A. J. Gevaerd

Interview with Jerry Pippin

bullet In this exclusive interview recorded on 5/27/05, Jerry talks to A. J. Gevaerd about UFO Disclosure in Brazil. The Brazilian Air Force has opened up its secret files showing official investigative reports, photos and case histories of UFO encounters in that country. A. J. tells Jerry why he thinks complete disclosure will be a reality in weeks, not months or years. Actual case histories are discussed, including apparent laser weapon attacks on natives in the Amazon Jungle by saucer type craft and the draining of blood from slain human victims by ETs.

Also, listen to an interview with A. J. Gevaerd conducted by Jerry Pippin and Farah Yurdozu at the March 2005 IUFOC in Laughlin, Nevada with updates from Jerry regarding the then pending announcement by A.J. regarding the Brazilian Government's updated position on UFO disclosure, which was made official and public on Sunday, 5/22/05. See the announcement below.


News from A.J.

Comdabra Building and Saucer
Headquarters of the COMDABRA

The Brazilian Air Force Presents a Video About The Meeting with UFO Researchers at its Website
By A. J. Gevaerd, editor
Brazilian UFO Magazine

The historical meeting between the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) happened on May 20 as a decisive step to establish a UFO disclosure in Brazil, was registered and is being presented in a video for download at the very military webpage: www.fab.mil.br

In this video, of 1.5 minute, there are segments filmed INSIDE the very secret Brazilian Aerospace Defense Command (Comdabra), where the UFO researchers we allowed to scrutinize classified documents of UFO sightings and detection in Brazil, but not allowed to take pictures or make any footages.

There is no record of such a thing in the UFO literature, ever.

Brazilian UFO Disclosure Update 10AM ET, 5/22/05

A. J. Gevaerd and Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Brigadier General Telles Ribeiro

From left: A. J. Gevaerd, Marco Petit, a spokesman from Comdabra,
 Rafael Cury, Roberto Beck, Fernando Ramalho and Claudeir Covo.

Friday, May 20, was an historic day for Ufology in Brazil and in the world as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), for the very first time in its history, officially receives a committee of top UFO researchers to openly discuss sightings in the country and fully exam classified UFO documents in several military facilities in Brasilia, the Federal Capital.

By doing this very important step, Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has placed Brazil in a very short list of countries whose militaries acknowledge the Ufology as a serious activity and significative effort to fully understand the nature and origin of UFOs. “We want to have all info on the subject, that is withheld by us for some decades, fully released to public, through the UFO community”, declared brigadier Telles Ribeiro, chief of Brazilian Air Force Communication Center.

CLICK HERE to see the full statement issued by A.J. Gevaerd.

CLICK HERE to see the Brazilian UFOlogy Manifesto presented to the Brazilian Air Force on 5/20/05.

CLICK HERE to see a full collection of photos from the Disclosure meeting on 5/20/05.

Brazilian UFO Disclosure Update 9PM ET, 5/20/05
Translated by Farah Yurdozu
See original communication that follows this update

Representatives of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU) had been in this friday (20) congregated in Brasilia (DF), the invitation of the Brazilian Aeronautics, to argue the access the private archives and the civil attempt of if establishing a protocol of joint inquiry between our aeronautical authorities and ufologists, with sights to the creation of a commission for this end. The ufologists J. Gevaerd, Marco Petit, Claudeir Covo, Rafael Cury, Fernando Ramalho and Robert Beck, substituting Reginaldo de Athayde, had visited the Center Integrated of Aerial Defense and Control of Air traffic (Cindacta) and Condabra (Command of Brazilian Aerial Defense).

In the occasion the related documents had had access the diverse ufológicas occurrences, proven through photos and depositions, besides knowing the systems of air traffic of such entities. "We had access the solid information and the archives referring the diverse ufológicos cases, as the Operation Plate, the Official Night of the UFOs and more than 110 photos registered for pilots of the First Aerial Command Regional Belém (Pará). In this occasion, we do not analyze with details documents, but we had free access the impressive archives on the subject," affirms Landmark Antonio Petit.

In accordance with the coordinator of campaign UFO: Freedom of Information Now and publisher of Magazine UFO J. Gevaerd, the representatives of the Aeronautics had been serious, transparent and considerate how much to the claims of the ufologists. "This was a first contact with the officers, new chances will appear and who knows in a next future will be able to establish partnerships to organize research related to Phenomenon UFO. In this meeting we had the conscience of that the Brazilian Aeronautics recognizes the Ufology and the work that the ufologists develop, being a great victory for all we. We will continue with the campaign, but the first step already was given and in briefing we will have new features ", affirmed.

The process of approach with the Brazilian Air Force (BAF) started in passed February, 10 months after the beginning of the campaign. The Aeronautics considered the lawsuit just and demonstrated disposal to talk with Brazilian the Ufological Community, through the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists, that launched the campaign and it kept it so far alive. It confers the opinion of the representatives of the CBU on the done visit to the command of the Aeronautics.

Landmark Antonio Petit - I was impressed with all the archives to which we had access. In one of them it had information on a case that occurred the airplane of the Varig, an exclusive folder of the Operation Plate with more than 130 pages with photos, certifications and documents, beyond images collected for pilots of the First Regional Aerial Command of Belém. It still has diverse referring archives to the registered ufológical events since 1954. It was incredible!

Rafael Cury - I believe that now the Brazilian Ufology reached its maturity, therefore our work was recognized for the official agencies of our country. From now, we intend to establish a partnership between Brazilian the Ufological Community and the Aeronautics to work in set aiming at the scientific clarification of such aerial phenomena. It competes to science clarifying such facts and the ufologists to alert the society and to search new information on the ufological subject.

Claudeir Covo - most interesting it was that all the representatives of the Armed Forces had been very considerate and had shown to credibility and confidence in the work that during years we develop. They had been transparent and they allowed that we had access the impressive documents, penalty that we did not have skillful time to analyze. But this was the first step of that they will come.

A. J. Geaverd’s Message About the Brazilian UFO Disclosure
Translated by Farah Yurdozu

With an immense pleasure we inform to all Brazilian Ufological Community that in a very short time we will be harvesting the fruits of our long one, exhausting but victorious campaign for the freedom of information in our country, the UFOs movement: Freedom of Information Now. Representatives of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU) will be in Brasilia (DF) on this Friday 20th, invited by the Brazilian Aeronautics, for a meeting as our military, where certain private archives will be opened and it will be tried to establish a protocol of joint inquiry between our aeronautical authorities and the civil ufologists, with sights to the creation of a commission for this end. This will be a gigantic step for all of us.

We are in countdown for this great moment of the Brazilian Ufology, dream of our ufologists has some decades, that is in ways of if carrying through after one year of intense work through editions printed and of the site of Magazine UFO. During this year, Magazine UFO received some critical reactions about the form that lead the movement, considered for ones as "unilateral" and for others, as "precipitated". We respect all the opinions and the critical ones of colleagues.

But the fact is that we always made what we find certain, with consultations to the certain people and best of all the intentions. Happily our campaign is victorious! In this year UFOs movement: Freedom of Information Now, we put together the expressive number of 36 thousand signatures, what it is a significant support to the movement. To all these friends, our perpetual gratefulness.

Our process of approach with the Brazilian Air Force (BAF) started in passed February, 10 months after the beginning of the campaign. The Aeronautics considered our lawsuit just and demonstrated disposal to talk with Brazilian the Ufológical Community, through the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists, that launched the campaign and it kept it so far alive. In the occasion, a representative of the military in looked them and offered itself to receive the ufologists to the front from the campaign, giving signals of that the BAF would go to open its archives. After some adjournments, the great meeting was marked for next day 20 to May, in Brasilia. J. Gevaerd, Landmark Petit, Claudeir Covo, Rafael Cury, Fernando Ramalho and Robert Beck, substituting Reginaldo de Athayde will go to the meeting the ufologists. The six people are these who had launched the movement for the freedom of information and keep it living creature until today (unfortunately, our co-publisher of UFO Athayde, patient after a series of surgeries, will not be able to appear).

This historical meeting was treated, in the passed Sunday, by the Istoé magazine, that published a substance the respect with participation of Gevaerd and Covo. It is everything confirmed so that the Fantastic can report our visit to Brasilia and make the covering of the meeting in its edition that will go to air in 22 of May. It is possible that other ways of the press also appear, giving bigger amplitude to this conquest. You can send your messages to editor@ufo.com.br.  But nor all the notice are positive, unhappily. The repercussion of the Istoé provoked some reactions and profits that already were waited. Between them, sadly, the manifestation of other groups and people of the Ufology, demanding of the BAF the "same treatment that Magazine UFO will have". Yes, demanding, as if the BAF was privileging or benefiting of some form the group of ufologists around Magazine UFO, or the ufologists of the CBU, in particular. However, widely it is known that since the first moment of our campaign, insistently and through more than a dozen of editions of UFO and hundreds of internal pages of our site, we have been absolutely clear how much to the character of the campaign. Our position is: any that is the results of this contact with the Aeronautics, in case that it if has limited to an only occasion or comes to be kept permanent, all the details - the exception of that our interlocutor to discriminate - will be to the disposal of the Brazilian Ufology, without restriction, monopoly or method of clipping. Our campaign is ample, democratic and represents of fact the yearnings of smashing majority of the Brazilian Ufology. We wait that the actions of these groups or people do not come to place everything to lose. Therefore, one more time, as we made at as many moments of our UFOs campaign: Freedom of Information Now, we repeat: what the CBU to obtain of the BAF goes to be opened to the all the never restrained or monopolized Brazilian Ufology and of any form.

J. Pippin Show Back
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