Dr. Robert Farrell

Interviews with Jerry Pippin

bullet Dr. Robert Farrell has a science fiction novel out called Alien Log. Jerry talked to Robert recently in Las Vegas where they were attending the Second Annual Crash Retrieval Conference in November 2004. In this discussion, Farrell tells about a little known crash of an UFO in Kingman, Arizona in the 1950s.



News from Robert

bulletDr. Robert E. Farrell recently retired Associate Professor Emeritus of Engineering from Penn State University. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Farrell spent eighteen years in the plastics industry designing capital machinery. This plus fifteen years as a professor of engineering led Dr. Farrell to take a scientific, nuts and bolts approach to the existence of Extra Terrestrial Life and the workings of UFOs.

For most of his life, Dr. Farrell has had a deep interest in physics, astronomy, and space travel and has stayed current in each. Ten years ago, he began doing serious research in the field of UFOs and ETs for his newly released book, Alien Log. Covering topics from cosmology and astronomy to anthropology and ancient beliefs, Alien Log will thrill and inform not only those interested in UFOlogy and Science Fiction, but also those curious about the Universe. For instance, using the currently accepted big bang theory, how does the creation of the Universe tell us that we are not alone? Also, what are the amazing similarities between what the Sumerians knew about our solar system six thousand years ago and what present day astronomers know today?

Since retiring from Penn State University, Dr. Farrell and his wife live in Peoria, Arizona where he is now working on other short stories and novels, including a sequel to Alien Log.

For more info on his book: http://www.alienlog.com

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