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Bob Dean: An Officer and a Gentleman - A video interview with Robert Dean,
Phoenix, Arizona, June 2007

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy

In Part One, Bob shares with us his knowledge of the UFO phenomenon and what he encountered while working at SHAPE in Europe in the 1960s: an inch and a half thick detailed official report on the extraterrestrial 'problem' called at that time simply "The Assessment". Having the clearance to have free access to the document, he read it and re-read it many times, and he tells us how that changed his life. Later, after retiring from the military, he made the courageous decision to defy his Oath of Secrecy and began to speak publicly about what he had learned.

In Part Two of the interview, Bob tells us that this is probably his last interview... and having done so, he pauses, takes a deep breath, and reveals on record for the first time that he has been contacted, and has been on board the craft.

Do not miss this! Kerry and Bill invite you to join them in applauding the courage, integrity and commitment to truth of this very special man. They would like to think that this interview is a appropriate and fitting tribute to everything that he has stood for and wishes for the world.


Bob Dean: Introducing Marcia Schafer
A video interview with Marcia Schafer
Phoenix, Arizona, May 2007

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy

Upon meeting Bob Dean, Kerry and Bill came away not only a powerful and deeply moving interview with an old master, but we also spent the afternoon with his wife, Marcia Schafer. And, we were delighted to learn about her growing role in the whole disclosure movement.

Marcia is a real crusader for truth and enlightenment, and is as involved Bob is in challenging old paradigms. We've read Marcia's book, Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, and she's crystal clear and honest about who she is and the fascinating information she's been receiving.


She's extremely well prepared for her role. Bright, quick, lively, and extremely candid about what she knows, Marcia has taken the old paradigm and refashioned it to bring new insights into innovation and the world of business.

This brief, but engaging, interview at the end of a long afternoon serves as an introduction to Marcia, as well as providing an intimate look at their husband-wife dynamic that crosses over their many lives spent together.


Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan
have met many remarkable people in the course of their work for Project Camelot, but meeting Bob Dean was one of their greatest privileges. As an elder statesman of the UFO Community, he is charming, eloquent and dignified, and they are proud to present this as what may be one of their most memorable interviews.

Part One

2007 by Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Project Camelot Productions

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Robert O. Dean, Retired Command Sergeant Major: "Paola Harris's new book is a valuable tool that casts much light on the greatest story of our time."

Part Two

2007 by Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Project Camelot Productions

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Part Three

2007 by Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Project Camelot Productions

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Interview with Jerry Pippin

Jerry Interviews Robert Dean, retired USAF Sergeant Major, with over 40 years of UFO investigative experience. Bob is famous for revealing a secret NATO document written in 1964, titled "The Assessment." Jerry and Bob talk about the ETs, the various ET species that are visiting Earth at this time and why they are here.

Visit Bob's web site.

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