Paul Davids' career in film and television took off when he got his “first break” as production coordinator of the original “TRANSFORMERS” TV show for Marvel Productions in 1985.  His name appears on about 80 episodes, and he also wrote many of them.  This popular series, based on the Hasbro toys, spawned the recent smash hit feature film, “THE TRANSFORMERS,” from Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.  Before he began producing and directing his own films, Paul spent a couple years co-writing six STAR WARS sequel novels (with Hollace Davids) for Lucasfilm and Bantam books, including the award-winning MISSION FROM MOUNT YODA plus THE GLOVE OF DARTH VADER, THE LOST CITY OF THE JEDI, ZORBA THE HUTT’S REVENGE, QUEEN OF THE EMPIRE and PROPHETS OF THE DARK SIDE.  The books sold millions of copies and were published in many languages. (Related Link:

Jerry talked with Paul Davids in 2007 about his career and his various movie and TV projects  over the years.
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Paul Davids visited with Jerry during the 2007 UFO Congress and International Film Festival. In this conversation he talks about pre-production of Jesus in India & the Sci Fi Boys documentary as well as some of his other projects.
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In this 2008 interview Paul Davids tells Jerry about his art career and goes into detail about the content of his new film produced and directed by Davids, "Jesus In India" then the conversation switches to film festivals in general and the UFO International Film Festival held the last week in February each year at the Aquarius Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. MP3 Running time: 15 minutes, 35 seconds Windows Media Version

Jesus in India - In this interview, Paul tells Jerry in about the way the movie came about and his pilgrimage to India to make the film. Davids goes over in detail some of the highlights of the movie and the material that indicated Jesus went to India during those missing years of his life as told in the Christian Bible. A high ranking Catholic Priest, the Dalai Lama, and respected religious scholars were interviewed for the film. 
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Jerry talks with Paul Davids, well-known motion picture producer and screen writer about his new film, "Before We Say Goodbye," now in pre-release screenings. 

Isabela Montes also joins in the conversation about the film. Then Paul explains about an addition of a major film festival to the events this year at the 2010 Paranormal Symposium in Angel Fire, NM and then he gives our listeners background on a little known experiment to see if there is Life after Death.
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JESUS IN INDIA is Paul Davids' 5th feature film as director.  He produced the film with Anil Kumar Urmil, who is from Goa, India, and who served as Executive Producer (with Felicity M. Newman) on “STARRY NIGHT.”  It features a memorable music score by Brian Thomas Lambert (who also composed music for “THE SCI-FI BOYS”)  This film is a quest to unravel the mysteries of Jesus’ Lost Years (or “Hidden Years”) from age 12 to 30, which are not documented in the Bible.  In so doing, it explores the legends, myths and actual evidence that Jesus’ Hidden Years were partially spent in India, and that Jesus was the “King of Travelers” as Muslims have always claimed.  It is loosely based on the book King of Travelers:  Jesus’ Lost Years in India by Edward T. Martin, who leads us on a 4000 mile journey to holy places of many major religions in this film.  The film is most remarkable for the participants who appear on camera, including best selling author Professor Elaine Pagels of Princeton University, the Dalai Lama, the “Pope of Hinduism” (the Shankaracharya) in his first public revelation on this topic (and he insists that Jesus was in India at the 2.500 year old Jagannath Temple in Puri), Monsignor Corrado Balducci (an Apostolic Nuncio of Pope John Paul II) and representatives of Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship.   JESUS IN INDIA is a 97 minute feature documentary, produced over the course of three years. - Related Links:  -  Click here to order DVD

Paul Davids’ films are known for controversy, beginning with “ROSWELL” (starring Martin Sheen, Kyle MacLachlan & Dwight Yoakam), a 1994 nominee for Golden Globe as Best TV Motion Picture, which he executive produced and co-wrote as a Showtime original movie.  It dealt with issues of extraterrestrial life and the purported “truth embargo” on the subject of ET contact. 

Listen to an interview with Paul done in 2005 at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada shortly after the late Peter Jennings special on UFOs called "Roswell" a myth. This interview is available only as a Windows media version. Click here to listen.

Paul tells Jerry how his interest in the UFO field was sparked by a daylight flying saucer sighting in 1987 in close proximity, with his two children. This event provided the motivation for him becoming Executive Producer and Co-Writer of the Showtime film, Roswell, starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dwight Yoakam, and Martin Sheen. He talks about being an advocate for full public disclosure of the facts about the UFO phenomenon. Davids is president of Yellow Hat Productions, Inc. This interview was conducted in Roswell in 2004 and is available only as a Windows media version.
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Paul's directorial debut was in 1997 with “TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD,” which he filmed with the late Harvard Professor who promoted LSD for consciousness expansion in the Psychedelic 1960s.  “TIMOTHY LEARY’S DEAD” proved to be a favorite at many major festivals (including Toronto & Venice & the NY Underground Film Festival).  That film had a theatrical release from Strand and a DVD release from Roger Corman's New Concorde. 

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 In 2000, Universal Studios Home Entertainment released Paul Davids' “STARRY NIGHT” to DVD, a whimsical fantasy that Davids produced (with Hollace Davids) and which Paul Davids wrote and directed.  In this film, artist Vincent van Gogh returns to life for 100 days to discover he's now an extraordinary success, but Vincent finds that he still can't get paid for his paintings – now worth billions - that were rejected in his day a century ago.  It is an ironic commentary on society’s frequent lack of appreciation for (and sometimes total disregard of) its greatest artists while they are living.  Universal also licensed the film to TV around the world.  Click Here to order

The director's next film was a 2004 DVD release called “THE ARTIST AND THE SHAMAN,” a very personal story dealing with his own quest for life’s deeper meaning as an artist in Sedona, Arizona, influenced by a shaman with mystic connections to those Arizona lands, held sacred by many native-Americans.  The film won awards of merit and received excellent reviews.  UFO-TV released the DVD.

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This was followed in 2006 by another Paul Davids film released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment:  “THE SCI-FI BOYS.”  That film was broadcast on the Sci Fi Channel and is now being seen on TV around the world.  It won many awards, including the Saturn Award as Best DVD of 2006 (from the Academy of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror) and the fan-based International Rondo Award as Best Independent Genre Film of 2006.  The DVD is widely available on the internet. 

In “THE SCI-FI BOYS,” Paul Davids features director Peter Jackson (“LORD OF THE RINGS,” “KING KONG”) who takes viewers through a history of special effects in film with a dozen notables of the world of imaginative cinema, including Ray Harryhausen, Dennis Muren, Rick Baker & Ray Bradbury, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
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Timothy Leary's Dead

Starry Night

The Artist & the Shaman

Sci Fi Boys

Jesus in India

J. Pippin Show Back
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