Patrick Heron 
Ancient Biblical Text- Giants, Pyramids and UFOs


Patrick Heron Discusses the End Times - Patrick Heron has made a life of studying the Bible, Ancient Text and secular sources and in this interview from his native Ireland, he has a spirited in depth interview with Jerry on ancient prophecies.  In the show he quotes scriptures,  “…wars, rumors of war, famines, earthquakes, diseases, and nations in perplexity...,” as foretold in the Book of Revelations. He has an interesting hypothesis about ancient mysteries and how they may be more literal than we would believed.
  MP3 Running time: 56 minutes, 13 seconds.  Windows Media Version Part 1 Windows Media Version Part 2

CLICK HERE to hear Jerry's interview with Patrick, direct from the 2007 International UFO Conference and Film Festival in Laughlin, Nevada.

In the following interview, Patrick Heron tells Jerry about the secrets of the Pyramids in Egypt. Heron has been a student of prophecy and was raised in Ireland as a Catholic. He now says he is now more spiritual, and Jerry challenges him on some of his religious viewpoints and explores in detail the "secrets" of the ancients, according to Heron.

Patrick's website:

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