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The Wingmakers is a mysterious story but there is a lot of material including the music, and the information left for James to distribute. Now James has given an interview and you can hear it here CLICK HERE or scroll down for more Wingmakers interviews by Jerry on the Wingmakers phenomenon  and to hear the Wingmakers music CLICK HERE

Interviews with Jerry Pippin


11/6/04: John and Darlene Berges provided the Jerry Pippin Show with the following recorded pilot radio program: An Introduction to WingMakers. After you listen, take a look at some of the WingMakers material below, and the latest news from John.
 Listen to Part One

Listen to Part Two



12/4/04: Here are two additional 30 minute program segments from the second radio program from John and Darlene Berges: Lyricus and WingMakers: The relationship between the WingMakers (and web site) and the Lyricus Teaching Order. It is recommended that you listen to the 11/6/04 WingMakers show above first.
Listen to Part One

Listen to Part Two

In addition you can watch the video: Lyricus Grand Portal Movie that is dedicated to everyone involved in the discovery of the Grand Portal (soul), over the next 75 years.
CLICK HERE to watch. Requires the QuickTime Media Player.



John visit's Jerry in Muskogee, Oklahoma. John held a WingMakers seminar in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and stopped by to visit with Jerry and record this interview on July 20, 2004. John and Jerry discuss the facts behind the WingMakers. Are they really a super race from another planet? Or is it a superficial, but very intelligent detailed fraud? What is the real meaning behind the WingMakers site? Jerry tries to get the answers in this program.



In this June 2004 interview,
Jerry and John discuss John's involvement with the Enneagram, and his books, Sacred Vessel of the Mystery and Hidden Foundations of the Great Invocation. In the past, John held workshops, as a certified Enneagram teacher, through the Enneagram Institute. This organization focuses on providing personality type recognition and growth instruction for individuals. Although appearing somewhat similar to numerological or zodiacal based self help methodologies. It is, in fact, based on good solid psychological profiling techniques that result from taking scientifically designed profile generation questionnaires.

Johnís books concern hidden number codes in a world prayer called, The Great Invocation. These number patterns relate to ancient Egypt, Isis, Hermes, and Sirius to name a few.

Over the past few years, John has primarily focused on working with the WingMakers, and is actively engaged in public speaking programs designed to inform the public at large about the WingMakers, their art, their philosophy, their spirituality, their science and their purpose in working with Humanity.  Who are the Wingmakers and why are they trying to communicate with us? Listen to this interview and begin to understand.


CLICK HERE to view the WingMakers Lyricus Movie which introduces you to the WingMakers and the Lyricus Teaching Order. Note: This movie is meant for a large screen audience and requires the QuickTime Media Player.

The following is an audio and visual introduction to the Wingmakers music, art and poetry. We invite you to investigate further. Note: changing the images below will stop the music, so we recommend you listen and look separately.
Audio and image files © WingMakers LLC




© WingMakers LLC


© WingMakers LLC
 Click on the picture above to go to the WingMakers web site. Learn about the WingMakers and their relationship to humanity, their philosophy, their cosmology, their spirituality and their arts. 
CDs and a superb DVD, containing a complete audio/video presentation of WingMakers music, visual art and poetry, are available for purchase on this web site that is highly recommended by The Jerry Pippin Show.

News from John

John has written various articles related to the WingMakers. These are available at:, and (see Visual Glossary and WingMakers Introduction of 61 screens).

See John's web site: for further information on John, his workshops and his books or contact John at

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