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Victory is only found through challenges and difficult times. If a person does not learn and grow threw them then it is all in vain.

In mid-June 2004, my family and I moved to a small town in western Wisconsin. The last ten years being less than kind to us. This was to be our starting over. It has been far from what we expected.

From the time of our first encounter many months ago, we have had to ask ourselves some hard questions. What the heck is this? Where do we fit into it? Where is God, and who is he? We have come to feel we have been chosen for some higher purpose. If so, WHY? WHY US?

We are simple people living in a difficult world just trying to survive. We are finding in this journey that the most unlikely of people seem to have been chosen. Not one knowing the whole truth but pieces. Each given a piece of a puzzle. We are compelled to search for answers, which ultimately are bringing us together.

Where do all the answers lie? We may never know in this lifetime, but maybe in the next. For now, we face this journey head on. With anticipation and hope that with every day and every new experience we are led closer to the truth. The doors are being opened. The truth is being sought.

We are all part of a collective whole on a journey, I believe, with out knowing. We have been being prepared for this our whole lives. This is certain to be the biggest challenge mankind will ever face. Lets hope we are worthy to be entrusted with these tasks, whatever they may be. God be with us all.

Shawn Johnson


In this dramatic interview held in January 2005, Jerry talks to Shawn and his wife, who live in a small Wisconsin town, where abductions by ETs appear to be common place events. The couple tell Jerry of several terror filled incidents that they have experienced, and how they have come to the understanding that the message from the ETs is one of hope and not despair.

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News from Shawn

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Update 8/20/05: UFO activity increasing again over Shawn's house and Shawn gets some local newspaper coverage.

Video Clip: My wife put the camcorder on the deck and propped it up with a towel. We were having so much activity that we were bound to catch something on film. I personally saw 3 different types of craft that day with my binoculars. The sky looked really strange that day. Report from 8/13/05.


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Video Clip: My wife was filming this out the window of the car on November 5, 2004.The window was down. If you watch close the larger light it goes under the overpass with us and the smaller light goes over. It is recommended that you download this video (right click and SAVE TARGET AS) and increase the contrast of the video to maximum, via the video control options in the Media Player, before viewing so that you can clearly see the overpass.

Video Clip: This is a video of something cloaking in the woods across the highway from us. It looks like a web kind of thing. What the video shows is some sort of power surge in the grid that travels down the device. 

Report on Shawn's experiences courtesy of Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research

Frederic, Wisconsin Continuing Encounters And Being Watched

Date: Events started at the end of July, beginning of August 2004 Time: Events started roughly at 10:00 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research is re-posting this report due to the ongoing experiences that are still taking place around this family. Also this time I have some photos and a video clip showing some unusual things in the night sky.

Also the family tells me that they are being watched by "someone" and not long ago they pulled into a parking lot, parked their vehicle only to have a black suburban pulled up behind their vehicle and block them in. The driver of the suburban sat staring at Shawn and his family until they thought quickly, pulled out a camera and snapped a photo or two of this unusual event. The unknown man in the black suburban fled the parking lot very quickly when he became the person being watched and filmed.

An excellent photo of this man was taken and now released into this report.

Also right below I have added a message from Shawn's wife Robin.

In mid June 2004 my family and I moved to a small town in western Wisconsin. This was to be a new start for us. After ten years of challenges, injuries and many surgeries. We planned to settle into a quiet life in the country. It has been far from what we expected.

Since this all started we have faced many hard questions. What is this all about? Where is God in all of this? If we have been chosen for some higher purpose. Why us? We are simple, people, just trying to survive in a difficult world. having faith and hope for a better future.

We are finding in this journey that the most unlikely of people are being led to one another. Each having a piece of a puzzle. Not knowing the whole truth. Only fragments. Collectively maybe we will find some answers. I believe the doors to understanding are being opened. As long as we continue to seek out the truth. The answers will be revealed.

I think what we have faced here and what is yet to come will be our biggest challenges yet.

Frederic, Wisconsin Continuing UFO Encounters - Special Report

HBCC UFO Research was contacted by way of telephone late one evening. A fellow by the name of Shawn, asked me for some help as he and his family were going through a number of unusual experiences, seeing lights/objects which were happening around them on a non stop basis. Shawn was extremely worried for his families safety as any parent would be. His story is below.

Shawn said he and his family have property approximately 30 miles north of Frederic in Wisconsin. But this first incident took place before they had moved into their new home. One night Shawn decided to drive to the local bar to pick up some pizzas for him and his family for dinner. When returning home on the one and a half mile drive he noticed a strange light which was bouncing and zipping across the sky. Shawn knowing this was really unusual, pulled his vehicle off the road and into a gravel pit, turned off the vehicles headlights and sat and watched the light for a short while. After watching this weird light maneuvering all over the sky he decided to drive home quickly to tell his wife, also thinking if the light was still visible he and his wife might get some video footage of it. The couple grabbed the video camera and headed back outside, and sure enough the light was still moving about the night sky. They managed to film it, but later on after reviewing the video on the TV, Shawn told me the light shows up as only a speck. He mentioned that what he used to shoot the footage wasn't professional equipment so the object wasn't showing up very good at all. Plus capturing night footage isn't that easy to begin with. They recently had purchased the home and it wasn't long after that, that strange lights started showing up in the skies. It was only approximately three weeks after the family settled into their home when Shawn was out on the deck and he again saw this strange light. He said it was primarily white and then would flicker a range of colors, red, blue and green and running all around the white light. He says it would zig zag through the sky and come to a dead stop. He also mentioned that at one point he grabbed a strong flashlight and blinked it off and on in the direction of the weird light. All of a sudden the light flashed back, or Shawn said the light seemed to respond to him actions. He thought, no way, this wasn't happening. He was totally surprised and went back into the home and asked for his daughter's laser pointer. He brought the pointer outside and shone it across the road to where he could see the beam clearly on the trees. Shawn then moved the laser up the trees and just above where the strange light was sitting in the sky. When the red laser light hit the object Shawn tuned the pointer off and on a couple of times until he saw a reaction from the mysterious light which immediately turned a solid red and flickered off and on just like what Shawn was doing with the lazar pointer.

After seeing this, he told his family that it was time to head into the house as this was getting just a little freaky for them. I asked him what distance he felt the light was away from his location at the time he pointed the laser at it. His best "guess" would have put the light at maybe four miles away. Seeing the light was so far from him Shawn was asked if he believed it had actually responded to the laser. He said yes, as later that night the object came down over the property.

While going about their business inside the home Shawn and his wife noticed that something orange was illuminating through their picture window at the east side of the house. Normally it is pitch black and you can't see anything. Shawn went to the window to see what was causing the whole area outside to be lit up. Just outside was a large circular orange ball of light. He described it as being similar to a ball of Jell-O that someone may have punched, as the object was wiggling and oscillating. He said at arms length the object would have been roughly the size of a bowling ball.

He gave a description of the area where the orange ball of light was sitting. He said they live on a pine plantation and his home sits in a notched out area amongst the pine trees. On the east side from his home are six or seven rows of pine trees which have been spaced to allow for better growth. On the back side of the rows of trees there is a pond. This is where the circular orange object was sitting stationary, just over top of the pond, behind the rows of pine trees. He and his wife were looking through the spaced trees to see the object, it was that low. Another point Shawn made was since it was a plantation the lower branches of the trees are limbed which exposes the trunks and this gave them a great view of the object. He said the "thing" was really close, maybe 500 to 600 feet away at the most. The couple were observing this at approximately 11:00 p.m./midnight. The entire area had been lit up due to the object's brightness. Shawn grabbed his video camera and his wife grabbed her digital camera and started taking photos. With the object still stationary over the pond Shawn looked through the view finder on the camera, but saw only blackness. He looked up with his naked eye and the object was still sitting there shining brightly.

His wife took approximately twelve photos of the orange object that night but later after looking at the photos, nothing showed up. It was almost as if her camera stopped functioning properly.

Shawn said all of a sudden he felt a large jolt of electricity surge through his body which almost knocked him backwards to the ground. Both him and his wife panicked after this took place. He asked his wife did she feel that, she said no. At the same time his wife asked him "did you see that?" Shawn said what?????? She replied ... "that thing shot a red light at you." He'd missed seeing the shot of red light because he was busy trying to look through the view finder of the camera.

The frightened couple ran back into the house. As Shawn and his wife made their way upstairs and being visibly shaken up their daughter woke and saw her distressed parents and she got upset. They finally got their daughter settled down and back in bed and to sleep. They were still thinking about what had happened and Shawn decided to have a peep out the window. There, again...... was the same light. While he was watching it Shawn said it looked as if someone was striking metal with an arc welder as the flashes from the object were extremely bright. Also beams of bluish colored light were shooting out from the object and across the families yard. As they watched, looking off to the side of the home they observed what appeared to be at least ten of these similar but smaller lights sitting in the air. Shawn said at this point the wind blew up and literally shook the house and for a while they thought they were going to lose their home due to the strength of the wind. When they saw the ten lit up objects they had no idea if they were all separate objects or one large craft with the different lights on it. It was just to hard to determine Shawn said and he was getting more concerned and scared by the minute.

Shawn said the beams of light were so intense that they lit up the valley. It was approximately 4:00 - 4:30 a.m. when this was taking place and he said three cars drove by on the highway past their home and under the beams of light which were lighting up the entire area. None of the people driving the vehicles seemed to notice what was happening because Shawn said not a brake light came on, nor did the cars slow down even a little. He was concerned and mentioned to his wife, "don't these people see what is going on". The whole episode with the wind, lights and beams lasted for approximately three hours off and on during this time. It became so bad that Shawn, his wife and daughter covered the window in their daughters bedroom and huddled in the corner because they were so scared to look outside.

Eventually the wind died down and Shawn felt he just had to have a look out the window and he noticed all of the lights had disappeared. It looked as if whatever was out there had finally gone. Feeling a little relieved the couple sat in their daughter's room discussing and wondering about what had just taken place. Both weren't able to sleep due to their nerves still rattled, and not wanting to leave their daughter's side they remained in her room.

It was finally silence around them and after about forty five minutes Shawn decided to take one last look out the window. His wife said "please don't". He slowly pulled the curtain aside and saw an object in the shape of a half circle, filled with tiny lights heading off towards the southeast. The family was thankful it was all over and finally they could get some sleep.

On another evening one of Shawn's friends came over for a visit, this friend of his has been witness to a number of unusual happenings around this families home. But on this one particular night Shawn was inside talking with his friend's girlfriend and his buddy was outside watching the sky. Finally his friend walked into the house and said you have to come outside and see what is happening in the sky. When they all went outside and to the west of the home they could see something strange which had a red ball of light at the top and on the bottom. The body of the object was white which extended out leaving the red balls of light sitting in the middle of whatever it was. Shawn's friend told him to look towards the back of the object and a bit in the distance. Looking through a good pair of binoculars Shawn looked, and could see a red colored pyramid shaped object and the object they first observed seemed to be towing the pyramid behind it. As the objects moved towards the east they dropped down behind the tree tops and they all could hear what sounded like a jet aircraft for a brief period of time. Whatever these things were, both had been silent the whole time they were traveling across the sky.

Shawn's wife Robin added her comments to what has been going on at and around their home over the weeks that have gone by. She said they have gone through the process of shock and being overwhelmed to acceptance and as she told us, they will never be able to understand what has been going on. Robin said it is just really bizarre !

She added that being a Christian lady, the unexplainable chain of events has really rocked her world. You think all that you have learned, been taught and believed and yet we don't know what is real anymore. Robin said this was the hardest part for her, not knowing.

Shawn also said that he asked a few people around the area if they have ever witnessed any strange lights and all of the people he spoke to said no and walked away. One person did say he had seen some unusual lights, but went on to say that he doesn't even bother looking up anymore. Shawn didn't want to pursue it any further as he did not want to be known as the crack pot in the community as he was the new fellow in town.

HBCC UFO Research Note: There is a lot more to this experience than I have written here. So much in fact that a fellow investigator by the name of Sam Maranto and colleagues (Illinois, MUFON) will be driving to the families home and spending a couple of days with them to carry out interviews and an investigation. We all are hoping that they will be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what the family is witnessing. I am sure once they finish up their work with the family they will have a full report.

My deepest thanks to Shawn and his family for coming forward to tell their story and sharing it all with us.

CLICK HERE To view the video clip.

J. Pippin Show Back
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