Norman Ober

Norman Ober died July 31, 2008 after complications following heart surgery.


Interview with Jerry

Jerry interviews Norman Ober, author of the new book Anita's Heaven, in which Norman describes how he came to communicate with his deceased wife. Norman Ober has had a long and varied career as a broadcaster, script writer and editor, and author of books.

He tells a remarkable story of a long marriage sadly ended by the passing of his wife, and its resumption of sorts, when Norman discovered he could channel messages from Anita on the other side. Listen to her description of Heaven, God's plan for the universe, and the meaning of Good and Evil.

Listen to Ober describe the transformation of his relationship with his departed wife through hundreds of communications both tender and informative. What is it like in Heaven? Do they make love in Heaven? And how's the weather? Learn what plan God and His helpers have in store for us in the near future. A searching and eye-opening interview.

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About the Author

Approaching 88, Norman Ober tells a touching true love story that his late wife's death never ended. He finished the book thirteen years after Anita's channeled letters began. Meeting deadlines all his professional life, now retired, he decided to give "Anita's Heaven" as much time it needed - and did.

The Introduction and flashbacks in italics tell Anita and Norman's stories, how she changed him in afterlife from an atheist to a deist -- and how her channeled letters in time stirred, exposed and uprooted hatred simmering in him since boyhood.

He says “the only bad thing Anita ever did in our 47 year marriage was to die of cancer in 1990. This is her book, based on over 3000 letters from heaven. You can learn about our continuing love story, an entirely true account of the life she privileged me to have and the awesome afterlife she shares with me to this day. "Anita’s Heaven," describes in her words a fabulous realm of love, pleasure, everyday miracles and everyday activity between lives where neither hatred nor castles in the air exist."

Norman began work at twelve in Boston, delivering Sunday papers by bike, writing for “The Latin School Register” acting in school productions and later directing and acting in stage plays and portraying mostly villains with a group of actors adapting popular plays and books for presentation on WEEI, Boston.

He moved to New York City where his first professional job was puppeteer, actor and writer with a road show. Five years later he met Anita. It was love at first sight. He gave up marionettes for Manhattan to be close to Anita. Learning dialects and how to change his voices for marionette characters, he brought the knack to network radio and hung on until World War II, when he entered the Navy and married Anita. Three years later, the birth throes of television, where every voice had to come from a different face, turned him from acting to writing network radio dramas and magazine fiction and articles.

His first postwar job was writing broadcast promotion at WCBS Radio. He moved up the ladder in twenty five years at CBS, then held management positions with several other organizations...some are mentioned in the book. Meet the Obers and open your heart to their channeled letters. See what they reveal about the ultimate travel destination of all people who die in all worlds.

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