Phyllis Galde
Entrepreneur of High Strangeness


Note from Jerry Pippin: Phyllis Galde is truly the first lady of the paranormal.  We always look forward to seeing her at the conventions we cover, she attends many of these meetings every year. Her special imprint on historic Fate Magazine in these latter years as publisher/editor is apparent in every issue. Fate is indeed the little magazine that could and does inform and entertain, issue after issue and her Galde Press imprint publishes a large roster of books each year on the paranormal and the UFO subject. Take time and listen to these interviews with Phyllis and you will understand why she is indeed one of our favorite people.


Phyllis Galde visited Hanger 84 in Roswell in July, 2008 along with Jerry and other VIPs.

Phyllis & Jerry in Roswell, 2007

Jerry & Phyllis in Eureka Springs, 2004

Jerry talks with Phyllis about their visit to the place where the ET bodies were supposed to have been taken after the UFO crash in 1947.They share mutual emotions about the ambience of the hangar and their feelings that something did happen there.  MP3 Running time: 15 min, 8 sec.  Windows media version In this 2007 interview conducted from Roswell, Phyllis tells Jerry a story of staying in a small hotel in Northern Nevada that was haunted. She awoke in the middle of the night with a man hugging her in her bed in the old motel room. She was panic-stricken but soon he faded away into the night and was gone. MP3: Running time 12 min, 58 sec - Windows Media Version Phyllis shares some of her favorite stories found in FATE magazine, during the Eureka Springs UFO Festival in 2004.
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