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Interviews with Jerry Pippin

In his latest interview with Jerry, Paul Stonehill tells of some new revelations about his research into the history of the UFO experience in the old Russian Empire. Stonehill reveals some facts about UFO intervention in Russian nuclear activities and some interesting paranormal stories that could be UFO connected.

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In this June 2005 interview, Jerry talks with Paul Stonehill, who at one time lived behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet Russia, about his new book written with Philip Mantle of the United Kingdom. Stonehill goes into great detail about the famous and not so famous UFO cases in the Soviet Union. The book reveals many never before told stories uncovered in this book by researchers Stonehill and Mantle, including reports from former military officers who were stationed at top secret bases from the Urals to the strange lakes of Karelia, and even the story of the mysterious swimmers found in underwater locations and Soviet Navy classified documents.

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News from Paul

Soviet UFO Phenomenon
By Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill

The long awaited new book by international UFO researchers Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill has been published by PublishAmerica ( The book is now in all good book stores, or online via PublishAmerica, or other usual online outlets such as Amazon. 

MYSTERIOUS SKY takes an in-depth look at the UFO phenomenon from behind the former iron curtain. With historical material the authors set the scene and track the UFO phenomenon right through to today’s modern Russia. The authors have called upon their own extensive research material plus that of many UFO researchers within the former Soviet Union, to publish what is the first collaboration between East & West. Fully illustrated and at only $24.95, MYSTERIOUS SKY is a must read for both the avid UFO researcher or casual reader of the UFO genre. Review copies can be requested via e-mail at: or fax: 001 301-631-9073.

Philip Mantle is from the UK and is an international UFO researcher, author, lecturer & broadcaster. He can be contacted via e-mail al:

Paul Stonehill is originally from the Ukraine but he now resides in the USA. An international author, lecturer & broadcaster he can be contacted via e-mail at:



Paul Stonehill is a Soviet-born researcher of anomalous phenomena, and an independent consultant. Paul has lived in the United States since 1973. The following is a brief biography of Paul written in his own words:

My name is Paul Stonehill. I am an author, television consultant, lecturer, and researcher of Russian, East European, Central Asian and Far Eastern paranormal phenomena. My book, The Soviet UFO Files, was published in 1998, in English, Czech, and Dutch. My articles have been translated and published in many languages, from Ukrainian to Hungarian to Japanese. I am fluent in Russian, and know Ukrainian. I have excellent sources in the former Soviet Union, and gather long-lost or forbidden paranormal materials and files (the Armed Forces, secret police, underground publications, etc.). Philip Mantle (UK) and I have published a new book, UFO-USSR. I have consulted and appeared in various American (History Channel, TLC, Discovery, Sightings, TNT, etc.) as well as European and Japanese TV programs. I have done numerous radio interviews, mainly in the United States.

Here are some subjects I research and publish my articles about:

Soviet and Russian military research of paranormal phenomena KGB and paranormal phenomena Underwater unidentified phenomena (USO)
Secrets of Soviet space program
Mysteries of ancient history (Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Mongol Empire, Siberia, China)
Time Travel experiments in Russia
Ghost trains of Eurasia
Soviet mind control programs, ESP, and famous psychics
UFO phenomenon in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics, and China
Anomalous zones in Eurasia
Russian cryptozoology
Lost treasures of Eurasia

My email address is:

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