Bob Pratt

In Memoriam - Bob passed away on 11/19/05

Bob Pratt was an icon in the field of UFO research. He had been on the scene since the early days of ARPO and NICAP, and during the early and mid-1980's worked with the late Dr J. Allen Hynek, retired Ohio State University Astronomer and former USAF Project Blue Book hired debunker, who is regarded by most members of the UFO community as the outstanding example of a credentialed scientific UFO researcher (photo, left).

Bob co-authored the book Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, the story of the great Hudson Valley Flying Boomerang and Triangle UFO flap in the 1982-85 time period, with Dr. Hynek and fellow researcher Phil Imbrogno. This is a classic that is still in print and is available at

Later, Bob spent a great deal of time investigating the bizarre UFO related events in Brazil's Amazon delta region, in which UFO's harassed villagers, with lights and harmful rays, mutilated and drained the blood of farm animals and pets and even some humans. Such repeated, brazen attacks on human communities has never been documented elsewhere on this planet. Bob wrote a book on his research that was published in 1996. It is now out of print and of value to the discriminating reader. It is only available used for about $60 US at UK. Click on the book cover (right) to purchase.

During the fall of 2003, we were close to scheduling an interview with Bob for the UFO-Files Show. However, he became ill, and the interview was to be rescheduled at a later date. Unfortunately, that never came to pass. Jerry and Larry regret the passing of a master researcher, but extensive records of his research remain for us to consult and learn from. Bob has moved on to join the rest of the universe that he so wanted to know and understand.



for a preserved link to Bob's web site.

From A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine

This is a very sad note. The distinguished American writer, UFO researcher and journalist Bob Pratt is no longer between us. He served as co-author of Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, with J. Allen Hynek, and was the author of UFO Danger in Brazil, translated and published here as Perigo Alienígena no Brasil.

It is very probable that no other foreign UFO researcher had more knowledge about the Brazilian Ufology as Bob Pratt. He has been 13 times in the country and was that kind of field investigator that really went deep where the facts are to be researched. He helped a lot the Brazilian UFO researchers to best evaluate the dramatic incidents of alien attacks in the Northeast of the country and in the Amazon.

Bob had his interest by the UFO Phenomena begun when working for the National Enquirer, and was sent to many countries to investigate UFO sightings and ET contacts, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Peru e Puerto Rico. Since 1975, he interviewed over 2 thousand witnesses, many of them in Brazil. His death is a great loss for the worldwide Ufology.

Bob wrote articles for several UFO and non-UFO magazines. He was for several years the editor of the renowned Mufon UFO Journal. Last Friday, Bob had a heart stroke and by Saturday, he was dead. There will be a memorial service on Friday afternoon at his town, Lake Worth, Florida.

Good bye, my friend. Wherever you are, you will be much closer to the answers you pursued here on Earth.

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