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CLICK HERE to hear Jerry's interview with Jean and Richard which was recorded in 2002, when Jerry was still operating from KBIX in Muskogee, OK. Jerry and Jean discuss a sighting that she personally confirmed from a distance that occurred several years ago above a lake in northeastern Oklahoma. Then Jerry and Richard discuss Richard's book, and his own personal UFO sighting and close encounter experiences.

News from Jean and Richard

bulletRichard and Jean's commentary on the 2003 Tri-Lakes UFO Conference in Missouri:

Although we did not attend the lectures we did have a table at the conference. That enabled us to converse with several of the speakers and to get attendees responses to the talks. In all there were fourteen lectures. A positive aspect of the meetings was that we were able to renew old acquaintances, such as Stanton Friedman. Leah Haley also had a vender’s table, adjacent to ours. Leah and her husband, Mark Davenport (not attending), are very dear friends, especially so due to the likeness of our UFO experiences.

One of the most successful and highly praised lectures, was presented by, John Greenewald, Jr. He is quite young, in his 20s and that fact encouraged us oldsters due to the fact that the younger generations do have some people who are excellent investigators and researchers of the UFO phenomena. John wrote the very successful book, Beyond UFO Secrecy. The book is based on The Black Vault, as it is called, John’s collection of documents on the Internet. Using the Freedom of Information Act, he has accumulated over 100,000 UFO related items. His talk was one of the highlights of the conference. We would highly recommend him as a speaker at other conferences.

Bruce Widaman, Director of Mutual UFO Network for Missouri was also a speaker. Bruce became famous because he was able to place an initiative to combat official government secrecy concerning UFOs, on the Missouri state ballot.

Darrel Sims closely guarded a very impressive case of “implants” removed from people. The items were varied and quite fascinating. Visitors were able to get within a foot of the covered items and thus the educational value of his presence was greatly enhanced. Darrel is a full time UFO Researcher with specific interests in medical/scientific evidence (implants) of human / alien contact. He is a Certified Hypnotic Anesthesiologist and a Master Hypnotherapist. Among his many plusses, including intelligence and ability to lecture, Darrel is quite personable on a one-to-one basis.

Ted Philips also spoke. He is the founder of the Center For Physical Trace Research and is the recognized expert in physical evidence from UFO landing sites. Ted, as so few of us still alive did, worked with the eminent Dr. J. Allen Hynek, specifically concerning trace evidence research.

I (Richard) finally met Peter Davenport. The affable, outgoing gentleman, is the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, based out of Washington State. Having not met Peter before I embarked on a conversation to determine whether Peter really knew what he was talking about. His memory is acute and he possesses very impressive information concerning specific sightings and encounters. I threw a case at him where I and two Washington State investigators researched the abduction of three little girls who lived along the east side of Lake Washington, across from Seattle. Peter didn’t know of the case but he did give me a nearly complete history of the former Nike Missile Base, where we investigators wound up (and chased out) after interviewing the girls. We both look forward to future contacts with Mr. Davenport. In summary, casually speaking with a small group of gentlemen (that includes ME!), Peter declared that despite silence, the number of sightings is increasing in an almost alarming degree.

Another pleasant surprise was that FATE magazine editor, Phyllis Galde, a good friend (and sometimes my boss) and attendee of the Ozark UFO Conference, was present and we renewed our old acquaintances.

We (Jean & Richard) both were very impressed with the quality of the attendees. I don’t think I have met so many intelligent, serious people in any other conference. They were no-nonsense people. Too, they were not afraid to criticize the government and the news media for cowardice and cover-ups concerning the UFO problem. We are being visited. Richard’s hypothesis is that they, the aliens, are become more sophisticated in dealing with us humans and their technology, as is ours, is improving with time and their experiences here on and near earth.

Richard D. Seifried

A NOTE FROM JEAN: My experience at the Tri-Lakes Conference was very special. Richard has told it all better than I ever could, but there is one thing he left out that I want to tell you about. I met some very gifted people at the vendors table next to ours, Paula Boyd, Certified Reiki Master, and her protégé, Matt Stoll. For those of you unfamiliar with Reiki, in it's simplest terms it is the "art" of the laying on of hands to transmit energy to the other person for the purpose of healing. I don't know how it works, other than to say IT DOES! Matt chose to "practice" on me, and I had a near miraculous recovery from my strained back. It lasted several days. It was a wonderful reprieve from constant pain. I suspect if I could afford weekly treatments, it would keep me in pretty good shape. Anyhow, that was a first for me and worthy of comment. You can learn more about this at the following website:

I received a lot of good, helpful advice about how to "make it" in the self-publishing business from one who has done so, Leah Haley. I am constantly amazed at the quality of the people who attend these meetings. They are like extended family, so willing to share their successes and willing to help others succeed too, without hesitation. In general, the Tri-Lakes Conference was a great event, even though it was only lightly attended. It is the first time for Ted Phillips and the Museum, and though it may not be financially possible to continue to hold it each year, I feel certain that it could become very successful if given a few years to become known on a larger scale. The Museum of The Unexplained, in Reed Springs, Missouri, has a lot of fascinating artifacts from various sources. Fascinating! A serious event! If you missed it, you really missed a good one. The only way to redeem your loss is by not missing the Ozark UFO Conference in April of each year, here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


bulletJean was a former Oklahoma State MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Director for about 20 years. Richard was Ohio State Director for about 6 years and my Co-Director in Oklahoma for about 9 years. Right now I am assistant State Director for Arkansas and Assistant To the Central Regional Director, Dr. Jack Kasher, University of Nebraska. I am doing some coordination and networking with the lower 11 Central States. Also, before MUFON I did investigations for the National Investigations Committee on Ariel Phenomena (NICAP) for a few years.

Richard is also a member of the Western Writers of America and the Ozark Writers Conference. Formally trained in creative writing and historiography,  he has previously published two non-fiction books, The Administrative History of the Flathead Indian Reservation to 1890 and Native Encounters. He has written a number of novels. Information on each and instructions for ordering may be found on his web site, He has also had many articles published in popular magazines.

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