Heidi Hollis

Interviews with Jerry Pippin

Heidi Hollis talks to Jerry from Wisconsin about her encounters with several ET entities. Then the discussion turns to a religious and philosophical discussion about who these ETs are and where they live.

This show was originally broadcast live in 2002 on KBIX and over the Internet. It is being posted at the request of our listeners.

News from Heidi


My initial interviews on the Jerry Pippin Show were more of an overview of my experiences in dealing with alien phenomena.  I am the author of the book called The Secret War: The Heavens Speak of the Battle ( www.Book.UFO2U.com ).  This book is the first and only book written on the topic of the Shadow People, even before anyone spoke of them even by that name.  It also speaks of the ongoing and future war between aliens on earth.

This book was published in 2001 and it has been well received worldwide.  I receive letters nearly every day from people asking for advice on the Shadow People, being that I appear to be the only expert/author out there on them.  I also receive tons of other letters for advice in general on the paranormal, holy visions, angels, and aliens. 

I began to see a pattern in the questions, and wanted to reach more people with the answers they were looking for so I started a new website at www.AlienAdvice.com.  Due to other projects that have headed my way, and the writing of my second book (that's now complete) this site has not been regularly updated.  This will soon change as my schedule is now more open, but the popularity of this site has been phenomenal along with my Shadow People site:  www.Shadows.UFO2U.com

It's my hope that I can come back on Jerry's show to help give people a small push in the right direction without too much "cult-like" talk.  I like to keep it real, and be on-the-level with any advice I give.  I try not to seem like a guru or a know-it-all, I'm just someone who's been there and done that (I've lived through a lot personally with the paranormal/aliens/Shadows) and trying to help others get through theirs...maybe I can help give the outlet some people need and come on whenever needed...if I show I can swing it on your show...fingers crossed!

To mention a bit about myself without dragging this out much further, I'm the founder of the UFO/paranormal discussion group called UFO2U ( www.UFO2U.com ) , and I've been looking into these topics for over 17 years now.  I have written for various venues including, Unknown  Magazine, UFO Magazine, Mothership Chronicles, and more. 

I have been a featured guest on various programs including the Ricki Lake Show, Steven Spielberg's Taken-Abduction Diaries (participated in Taken tour and filmed for show later edited out), Coast to Coast AM, and various radio shows.  I have been sought after to host a variety of television and radio programs, and am now aiming to bring one to life.  I have also hosted the paranormal program SETLAB Chat, with Russell Dowden.  I have even spoken across the country at various UFO conferences and Sci-Fi conventions and been involved in several movie documentaries.

I also have a degree as an Occupational Therapist, and am currently conducting a unique online survey taken from those that have experienced alien or Shadow People contact.  The findings from this survey will be produced in my third book that I will be starting shortly.

All the Best,
Heidi Hollis

Go to Heidi's web site: www.ufo2u.com.

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