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In this interview, Jerry talks with
Claude DiDomenica, Chief Negotiator, Facilitator & Founder of He tells Jerry about his plans to be an honest and impartial broker between the pro-disclosure members of the UFO community and anti-disclosure forces within our government. Claude emphasizes that we have to do more than speculate and discuss cover-ups, we need to take action to initiate fruitful negotiation efforts between the opposing parties.

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The Concept Paper below is being re-published with the permission of Claude DiDomenica. It is not to be re-posted on other Websites or any other public forums (E-mail Listserves, USENET Newsgroups, Web message boards, etc.) without his prior consent.

Preliminary Informal Concept Paper

Building the Bridge to the Truthful, Honorable and Peaceful Conclusion of the Covert Management of the UFO/ET Matter
by Claude DiDomenica
April 23, 2004

"Is it really that far-fetched to begin talking about the bridge between the disclosure process and the disclosure itself?" ---Claude DiDomenica, April 13, 2004

The purpose of this Preliminary Informal Concept Paper is to solicit support for an effort to help bring about a truthful, honorable and peaceful conclusion of the covert management of the UFO/ET matter.

This Paper is brief and surely not to be considered a formal proposal! The concept is one that I have had for many years, and I re-float it from time to time. Based on some very quiet and minor feedback to my current writings, the time does indeed feel right once again.

Although this Preliminary Informal Concept Paper is being made available to the general public, it is intended only for high ranking so-called "concerned parties." This neutral term is being used to foster an unprejudiced and congenial atmosphere, which is absolutely necessary if this project is to have any chance of succeeding and being of benefit to society.

An organization and/or project* is proposed which will seek to:

[* I use the terms interchangeably, as it is not clear which would be the most prudent makeup of this effort.]

1.) Move beyond the current controversy of "disclosure" vs. "cover-up", envisioning the future time when it is finally realized both "sides" were actually part of an overall unfoldment: The mainstreaming of UFO/ET reality into human consciousness.

2.) To contemplate the architecture of the "bridge," leading to setting the stage for informal dialogue, "unofficial" symposia and an eventual formal peace conference involving concerned parties ("disclosure"/"cover-up" leaders).

It should be noted I have already begun the informal dialogue, albeit with very limited success.

General information

1.) Concerned parties will be carefully chosen by the project Facilitator via criteria to be determined, fundamentally: integrity, trustworthiness, discretion, maturity, wisdom, honor, etc.

2.) The project Facilitator will be myself. I have been committed to this peace initiative since before 1999 [1.] [2.], and have been garnering relationships with concerned parties since that time. I have a good working knowledge of the "big picture," [3.] which improves daily...

3.) There is an inherent difficulty in identifying covert managers, due to the very secretive nature of their work. A creative solution will have to be invented, such as not seeking the covert managers directly and letting them approach the organization themselves. They need not be "outed" to participate. They can be part of the process with their usual "cover" intact. In fact, I may not wish to know overtly who the covert managers are. This obviously needs to be ironed out much further! This will NOT become another dog and pony show!

Rules and Regulations

1.) There will be no "outing" of any concerned parties by other participants or the Facilitator. The violation of this trust could terminate the entire process. However, this is not a likely scenario, if the Facilitator is a keen guardian of the effort.

[Perhaps a wise way to prevent even accidental "outing" is for the names of all concerned parties to be made public, with the understanding no one should assume status regarding "side" of an individual concerned party solely based on their participation? That could actually work! Safety in numbers scenario also

applies: It might be prudent to have a sufficient minimum number of concerned parties involved in the project. Perhaps calling the concerned parties a "think tank" or "brain trust" would help in this regard as well?]

2.) Attempts to "wag" the process are not welcome and will be spotted immediately and cause an end to participation by that particular concerned party. The dog wagging arena is the current "disclosure"/"cover-up" process itself!

3.) All communications between concerned parties are understood to be privileged and confidential. However, nothing should be put in writing that if "leaked" would damage any concerned party or the process. "Leaks" are obviously unwelcome and will reflect on the lack of honor of the concerned party who will be asked to leave to stage.

4.) I insist this process be as transparent and out in the open as possible! No one will have the need to "infiltrate" the process this way.

[Yes, #4 does seem to clash with #3, so a fine balance will be sought between openness of the project versus confidentiality of communications between concerned parties.]

5.) Concerned parties understand periodic reports will be issued by the organization, discussing only in general the progress of the effort.

[If may be determined in the best interest of transparency and to protect the integrity of the process, that these reports will list the names and affiliations of concerned parties.]

6.) There is no "hidden agenda." The goal of this effort is simply and only to begin informal dialogue that eventually leads to "unofficial" symposia and an eventual formal peace conference.

[Remember, this is neutral territory I am carving out of the ether, and there will be many very difficult issues to iron out!]

7.) The Facilitator has final say as to who participates. The Facilitator reserves the right to ask a concerned party to leave the project for any reason at his discretion.

8.) Concerned parties may obviously leave the process at any time for any reason. It is asked however that the Facilitator be informed of any decision to leave, in a prompt manner.

9.) Concerned parties agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations, which may be modified from time to time. Notice of rule changes will be given to all concerned parties prior to implementation.

10.) Informal dialogue may include E-mail messages to the concerned parties. These messages may be BCC'd (Blind Carbon Copied), but replies unless otherwise asked by the author, will be sent out BCC to the other participants by the Facilitator. Once trust is built, the Facilitator may determine the open CC (Carbon Copy) method is better. If this method is deployed, no one should assume anyone on the CC list is "disclosure" or "cover-up." All participants are to be treated as neutral, until the time a formal peace conference is convened.

11.) Concerned parties may not share secret information, unless there is consent from the authority in charge of this information. This is a tricky aspect which needs much more thought! The Facilitator has no interest in obtaining classified information to enable the writing of books, etc. It is expected the concerned parties will be honorable and behave similarly!

No Way, Claude!

This entire concept may seem inherently a veritable impossibility! I would argue it is worth the sincere effort to at least try! I have been working towards facilitating such an effort for many years, and hope the funding deities agree now is the time to begin!

Obviously, there are many details to iron out, but funding is an absolute necessity, as early in the process, face to face meetings will have to occur. Although sometimes I wish I could, I can not change the reality it is expensive to travel and it would be nice for a change, to earn a small salary for my work!

With my background, dedication, computer, Website, E-mail list and Internet connectivity, I think I have clearly demonstrated via my activism, I have what it takes to accomplish the goals of this new organization and effort.

Envisioned Series of Possible Events...

1.) I travel and meet with key concerned parties and build professional and trusting relationships with them. Contemporaneously, E-mail and telephone dialogues are transpiring with various other parties of concern.

2.) The existence of this project inspires others to look beyond the primitive "disclosure" vs. "cover-up" war mentality, and truly seek a peaceful end to this madness.

3.) The concerned parties call for a voluntary and immediate moratorium on any extra-constitutional and illegal activities by the "cover-up," and their assets. It is critical all "factions" of the "cover-up" participate in this process. It is understood there may be some legitimate national security issues to contend with. This is what closed-door hearings before congressional oversight committees are for.

4.) The project begins informal face-to-face unofficial talks which I can moderate, to address issues such as violating the people's trust all these years, Roswell Crash Dummies lunacy, criminal acts against the citizenry, the damage done by 55+ years of disinformation and propaganda, MILAB (if real), etc.

5.) Upon success of this effort, systemic change is seen as our only real hope towards a just and sustainable society and ecosphere! :)

Bottom Line

This is a very rough sketch of what I feel is a very timely and valid concept, especially in light of the recent "X-Conference." I do not think anyone can fault me for at least trying!

I can not and will not be able to begin this effort without money. If it comes, I will move forward. If not, I have tried my best and can bow out of this madness with my honor and integrity whole. I do have this habit of being ahead of my time, I am told. However, it is logical to assume at some point, it IS the time! Is it?

There is nothing inherently evil about asking for money, although I have seen people go totally ballistic over folks who seek funds. Not sure where this rationale comes from -- perhaps the various frauds in the field have created this atmosphere? However, I urge not tossing out the proverbial baby... There really are sincere and honest folks involved in this! And we need and deserve financial support!

Why publish my idea, when someone could easily steal it? I have zero fear of this, as anyone else foolish enough to try this, without the background and experience I have, will regret the day they ever embarked down this path! This is dangerous business! Do not let my light hearted writings ever lull you into any other mindset!

I am the most reluctant participant in this process, which makes me ideal. I do not want to create yet another funding eating monster! Besides, I really am tired of UFOlogy, having been largely ostracized by my peers since I joined the fracas.


Some additional very informal thoughts, originally from an E-mail message sent to a colleague. I have made some edits to the original verbiage.

1.) The participation of "insiders," is critical for this whole process to mean anything. This is not to say at early-to-mid stages in the process, anyone volunteers to be "outed" -- although we do have the Disclosure Project witnesses who have outed themselves, which I sure we have some very credible and honorable people to choose from... What I am getting at is, some very high level people, actual decision makers, need to participate!

2.) It would be prudent to consider doing much of this process openly and publicly. Remember, secrecy is the problem! Toppling the secrecy monolith with more of the same is ill advised and worse yet, hypocritical.

3.) To be abundantly clear, I do NOT think everything has to be disclosed to the public.

4.) I need to be fully and honestly briefed by a real "insider." No offense intended to the visually challenged, but a blind person is not the one to be driving this freight train!

5.) To be quite frank, my overriding interests in all of this have little to do with ET's. I am more interested in fostering badly needed systemic change. The way I see things, we really are the hair of a rat's ass away from our own self-imposed doom.

6.) My plan, is to get something going, and pass on the reigns to someone else and then work on systemic change. :)

7.) The above is stream of consciousness thinking out loud. I realize tweaking, planning and securing funding is absolutely necessary!

8.) It will not be impossible, as long as a few key people will back it and provide "tech support," as it were.

9.) If anyone with funds is seriously interested, I can polish these ideas a bit more and whip up a Website. That's probably a wise idea, that way I keep out the secrecy monster as much as possible.

10.) The disclosure cat is out of the bag! Consider me the kitty tamer! :) I fail to see why this process has to be messy. "Disclosure" is inevitable, and for ONCE, can we do something right and with the fewest phucking body bags? :(

11.) There is a certain beauty here. If I had the funds to do this myself, it would not be the ideal situation. I think it highly important money from both "sides" are part of this! Well, I really need to think about that, but I will say I really would have no way of actually knowing where the funding is coming from anyway, as the source(s) could easily be masked and hidden...

Closing Remarks

I hope it is obvious to everyone involved in this process that it is becoming impossible to do nefarious things and then scurry under rocks for cover! No one can escape the wrath of truth!

It is also quite probable, long-standing disinformation operatives will be fed to the lions, and outed by their handlers who try to cover their own buttocks.

Can we all find a way to do the right thing, just once?

Thank you for seriously considering my proposal.

(c) Copyright 2004 Claude DiDomenica, All Rights Reserved

Endorsements of Claude's efforts:

From: Stephen Bassett <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 22:16:17 EDT
Subject: Paradigm Research Group Endorsement
To: Claude DiDomenica

For posting.

I fully support Claude's effort to create a "bridge" between the extraterrestrial-phenomena research/activist community and the institutions in government trying to deal with the very tough public relations problem they face.

This is proper and appropriate.

Claude comes from a mainstream activist background and brings a balanced point of view to the political process. The government must be repeatedly given the opportunity to reach out to the interested public to find workable solutions to this extraordinary and difficult transition before us.

His approach is the logical next step and should be given every chance to succeed.

Sometimes what is needed is to simply ask for those in power to do the right thing. It is also important for the developing disclosure movement to show the broadest possible front.

Let's move forward together.

In support,

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director
Paradigm Research Group


From: ZSun-nee Matema <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 21:11:50 EDT
Subject: Great Interview for Your Show
Cc: Claude DiDomenica

Dear Coast Producer,

I would like to suggest, Claude DiDomenica, as a great guest for your show. He comes from the best of ideas, research and love for his subject--UFO's and our need for a peaceful relationship and coexistence with them. As a radio talk show host for many years, NBC, WCTN, WOL and most recently XM Satellite, I can vouch for his accessibility, his enthusiasm and his wit. He appeared on my show, Vital Signs and most recently on The Talking Feather tying UFO's with the Indigenous Science of our ancestors. We received calls both on-air and off-air which confirmed my success at selecting him as a guest for our show.

I'm sure, if you give him a try, you'll find him engaging and thought provoking. He can be reached at [Redacted].

All the Best,

ZSun-nee Matema


From: Jerry Pippin <>
To: Claude DiDomenica
Subject: Letter of Recommendation
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:58:43 -0500

Claude DiDomenica was a recent guest on my radio show and I must say this man reaches out and touches listeners where they live. The topic was negotiating a compromise between the disclosure and non disclosure forces in our government. However, the show took on a life of its own as we covered a wide range of topics from exopolitical subjects to ET encounters.

DiDomenica is a man not afraid to tell it like it is, while all the while showing a decent human side that will be a requirement to get these forces together for any type of political discourse on the ET and UFO subject. His thoughts on false disclosure was interesting and thought provoking. He made me wonder who is for real and who is not in this patch work of pros and cons when disclosure is discussed.

He is a man who is slightly ahead of the curve, but from a radio interview standpoint, this is very good. Because in my opinion it shifts the discourse into an area where it needs to go. I look forward to having him back on the show soon.

Jerry Pippin

J. Pippin Show Back
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