James M. Fedak, Sr. talks with Rod C. Davis about a near-death experience he had 26 years ago.  Rod is a paranormal writer and investigator and is special correspondent for the Jerry Pippin Show.  (recorded July 2009):
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Feb. 13, 2009, Wesley H. Bateman,  pioneer in the UFO research field, passed away.  A PhD in mathematics, Bateman was one of the originators of the ideas of wormholes, warp-drive and cloaking devices. Writers from Star Trek attended his meetings regularly before and during the show's production years. Bateman was fascinated by the Pyramids of Egypt and developed the RA system of mathematics which he said he discovered while studying the Pyramids. Jerry talks with Bateman's long time friend, science fiction and fantasy writer Rod C. Davis about Bateman's life and work. 
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Interviews with Jerry Pippin

bulletAfter Jerry left the 2004 IUFOC conference in Laughlin, NV, he made a business stop-over in Las Vegas. It was a perfect opportunity to arrange another interview with Rod Davis. Jerry and Larry both participate in this in depth interview that touches on recent UFO reports, discussions about the content of Rod's book and his plans for two sequels, and some of Rod's personal paranormal experiences.


bulletJerry once again crossed paths with Rod Davis, who is on a national book tour promoting his latest novel, "River of Fear." Davis tells Jerry about finding a man with very unique UFO photos . Davis was attending the 2003 Ancient Earth Mysteries Conference.  CLICK HERE to listen.


bulletJerry tracked Rod Davis down on a cross country book promotion tour for his book, "River of Fear." The interview was done at the Flying J Truck Stop on I-44 just outside, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Davis talks about his experiences with the paranormal and his views on UFOS.

In part two, Rod continues the interview by telling Jerry about some paranormal experiences in Nevada.


Rod's Interview with Ellen Kimball


Ellen Kimball, of Golden Hours Radio in Portland, Oregon, talks with Rod C. Davis about his spiritual, supernatural, paranormal and ET experiences, and the nine extraterrestrial messages received via radio telescope in 1995.

Ellen Kimball is a creative, dynamic woman with many years of broadcasting, marketing, public relations, advertising, copywriting, sales and account management experience. She has been affiliated with such outstanding companies as Oregon Public Broadcasting, Bristol-Myers Squibb, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), McCann-Erickson Advertising, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), LoJack Corporation, and Norman, Craig & Kummel Advertising, as well as several major market radio and TV stations.

Chosen as a television co-host of a daily, live Miami children’s show in her freshman year of college, Ellen worked on-air and then in TV and radio production for more than two decades. At NBC, Ellen was a commercial production assistant on the “Tonight Show” in New York, and on-air promotion supervisor at WPIX-TV. Later, she replaced Larry King as an overnight radio talk show host on Miami’s WIOD-AM. Ellen was then selected as the first woman with a full-time daily radio talk show on Boston’s WEEI-AM, a CBS-owned-and-operated station and later on WMEX-AM. Ellen also spent several years contributing her radio reviews on books, films and theater in both Miami and Boston.

News from Rod

If you order from this web site, for a limited time you can save five dollars off the retail price of this exciting paranormal thriller!
CLICK HERE to order Rod's latest paranormal novel, "River of Fear," which is based upon true experiences of his family.

bulletAs a part of a recent UFO-Files weekly on demand audio report, Jerry and Larry discussed the experiences of Rod Davis, paranormal fiction writer and UFO/paranormal phenomena researcher. CLICK HERE to read the article "Time Lost," in which Rod relates his strange experiences with missing time on the streets of Las Vegas. Then, CLICK HERE to read the article "Time Lost - Continued," for an update on Rod's ongoing paranormal experiences in 2004.


bulletRod Davis, author of the paranormal mystery thriller, River of Fear, Encounters, has been on my show, "The Jerry Pippin Show", twice so far. The news about him and his book keeps rolling in.


bulletHere Is a review of "River of Fear," by Jerry Pippin: "Rod Davis knows how to spin a tale of the paranormal and make it seem like it is as real as this morning's first cup of coffee. Davis has a knack with a narrative that reaches out and touches you somewhere beneath your intellect. By the time you put down his new novel, "River of Fear" you want to check the closets and the dead lock on the front door before you go to sleep that night. If you like to feel the hair on your back rise, then prepare yourself for a trip into another world of fear and terror. This is a fast good read and strangely, after putting the book down, I still wonder if it really is fiction or fact."

Encounters, the first book in the River of Fear trilogy was previewed on the "Kimball in the City - Books and Entertainment Review Show" on Oregon PBS TV. The competition was tough, and his was one of 10 books selected from many that had been submitted. The show aired on October 13th, and Ellen Kimball's preview was excellent, but you can judge that for yourself. CLICK HERE to hear the 5 minute audio portion of the review.

In addition, we have posted the October 2003 issue of his monthly newsletter, Simply Unexplainable on our website. It contains Part 2 of stories that were in the September issue that had been contributed by Rod Davis and Wesley Bateman, plus other unexplainable and thought provoking articles by other authors and writers across the country. CLICK HERE to read a copy of Rod's monthly newsletter on UFOs and the paranormal.


As a part of a recent UFO-Files weekly on demand audio report, Jerry and Larry discussed the experiences of Rod Davis, paranormal fiction writer and UFO/paranormal phenomena researcher. CLICK HERE to read the article "Time Lost," in which Rod relates his strange experiences with missing time on the streets of Las Vegas.


CLICK HERE to read a copy of Rod's monthly newsletter on UFOs and the paranormal. September 2003 issue posted.

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