Dolores Cannon

Interview with Jerry Pippin

On location producer, Roberta Scott
Post Production Editing by David Bentley

Dolores Cannon has been doing regression hypnosis for several decades, and she is recognized by the UFO community as a leader in this field. She concentrates on spiritual issues, and in this interview conducted at the 2005 Ozarks UFO Conference, she talks with Jerry about her work over the years, her many books on the subject, and UFOs and reincarnation.





News from Dolores

Dolores Cannon has been a psychic researcher and regressionist for thirty years, and accesses what she calls Universal Knowledge through her clients in the somnambulistic trance state. She has learned that there is no time. Time is simultaneous. Spacecrafts are powered by mind power and frequency is the fuel.

She says the crop circles are symbols which contain blocks of information, and that this information is downloaded into the mind for the New Earth. In addition, people are receiving symbols in their heads, which are all unique, which contain bodies of information.

ETís are healing tens of thousands of people around the world. They are extending our life spans by changing the DNA. Scientists say that some of our genes cannot be deciphered for purpose, but the ETís say that these genes are for psychic ability. This power will return to us, and we will go into fourteen-strand DNA.

The entire planet will shift into a new dimension. The Mayans shifted en masse to another dimension and their calendar showed 2012 as the time of the next shift. Catastrophic changes are happening to the Old Earth, not the New Earth. Those who are left behind in the Old Earth will have negative Karma to work out. When you make the shift, you will be put into suspended animation and wonít know you have shifted.

More about all this is to be found in her book, The Convoluted Universe, Book II . Doloresí website is:

The Convoluted Universe Book Two, Vol. 2
The book may be purchased via the website.

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