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Interview with Jerry Pippin

bulletJerry interviews New Hampshire resident, Paul Spera. Paul lives in Tilton, NH. Paul's UFO images and videos (see samples below, copyrighted by Paul Spera), and his history of repeated UFO sightings, close encounters and apparent abductions are covered in this in depth interview. Tilton has been a UFO hot spot, along with Exeter and Portsmouth, since the early 1960s, when Betty and Barney Hill near Tilton. Are Paul's' experiences part of a new twist in the UFO story in which abductees are being used to document UFO close encounters with themselves for presentation to the media? Is this more preparation for real ET/Human contact?

News from Paul

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3/10/05: Incident of 3/5/05 - Although the cold has made it difficult to do any serious sky watching on the night of March 5th, I spotted an object through the trees in my back yard sitting over the woods. It was in the northwest sky and there was a bright gold light that was pulsing and changing odd colors. It also was flashing very bright, random bursts of white light.

I began filming from a monopod, as the object slowly flew north behind the trees. I noticed it had two horizontal lights, and as I filmed, the object first lowered the front light as if bringing the nose down. It did this while continuing in a straight line. It then leveled itself, and almost immediately the front light began to rise, as if the nose was now raising. It rose to an almost perpendicular level with the back light, and then the lights once again leveled out.

The object was traveling towards my parking lot, so I ran down and was able to get a clear view. I would estimate the object to have been about 4 or 500 yards away from me and traveling at an altitude of about 300 ft. It then slowly flew out over the parking lot at one time almost hovering. It then quickly picked up speed and crossed over the road, all the while flashing several different sizes of lights all in an uneven pattern. It then came to flew into view of a tree, and right before the tree would have blocked out my view, it stopped and hovered for over 30 seconds. It had also stopped flashing. It then continued north over the football field at the high school across the street from my house.

The entire time I filmed the object, as it crossed the street, I was able to use streetlights and telephone poles for reference. As the craft continued heading north, I was able to use a street sign for reference. As the object flew over the sign it changed direction and flew backwards or in the opposite direction it was headed until I could no longer see it.

I filmed the object for over 10 minutes and the entire time the object was completely silent. I have edited the clip for time.



Here is a message from Jeffrey Morgan-Foss, who will be featured in an interview to be posted on a UFO-Files Guest Page on this site in the near future.

CLICK HERE to see the front page of the Weirs Times, a Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire regional newspaper. This is an excellent report that is continued on pages 25 and 26 of the paper (scan down the PDF document file to read. The article features, along with a great history of UFO sightings in New Hampshire, the Stinson Lake UFO photographed by Buster Hinkson. Buster fully entrusted it to me to share with researchers and responsible media after I gave it close graphical examination and found he had captured a wingless craft with a mirror like body which was not in his viewfinder when he snapped the shot.

Part of my analysis of the Stinson Lake photo is mentioned on page 26 half way down on center column. Just a couple of things: I was not working with a Maine UFO hunters group during the time and Buster Hinkson, the photographer, is from Stinson Lake near Rumney, not Bristol. Though all in all, not bad for a regional paper. One other press blooper which predates this article: There is no military base at Stinson Lake. It was closed many years ago. But, it is a likely teleportation mining location for extraterrestrial metallurgy operations. It is a remote area rich with forest, clean water, metals and gems. I have also had visions (intel) of selective mineral teleportation mining--leaves no trace and does not disturb the landscape.

Paul Spera's recent videography work is also mentioned on page 25, third paragraph. And Paul emailed me this morning to tell me about both articles. Thank you, Paul. My site is at:



On Thursday, 2/3/05 Paul was interviewed by New England Cable TV News. If you are running the Internet Explorer popup blocker or any other popup blocker, disable it to start the video and then re-enable it.

Do You Believe?

A New Hampshire man believes life from other planets is a lot closer than many might think. And, if you are curious to see if it is true, Paul Spera says all you have to do is look up. NECN’s Greg Navarro has the story.

Paul, as usual had to put up with the hype that he was somehow communicating with ETs, and two local "scientific" skeptics were recruited to debunk his videos as being airplanes - like they were there to analyze the events in person? Overall, one would rate this interview as "fair and balanced" a la FOX News. And, we thought mainstream media might be showing some intelligent interest in the subject of UFOs. Not yet. They are still waiting for a UFO to land and to capture an interview with an ET before admitting publicly that ETs are really here on Planet Earth. (Commentary by Larry Dicken)



2/4/04: Incident of 2/2/05 - During the day of February second the Concord Monitor, a local news paper, came to my house to interview me and watch some of my footage. Read the interview here. That night, I took some of the best footage I have shot to date. I had seen a small gold light out in the woods behind my house, and videotaped it for a few minutes until it went behind some trees. After reviewing the footage, I thought that it more than likely was a plane. I again looked out, and in the middle of the sky at about 1000-2000 feet was a group of gold lights with a small, flashing red light at the bottom of the group. I immediately zoomed in and was quite intimidated by the size of the object.

At first glance, it looked like two objects, but as the object flew over my head and started to bank and turn towards the west, it was clear this was one ship. After watching the footage, I noticed the clip looked like similar to footage I filmed on 9/23/04 (see my website for this sighting), in which a smaller object separates from the main craft and leads in formation. This time the object did not perform a separation. The object slowly and silently flew from the southwest directly towards me, and then it turned around and started heading back in the same direction. I would estimate the size of the object to be 300 to 400 feet across.

The images below were extracted from the video. The first three are of the approach and fly-over and the last two are of the departure.


Part one of the video is the craft flying toward and over me. Part two is the craft leaving, as I film it from behind.

Part 1

Part 2



12/28/04: Incident of 9/29/04 - Late In September, I would have the fourth opportunity to tape a triangle. I noticed something flying through the valley behind my house. It slowly traveled beneath the tree line and was very large. I began taping and it slowly rose above the trees and started heading north. As soon as I had it in view I called my girlfriend. She came out and started watching it with binoculars as it slowly flew over the cemetery down the road and said she could see the structure of the craft. We heard no sound from but dogs began barking from both sides of the neighborhood. It then started traveling towards us and I taped until I was almost blocked out by our roof and had to run down to the parking lot.

The craft was immense, it flew right over the field behind the high school and was at about 1000 feet or more and still not making a sound. I started taping for a little bit and then ran across the street into the school parking lot to get closer. There where now two objects, and after watching the tape, it clearly showed that the object separates into to different types of craft. One was odd cluster of lights and the other an obvious triangle. I was able to film both the front and the back objects in formation and separately. They again crossed over the road and for the second time began blinking lights randomly trying to mimic an airplane. After watching the film, I notice an obvious resemblance to the object or objects taken on 6/21 at 9:35 pm. Especially as the craft leaves as it completes the same circle as the other three craft had made around my house and then looks like it is once again one single craft. See my website for frame grabs.

Part 1

Part 2



12/20/04: Incident of December 17, 2004 - My girlfriend and I started sky watching early that night, and had several sightings but no luck capturing anything on camera. I decided to take a ride down the highway where UFO's were reported. After traveling north with no success, we turned around and started back south. Not far from Plymouth NH, I noticed something hovering in the eastern sky, across the highway so I pulled over. The object remained motionless until a plane started traveling towards it from the south. The object then began to slowly move away. High traffic on the highway allowed me to take only short footage, but when I analyzed this clip frame by frame it clearly shows the object changes color and strobes brightly. It also shows that the object or its lights where spinning in counterclockwise manner.

Later, the same night (December 17th), my girlfriend and I decided to turn out the lights and sky-watch through our patio door. We had several sightings earlier that evening, and were just started to get bored. As if on cue, a large cluster of lights flew in to view. It was flying southwest, and was right over our back yard. It was the same cluster of lights I had taped the night before (see 12/16 11:36 pm clip) but was much closer. It was completely silent and flying very low at about 500 feet. Soon after I began videotaping, it continued southwest until the trees started to block it out. On the video the craft can be seen flying behind the trees. For comparison, here is a video of a plane that flew over my house at between 500 to 1000 feet in altitude on 12/20/04. This occurred on the same night that I also videoed multiple UFO sightings.





12/19/04: Incident of December 16, 2004 - After getting a report of a sighting from my website on Thursday the 16th, I began keeping a closer watch on the sky, and almost immediately after I had the first sighting of what would be many sightings over the weekend. One of the most active I think I have ever seen. I went outside to scan the sky, and I saw what at first I thought where two stars in the Eastern sky at 10:36 (I forgot to fall back so the camera time is an hour ahead). At first I thought the top was a BOL slowly moving north, but after I looked closer, it was a star and the object underneath it was the one that was moving south. It was traveling high in the sky slowly and looked like a large star to the naked eye. I zoomed in and noticed a cluster of lights. I taped for quite a while as the object continued heading south. At one point it began changing intensity and color, from a white to red and yellow. I continued filming until I could no longer see the object. The craft was totally silent. It would return the next night. The footage has been edited for time.

Incident of December 17, 2004 - I first noticed this object in the southwest sky from my balcony. It appeared to be flying relatively low and was traveling east. It began going higher and then started heading north. The object was red and randomly flashed brilliant lights that seemed like a flashbulb and almost had the intensity of a lightning strike lighting up the sky as it rapidly strobed. After reviewing the footage, I noticed that the color patterns and flashing where remarkably similar to the UFO that I filmed on July 2nd. After going through frame by frame, the color changes where exactly the same as the disk. The object changed speeds as it flew over and at one point almost hovered, and then it continued forward until my neighbors houses blocked it out.



12/18/04: Incident of August 9, 2004 - My girlfriend and I where sitting out on the deck on clear warm night when I noticed a group of lights moving behind the trees directly south of our deck. It was flying east just over the trees in the valley. It was moving slowly and mad no sound. I then noticed a dog barking as the object started to rise above the tree line at the Easternmost corner of the woods in our back yard where there is a cemetery. As it came up it was clearly triangular with lights on the corners and one light underneath blinking.

Suddenly, something began what I can only describe as screaming out in the woods. My girlfriend and I where both thought it was a very creepy sound and it continued to make noise through out most of the sighting. The object was moving north and then began moving back towards us and heading west directly across the street. I ran down and taped it from the parking lot as it slowly flew right over the school. It was the third craft that completed the same exact flight path of a circle around our house.

The object's bottom light would blink constantly about once a second and then it would stop. After going through the footage frame by frame I noticed that the lights on the object changed color from white to yellow and red. Especially the blinking light on the bottom (see frame grabs below).

Part one of the video is from our back deck and the animal can clearly be heard. I asked a friend who is an avid hunter what he thought it was and he immediately said a Fishercat (photo above). It is an introduced species of weasel that flourishes in NH.

The second part of the video is taken from the parking lot facing north as the object flew over the school. In this clip the neighbors dog can also be heard barking if you listen closely. Dogs and other anmals are often disturbed when UFOs fly within their hearing range. The sounds are high or low frequencies that we do not hear, but they are irritated by the sounds. The event lasted well over 10 minutes.



12/8/04: Incident of July 2, 2004 - I was out on the deck at around 10:30 smoking a cigarette, when I noticed the same object in almost the same spot behind the trees in our yard. It was dark, and I had my camera set to auto-focus so I had a hard time getting an image, but I managed to film it for about a half minute or so before I could no longer see it.

This time I decided to wait and see if it would come up above the trees for me. About three minutes later, my patience paid off. It appeared above the end of the tree line at the eastern most point of the woods, and it flew over the cemetery at a very low altitude. Now, moving South to North, it was then blocked out by some trees, but continued on the same line until I could see it again. It flew so low that by the time it was near the neighbors house the rooftop blocked it out. It never came out from the other side of the house.

I watched to see if it would return but it never did. Here is the footage that was taken after the craft came above the trees. The craft was completely silent.


bullet 12/7/04: Incident of June 21, 2004 - I was out on my deck sky watching when I noticed what appeared to be two air craft in formation. I noticed there where no strobes so I began taping. I spotted them in the South-east sky and they where traveling north. They where in an area that most planes continue north toward a small airport in Laconia, NH. My girlfriend came out as I began to tape.

The objects where traveling slowly and never broke formation. Because they stayed in such a perfect formation and had no strobes, I thought it was unlikely that these where planes. After they crossed the road, instead of continuing north, they started coming west towards the school across the street. I followed it with the camera until our roof blocked it out.

We then went down to the parking lot and I videotaped it as it flew over the school and then back over the road. One of the lights in the formation started blinking, but only when the object seemed to be near the road. It then flew south west. This is the second craft that completed a complete circle around the house.

When I watched the tape at first, I thought it was two objects but after a closer look the two formations of light are almost exactly the same but are reversed ( see pictures). If you connect the dots so to speak, it looks like a VERY LARGE saucer or mother with a cloaking device because you could see stars between the formations. The object or objects where completely silent.

Part 1

Part 2

In addition, the video below was taken on the early evening of June 21st. It was still light out, and my girlfriend and I where out on are deck when we noticed something stobbing behind the trees in our back yard. At first, the object seemed to be stationary, but then I noticed it was slowly moving West to East so I began taping it. We heard no noise as it slowly moved through gaps in the trees. The strobbing was extremely brilliant, unlike anything I had ever seen. As it came closer to the gap in the trees, it started moving faster until I could no longer see it.

I waited for a minute or two to see if it would come up, but it didn't. I then drove down the road to an area where the skyline that the object approached is visible. This area is only about a quarter mile away. I did not see anything and after driving around, and looking I finally gave up. The object would return eleven days later.

From MUFON UFO's Summer of 2004 Briefing: A yellow orange and red blinking light moving up and down and side-to-side at 9:30 p.m. over Bow, NH (only about 20 miles from Tilton, NH) was seen on June 21,2004. The witnesses said: “The lights were not making much movement until all of a sudden it started to move up very quickly. It then started moving east still blinking until it was almost right over us. The shape could be made out as a sphere with blinking rotating lights on the sides. The rate at which it moved across the sky was incredibly fast. It soon became out of sight." (Credit: Peter Davenport at NUFORC)

This NUFORC report is direct corroborating evidence, from an independent witness, of the sighting of the same UFO video-recorded by Paul on the night of 6/21/04 at 9:07 PM ET, or possibly a second UFO, having the same appearance, in this small area of central New Hampshire at approximately the same time on the same day.


bullet12/5/04: With all the reports and interest in flying triangles I thought I would start sending you clips of the sightings of triangular type craft that I have taken this year. Here is the first in a series of videos taken this year. I will be sending all of them to you in the order they were taped.

My First Triangle Sighting On April 10th at around 9:10pm: I was out on my deck at our apartment which faces south. I first noticed the craft in the southern sky just above the tree line. It was traveling through the valley at low altitude. It then turned and started traveling south to north over the trees at the edge of our neighbors which is about 300 yards away. As I was taping, it crossed over the road still traveling north and then started coming towards me, now traveling west. I taped it until It was almost out of my field of vision, which was blocked by my roof. I then ran down to the parking lot. The craft then began blinking and slowly flew right above the Winnisquam High School. I could now see that it was a triangle. The craft was know within approximately 300 yards in front of me and flying at around 500 feet. It then slowly rotated, as seen in the video, and the front lights then became the back. It slowly flew southwest and completed a circle that went around my house. The object was very large and was completely silent. I continued taping as it flew west towards Franklin, began to speed up, and flew quickly southwest until I could no longer see it. This was the first of a series of sightings of this same type of craft. The footage has been edited for time.
Video of UFO taken in Tilton, New Hampshire on 4/10/04


bullet11/16/04: Just wanted to let you know that some strange things have been happening in the woods behind my house. I hadn't seen anymore helicopters since I last reported to you but something caught my attention Saturday night. I was going to get dinner with a friend of mine and when I got in my car I saw a very large gold light through the trees. I could see it very clearly between all of the trees even though it was on the other side of the valley and low in the woods. After looking at it for a second it shot strait up very quickly and stopped after raising about 20 to 50 feet. In less then a second it shot back down to the same spot I originally saw it and just sat there.

I then pointed it out to my friend but he could not see it from the angle he was at. He did say he saw it but that wound up being a second light. I know the woods behind my house well and although there are roads back there where you can see cars from, there is nothing but woods and river where these lights where. I began taping but they would not move. At one point another friend of mine had stopped by also so there where three other witnesses including my girlfriend. I suggested we talk to it and try and get it to go up so I started telling it to "go up".

The object responded by getting very bright. It continued to change brilliance and intensity through out the night. It seemed to move from side to side but would not fly up. I began questioning my sanity at one point because although it was very strange, It wouldn't fly again. At one point during taping it I was able to zoom in and the object seems to be shaped like a disk. One side can clearly be seen and there is a tree or trees in front of it. On the other side of the tree you can see the rest of the disk. It was a very intense light and seemed to radiate off the object.

During this segment a smaller light, again giving the appearance of a disk shape, slowly travels through the woods and can clearly be seen traveling behind the trees. It travels directly towards the larger object and seems to join it. At one point I walked down the road to see if I could get closer to it and noticed a second object at the same level of the first. After watching the tape of both objects I started to think that it might be just one. They where still there at 3 a.m. when I finally went to sleep. I still wondered if I was seeing things and if somehow my eyes played a trick on me when it shot up and down, or, maybe I was crazy.

The next night I waited patiently for dark to come. As dusk set I kept looking for lights that could have come from one of the roads, the closest being over a half mile away through thick woods. Or maybe a streetlight that I hadn't noticed. As dusk slowly turned to dark I saw absolutely nothing. Just dark woods. It was close to being totally dark so I waited for about twenty minutes and then noticed it was basically pitch black out. I walked up to my glass door and looked out hoping to either see something to explain it, or nothing to confirm it. When I looked out the window I was for lack of a better term, shocked.

There was one of the biggest Bols or orbs or whatever you want to call them sitting in the sky above the woods. This was the closest they had ever came. It was slowly moving towards me as a ran to my desk and got my camera. I did not have to zoom in much as the object started to pick up speed and as if on cue flew by a couple of stars. It cruised over my back yard and started heading north east over my neighbors yard. At this point I began talking about the lights the night before. I was watching it out of my other eye and as can be heard on the tape new what was coming next. I said "it's getting ready to leave the atmosphere" and just as if it was listening it shot off to the east at such a rate of speed that it seems to just fade out.


bullet11/23/04: Late in November I would capture the fifth triangular craft or crafts on film. I was outside video-taping a plane when I heard dogs barking. I looked up into the northwest sky and Immediately recognized the formation as the same I had taped on 9/29. I taped the rest of the sighting from my parking lot. I focused in on the formation and both the lead and rear craft as it slowly and silently flew over the school and then began crossing the road. At first neither craft had a strobe but as they began crossing the road they independently had lights that started blinking. At one point I had focused in on the larger back craft and then zoomed back out and noticed the smaller craft was gone. I then noticed it had shut it's lights off but continued blinking and had changed directions. It was now flying in the exact opposite direction and continued moving north as the larger craft flew south.


bullet11/13/04: On dozens of times I have seen what I like to call false stars, also known as BOLs or Orbs. These objects can hover in the sky and pose as stars or planets and then shoot up into the sky at unbelievable speeds. They can appear from no where and disappear just a pass. They maneuver unlike anything known to man. On several nights I have had multiple sightings and have filmed at least 4 in one night. I have captured many of these on tape and these pictures are from a recent event that happened right in my back yard. The object was sitting behind the trees slowly moving towards me. As I began filming it started slowly moving north west until over my neighbors yard. It then appears to implode and fade out. I believe it knew I was taping and flew off in the direct line I was filming it in. It was as if it knew I was taping. On the tape you can here me say "it's getting ready to leave the atmosphere" just before it shoots of and disappears. This is the closest one I've been able to film.


bullet11/11/04: I wanted to drop a line and tell you that there have been helicopters in the area for the last couple of nights. I've seen three low flying copters after dark with red lights, one stationary, one blinking in a slow pattern and NO strobes. One flew at less then 100 feet and basically buzzed my back yard. It flew right behind the trees at the edge of our property. Our house literally shook it was so loud. That's how I noticed it. At first I figured it was headed to the hospital but then the next night I saw two more, both flying at very low altitudes with the same light setup and no strobes near the highway. They went nowhere near the hospital. I'm wondering if you've heard anything about them. The weekend I shot the "Daylight Cluster" I had a sighting that Friday and saw three black unmarked copters. They where reported all over New England and there was story on Fillers Files.


bulletFrames from the 6/21/04 and 7/2/04 UFO videos taken near Paul's home in Tilton, New Hampshire.



Video of UFO taken in Tilton, New Hampshire on 7/26/04

This footage was shot on July 26th 2004 at 9:40 pm. My girlfriend and I where out on our deck. It was partly cloudy and the moon was almost full and could be seen through a gap in the clouds. We were facing south and I noticed what at first seemed to be a very bright star quite high up in the southeast sky. I then noticed It was slowly moving north and was flying in front of the clouds. I tried to get a shot of it with my camera but couldn't seem to get it in. We watched for almost a minute as I repeatedly tried to zoom in on it with the camera with no success. It then flew down to a lower altitude and began coming towards us at a faster pace. I then managed to zoom in. It was now traveling due west at around 1000 feet in altitude. The object stayed the same brilliance the entire time, was bright white in the middle and had a red hue to it around the edges. There where no strobes or any other lights visible and the craft was silent. I followed it until it flew behind a cloud that was right over the trees directly behind our house. There were also clouds behind it and at my best estimation I'd say the object was no farther than 300 yards away from us. It was about the size of a peanut held at arms length. The footage was shot with a my Sony HI8 Handycam. Both my girlfriend and myself where both very excited after this sighting because of how close this object came by us and also by the fact that it was in front of clouds proving that it couldn't be a satellite. This was one of many UFOs that I have caught on tape in 2004.



Video of UFO taken in Franklin, New Hampshire in 2003



Information about Paul and his experiences:
My name is Paul Spera and I have been experiencing paranormal phenomenon since the age of 18. It was then I had my first sighting. It happened in Mundelein IL, a northern suburb of Chicago, where I grew up, and was witnessed by thousands. I am now 36 and live in Tilton New Hampshire. I continue to have numerous sightings and also have dealt with poltergeist activity. My story is long but I'll do my best to condense it. I am a professional bartender by trade and also work as a musician and have researched paranormal activity since a young age. After having several extraordinary sightings, some witnessed by friends, and then finding it so hard to convince someone of what I saw I sought proof. I began sky-watching seriously last year and In early 2003 caught my first sighting on tape. That year I taped four sightings. They happened in Portsmouth, Concord, Penacook and eventually Franklin New Hampshire in that order. The last video taken in 2003 was the best of the year. A close daylight cluster of lights speeding across the sky. This video (see player above) was taken from my apartment in downtown Franklin NH.

I Then moved to Tilton, not far down the street from Franklin. Both towns are about 20 miles north of Concord, which is the capitol, and just south of the White Mountains. I have a deck where I live now and it faces south. At the back of my yard there are woods that run down into a valley where the Winnipesaukee River Runs. There is nothing but woods for about a mile in all directions and this has proven to be an excellent area to sky watch. There are a row of Condos On the left side of the property and storage lot for horse trailers on the right.

I have taped over forty sightings this year. So many that I still have a full two hour tape to go through and timeline. I have seen flying triangles, disks and multiple BOLs, so many that I shot six sightings in less than a two hour span on July 16th. That night alone my girlfriend and I had seven sightings. The sightings continued almost nightly during the summer of 2004 and most where caught on tape. Sometimes it seems that they are watching us. On three different occasions I have caught silent triangular craft fly completely around my house. On one occasion the triangle rotated and the back became the front. The second time there were two in perfect formation the entire time. Neither craft moved an inch away from the other the entire time almost giving you the feeling that is one very large craft. The third time it was at first a singular craft but then the front light separated from the craft and it became two. One larger triangle and a smaller craft with a group of lights unlike anything I've seen. Although most of the sightings happened at night, on two different occasions I caught UFOs on film during the day. One was the disk that I reported to your site.

On two different occasions I have caught on tape what appears to be a disk In Tilton, New Hampshire. One during the day in which a very bright strobing object flies through the valley in which the Winipisaukee River runs behind my house. The object was extremely low and made it through the gap in the trees. I did manage to tape it as it flew behind the trees bit it never came out. It was very bright and continuously strobe in an uneven pattern. I drove down the road in the direction it was flying but couldn't find it. This happened on June 2Ist. See daylight video frame images in the photo gallery above.

On July 2nd, at around 10:40 pm I saw the object again in the same spot It was sitting again in the gap of trees behind my house. I got my camera and the object again flew very low and slowly went behind the trees. By now the trees were full of leaves so I sat and waited. In a couple minutes it came up to the top of the tree-line and I began taping it. It flew south to north over the trees at the eastern most part of our neighbors yard. It again pulsed and strobe this time changing colors rapidly. Here are some pictures from the clip. Notice that the object changes brilliance and colors so fast that most of these pictures where taken from the same second on the film. The footage, although relatively short, is incredible. See nighttime video frame images in the photo gallery above.

I have captured over 40 sightings on film in the last year, most in my back yard. The other daylight footage I was unaware of until I watched the tape. The day I took the footage I heard a plane outside so I went to see what it was. Someone was doing tricks in a what looked like an old single engine fighter. He did a couple of barrel-rolls so I started taping. He did one more roll and took off behind the trees in my back yard flying south over the woods. When I watched the tape I was somewhat but not really surprised to see a disk like object fly out of the clouds and begin tailing the plane. It came out of a cloud above the plane and was flying strait down. It then matched speed with the plane, accelerating from a dead stop to match the planes speed exactly. I never saw the object until I played the tape on a television.

Although the sightings have slowed down since it started getting pretty cold at night here, I still think that the best is yet to come. For some reason unknown, they are willing to show themselves to me and those around me. I also feel they want me to show people they are here. Although there is evidence, such as "missing time", that I and some of my family have been taken I make no claims of ever seeing an ET or of being abducted.

I have contacted all local news venues and no one has showed any interest. I still have much tape from 2004 to go through and I'll give you an update ASAP.

J. Pippin Show Back
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