitting position and asked me if I was okay. As quick as the event began, it ended, and both of us fell right back to sleep. And that is highly unusual for both of us. Once something wakes us from a deep sleep, we usually have a very difficult time getting back to sleep.

The very next night I felt the same pressure on my lower legs and ankles once again, and I felt the same warmth and movements. Neither my wife nor I felt it jump on the bed as I had the night before. I began to describe to my wife the movements and degree of heaviness that I felt on me, and she got the impression that I was complaining about it. So she said, "Why don't you tell it to go away?"

I let her know that I didn't want it to go away, and I emptied my mind in an attempt to communicate with whatever it was. I don't know how long it stayed this time. I fell asleep and when I woke at midnight it was gone. I had expected to be rudely awakened again with a sharp jab in the stomach, but that event never occurred again.

This presence comes regularly, but not every night. Even if I'm in bed alone I no longer feel it jump on the bed. It's like something out of the clear blue gently settles on my lower legs and ankles, and it's always in the same spot. After I feel the initial weight, as time goes by it keeps getting heavier until it reaches a certain pressure on me, and then it doesn't change. It is the same ultimate pressure each time, and I equate the evenly distributed weight as being equal to a 50 to 60 pound Golden Retriever.

On August 18th, my wife was in bed with me, and I told her that it was back. When I told her that the pressure had reached its final stage, she grabbed the covers, pulled them taunt and jerked them up. I was amazed when I felt them come off my legs and ankles, and the pressure on my legs and ankles never changed one bit. It was like the covers simply passed right through whatever was on me. Once I felt the covers settle back onto me I tried emptying my mind to communicate with it again. But once again I fell asleep, and when I woke it was gone.

It is now August 25th, and the presence has been with me almost every night since the 18th, and one night it was on me two times, at 21:00, and again at 03:30. I still have had no luck in trying to communicate with it.

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