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Interview with Jerry Pippin

bullet Rob Kritkausky, resident of Phoenix, Arizona has had numerous sightings near his home. His home is located on the very northern edge of the city, just below a mountainous area that contains a pre-Columbian Native American ceremonial site and what appears to be a portal or energy vortex that UFOs may make use of. Rob has had numerous sightings, which began in June 2004 and continue to this day. He has videotaped many of these incidents.

Jerry and Roberta Scott, our remote producer, visited Rob in Phoenix on November 13, 2004 as he was on his way home from the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas. Jerry saw his first UFO (photo image below), as he and Roberta taped this interview with Rob at the foot of the mountain near his home. Was Jerry excited? Yes, he was, although as a seasoned professional, you would never know it.


Jerry's First UFO Sighting - 11/13/04



Jerry was introduced to Rob and first interviewed him, via phone, on one of our weekly UFO-Files Reports. The interview concerned the videotaping of this UFO (image, left) on August 19, 2004 near his home in Phoenix. We invite you to watch the video below, and then listen to the interview which follows.

The Video

Daytime view of area being videotaped

The Interview


News from Rob
Rob's web site:

The Big Picture by Rob Kritkausky



Update 9/25: Rob submitted this video taken during September 2005 from his home facing towards downtown Phoenix and South Mountain beyond. A number of UFOs seem the making quite a performance over the downtown Phoenix area.



Update 8/20/05: Rob submitted this video to the UFO-Files Show on behalf of fellow UFO videographer, Josh, who lives a number of miles north of Rob in Cave Creek, Arizona. This video was taken on June 7, 2005, looking south from Cave Creek towards the site in the hills behind Robs house that seems to be a focal point for the appearance of UFOs and other strange phenomena. Larry rates this video as an A+. Is it a large craft turning its various lights on and of in a "signaling" demonstration, a craft in motion or both? You be the judge. This is truly another dramatic example of UFO activity that continues in the skies above Phoenix.


bulletRob presents his video review of his experiences near his home in Phoenix Arizona during 2004.


bulletHere is a video example of recent sightings in December 2004 during which UFOs appear to be signaling in some way for purposes unknown.


bulletHere is a video of the strange surveillance jet aircraft the has made several passes over Rob's house and the Native American ceremonial site recently. This aircraft is mentioned in the 11-13-04 interview with Jerry Pippin posted above. Notice the extremely bright lights on the bottom of the fuselage of the plane.



On June 14th, 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona, I had the unique opportunity of filming some strange lights that appeared above our city. These lights were particularly perplexing to me, as I am quite familiar with the normal air traffic and fairly knowledgeable in the areas of Astronomy and Physics. In fact, both my occupation and interests lie in the realm of science, so I was particularly interested in finding a rational explanation for the sighting. But, these lights were sufficiently strange enough that I literally had no good explanation for what they might be.

The local airport gave me the number for an organization called NUFORC. I decided to call and ended up speaking with a surprisingly sharp fellow named Peter Davenport. Peter and I talked several times, and upon finding out I had a scientific background, he ended up asking me to look into this with a local scientist. A short time later, I heard a report that a local astronomer thought he might have seen smoke above the lights that night. I was anxious to find a rational explanation, so I weighed that information above all the other data and told Peter that this was probably going to be explained as flares.

Because my footage (view video above) was the original video that was shown and linked to by the media, I had received over a hundred e-mail reports that did not seem to fit my original theory and hinted at a more dynamic and inexplicable source for these lights. It would seem from the e-mails I received, that the lights had been popping up during the previous few months prior to my June 14th sighting, and were not restricted to evening sightings.

I decided to take a closer look into this phenomenon and found the reports and videos by other witnesses to be extremely fascinating, and they were, in fact, contradictory to my original theory. My efforts have not been rewarded by plausible explanations, and my successes can best be described as an important and rare documenting of the strange and unfamiliar. While this is frustrating, the scientist in me has been very intrigued and motivated by the data that this strange phenomenon has produced. While I have declined interviews and shied away from publicity concerning my sighting, I now see an important need to facilitate interest in these events in hopes of attracting scientists with superior tools and intellect, so that we can understand and learn from this phenomenon that is still occurring now and is free to be observed by anyone who wishes to do so.

All this being said, my position is probably one that the field of UFOlogy is unaccustomed to, as I have a sincere hope that these events have a terrestrial explanation....ideally one of an unconventional nature resulting in some new discoveries or insight into how this world...this reality is constructed. However, my hopes do not change the fact that the data is hinting at a more "unfamiliar" explanation.

To this day, I still remain skeptical about the origin of the lights that appeared on June 14th, as they still may turn out to be some "next generation" flares. It is the other footage that is much harder to explain via those means, like the lights that showed up right over the site we had been observing and focusing on the prior week. This footage (see video featured above) was shot on August 19, 2004 in about 30 mph winds, yet it holds its shape and seems to have structure when examined closely. It also appears over town and not on a bombing range.  

I must admit that I am still struggling to understand, accept and even admit to the things that I have recently seen and experienced myself, so you can imagine the skepticism I still have for others who offer unconventional ideas or talk of unfamiliar experiences. That being said, I have no problem in admitting to the following fact: it would seem reality has a much larger "unfamiliar" component than I previously imagined.


bulletBelow I have included links and info concerning some of the events centering around the site. This is the Native American ceremonial site:  Here is a video showing the magnetic anomalies associated with the site:

This is an example of one of the many instances of filming an event when I notice a beam/distortion projected toward me and comment on it. At the same time, an audio or video pop/interference shows up on the footage:

Here is footage of a light appearing from a large light spot that appeared on the desert floor behind my house some forty feet away: Daytime backdrop: Footage:

A funnel-shaped distortion/object whips around and flashes feet in front of the camera:

Lightning or discharge on a clear night over site, followed by an approaching wall of distortion:


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